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Woah! Check out that pink bomb shell! Wish you had hair like that? Hmm, I wonder if my hair would look good in this color? What do you think? Oh! Geez, Mia, you didn’t have to give poor Amy a heart attack! If you liked that, you’ll love these awesome Girly Hacks comin’ your way! Hey there, Vicky! Hey Mia! Woah! Did you get a lip ring? Oh, this old thing? Well, getting it didn’t hurt as much as you think. All you’ll need is a trusty stapler like this one here! Don’t worry, she’s not going to staple her lip.

Use the end of a stapler or a stapler remover to snag a staple you find lying around. Now find something round that you can press the metal on to smooth out its shape. Ah, there we go! Okay, Vicky, what do you wanna pierce today? You know, I’ve always wondered what I’d look like with a nose ring. See? You can just stick the staple on top of your skin, no permanent holes required! Just gotta let my hair down and channel my inner bad girl. I love this thing! Alright girls, start posing! Oh, hey there, Nicki Minaj! I gotta tell ya, that bubble gum pink hair is doing wonders for your look, honey! Oh man, you totally had us fooled, Amy! Hey Mia, take a look over at your girl, there. Notice anything different about her? Oh, Amy. I know you want to rock pink hair, but you can’t walk around with this big thing on your head all day! Don’t worry girl. I have a way better idea! Do you have a craft box full of party decorations like streamers? Snag some in pink, just like these here.

Okay, I got the party streamers! Okay, but this is going to give me pink hair, how? In a big bowl, pour in some warm water. And um, well, after you’re done playing sword fight… Uh, girls? We kind of need those for this hack… Cut the streamers into smaller rolls and pop them right into the bowl of water. See! The dye is forming already! Okay, it’s time to color that hair! Take a strand of hair and slowly dip it into the mixture. Check it out! It worked! If you’re sure you like the color, go ahead and dip all your hair in there for a more dramatic look. Holy cow, Amy! You look so beautiful! Who says you need to pay an arm and a leg at a fancy salon when you can look this fabulous right at home! Don’t worry, Mia. We can do yours next! I’m thinking maybe, blue? Or green! Another day, another boring outfit. I don’t have time to go shopping so I guess this look will have to do. Hey, girl! Wow, you look fabulous! Where did you get that top? I’m going to lunch and all I have is this boring T-shirt.

Do you think you could help me style this outfit? Please? Alright, I’ll help you out. Start cutting from the bottom-up on the front of the tee. Oop! Not too far! Now cut up the sides along the seam to the armpits. Next, flip up the flaps onto the shoulders. And cut horizontally under the folds on the back of the shirt. Cut the piece you just removed in half, vertically. If you have glue handy, go ahead and put it along the bottom edges of the two cut pieces. Now press the edge evenly onto the flipped up fabric pieces. Easy, so far, right? After the glue has dried, grab the scissors again and cut it into a “V” shape like so. Cut slowly to make sure it’s even. And onto the other side, we go! You did it!! Now put your new tee on and tie it in the back! Um, if this isn’t stylish, I don’t know what is! And you didn’t even have to step foot at the mall! This is a win, for sure! Admit it, you couldn’t have done it without me! Yes, girl! Thanks! Oh wow, look at that natural beauty! Ugh, her too! What do these girls all have in common? Gorgeous freckles! Okay, let’s see here.

Do I have any hidden freckles in there? Nope. Nada one! Wait a second, I think I may have a solution! Yup! Maybe I can do something with this henna I have leftover from that birthday party I went to last week! Start by placing little dots on your cheeks. Keep going and add as many as your heart desires! And don’t worry if they’re all not the perfect shape – real freckles aren’t all the same either! Clearly, Amy wants to have a lot of freckles this time! Alright, that ought to do it! And, boom! A freckly goddess has arrived, ladies and gentlemen! Those look pretty real, don’t they? Love to shop? Then you probably already know the joys of online shopping! Look how cute this bathing suit is! Ok, I’ll just put in my card and — Woah! That’s a lot of dough! That’s almost as much as my rent! No way am I forking that up, it wasn’t that cute! Okay, here’s another one that’ll be more in my price range. Nope, can’t do it! Enough’s enough! Take a long-sleeved shirt like this one and remove your arms from both of the sleeves.

