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hi guys this is Pablo from Pablo life hacks and based on the feedback I had on my last paypal money adder video ,I’ve decided to upload one more one more testimonial about this paypal many adders I’m gonna post live proofs on how these paypal money adders work I so I’m gonna risk my own paypal address so you won’t have to so stick with me for the next ten minutes because it’s going to be interesting a little bit boring probably because the first one it’s a bit longer than I expected these these guys servers are not that fast as as they say anyway don’t forget to hit thumbs up and subscribe to my channel see you later our first candidate for today it’s ppl.apps4real.

us which is the first paypal generator paypal money adder for today .my paypal account it’s already there due to the bad camera i have on my laptop you’re not going to be able to see my address but anyway it’s there let’s click on generate they’re gonna simulate an encryption blah blah blah alright now we are connected they say to my account let’s choose the amount okay I’m gonna be greedy I’m gonna choose 1500 okay we go down here start generator okay and here it goes it’s generating my money okay now of course we got the human verification and we need to generate the human verification which is required of course it takes you to hostedfiles.net where you are required to download the game to verify that you are human okay let’s go to the App Store connecting and let’s verify what we are human and I bet it’s a nice game and all but probably it’s not going to get me any any cash all right as you can see it’s gonna take some time probably it’s quite a big game okay and here it goes and goes and goes probably you would want to skip to this part but I have to stay and wait and verify that i’m of human yeah I have to say it’s going quite slow now I don’t know if it’s my Wi-Fi or the game it’s really big but I bet after I download this game it’s still not gonna get any money in my PayPal account my PayPal account it’s empty all I did on my PayPal account was spent 50 euros on on a website but my account is empty now so I should be able to see 1500 dollars in my account after this verification okay now let’s wait come on guys send me that game and those money I bet they’re not gonna be any money but anyway I already know I already know by that by now I tried it before this is only just to prove a point okay so this is ppl.

apps4real .us halfway through keeps going almost there okay so this is basically the verification their verification process this is how you’re going to prove your not a robot and if you’re not a robot you should have money in your paypal that’s how we say right ?wrong !! you’re not going to see squat but it’s a brilliant idea to to promote an app a game app which probably it’s a nice game we’ll see this is apps for real okay almost there I know I probably am an annoying guy for these guys but they’re gonna have have to find better way better ways to promote their their apps honest ways to promote their apps not not like they are doing now promising promising people huge amounts of money in their PayPal which are not going to be transferred from anywhere because nobody it’s actually gonna transfer you free money you’ve gotta earn for money but you gotta work for money and there are there are better ways to get money or online but probably enough like this okay apparently the game has been downloaded okay I should be verified any minute now now okay so happy as you see I got the game here installing..

. Human Verification after completion this page will unlock that’s what they say after completion this page will unlock okay let’s see the game is still installing let’s see that page unlock game it’s installed okay don’t allow so we got a nice game here but we’re not really interested in the game let’s go back as you can see the page still hasn’t been unlocked and it’s not gonna unlock ,anyway human verification passed but the page not unlock now let’s go to PayPal ..Paypal.. all right there we go my paypal account login okay login in my activity shows – 50 euros see no money so much for apps4real okay I’m gonna move to learning THIS ONE HAS NO SOUND UNFORTUNATELY, BUT IT’S ABOUT ANOTHER PAYPAL MONEY ADDER THAT PROMISES PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING BUT WITH ANOTHER KIND OF VERIFICATION (ALSO FAKE) (I’ll probably have to double the security on my paypal account now) this one is not so generous with the amounts, struggling to make it more realistic, i guess “generating….

” SURVEY VERIFICATION ADDS TO FEW GAMING SITES All just a elaborate click bait… alright fellas so I hope I made it clear for everybody now there is no free money in this world but there are a few legit making money online money makers out there and if I come across them make you can rest assured I’m gonna post post a video about it and probably give you some useful links until then don’t forget to like my video and subscribe to my channel I really appreciate thank you guys.

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