Now turn the shirt around so the back is in the front. Go ahead and pop those arms out the top, see? Once you flatten it out and get situated grab the bottom of the shirt and pull it all the way up and over your head. Next, tie the hanging sleeves into a knot just under your chest. Twist ‘em around and tie it in the back. Oh, hey there new bathing suit! Um is it just me or is Mia giving off some serious Marilyn Monroe vibes? Getting outfits ready for a day at the office can be kinda tricky. You don’t want to be too casual, and yet, you don’t want to get too dressed up either. Ooh, nope. That definitely won’t work. Hmmm, how about this one? Let’s button this up and — Oh no! It looks like I’ve outgrown this shirt, it won’t button up! Work is in one hour, now what am I gonna do? Wait a minute, I think I have another shirt I can use. Nope, foiled again! I think I remember a great DIY fashion hack that will be perfect in a clothing crisis like this! Keep one shirt on one side, and put another one on your other slide with your arms through both sleeves. Now line up the buttons and button it up as you would just one shirt.

Once that’s done, take both shirts off and put it on again but backwards, You know, like you would a jacket or sweater. It’ll feel big at first but we’ll fix that right up. Now button up this side and take the remaining sleeves and tie them like this. Not only is this look great for the office, but it’s incredibly unique! Great thinking, Mia! Hmm, I wonder where Amy is, I’m dying to tell her all about my date last night! Oh, there she is! Okay, so go ahead and tell me everything, Helly! Ooh, getting a little chilly there, Amy? I bet you’re seriously regretting your decision to skip the jacket today, huh? Oh! Hey, I have a scarf you can borrow! Here ya go! Thank you so much! Ooh, that’s better. Um, Amy? Ya? No offense, but you look totally crazy like that.

Oh, okay. I guess I’ll just be cold then. If you’re caught without a jacket, take a scarf or shawl like this one and wrap it around your waist. Where the edges meet in the middle at your front, tie a knot. Snag a hair tie to hold it in place. Now grab the lower corners and tie it into another knot so it can hang lower over your front under the first one. Go ahead and turn the whole thing around. Now that there are holes in the sides, you can actually put your arms through them! Would you look at that?! You just made yourself a stylish little cover-up there! Aw man, my jacket isn’t as cute as hers. Shoot. Did you have as much fun learning about these fabulous DIY clothing hacks as we did? Here are some bloopers for your viewing pleasure! Make sure to share this video with your friends to let them in on these awesome hacks! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s channel to keep getting awesome videos like this one!.

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Лайфхак при обесцвечивании волос – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Dear colleagues,as you already know we started the category life hacks And today I want to show you a hack when bleaching hair bleaching powder When you discolor hair you need to understand that destaining of the drug, composition hair must be a sufficient number Part of it should soak into the hair and part to remain on the surface that would not come stop the reaction How to apply brightening powder? If you have no spatula and only hair brush. That would not remove lightening the drug,but rather to apply it. Take a thin strand.

Thickness of 2-3 mm. Lightener and brush at an angle of 45 degrees Gently put a strand into place. If we are to keep the brush in normal mode. we will apply… that’s it If the brush is at an angle of 45 degrees? we will apply here. And discoloration, even with 2% activator As I now use. Will be smooth and clean. Dear colleagues, here’s another life hack. associated with the bleach hair After the exposure time of the bleaching Take a minimum percentage of activator Before you wash brightening powder…. Apply a 2% activator Two or three of what you have. And emulgiruet with a lightening composition. Then the background of the clarification will be much cleaner! Emulgiruet, about 5 minutes. Then rinse with water shampoo and do the conditioning..

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What’s New in Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 Pre-release 9? – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Ladies and gentlemen, a 9th and hopefully final pre-release for Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 has been released. We’re still scheduled to release this version on Wednesday that is in 2 days from now, so there are not that many new things and changes in this version. It’s mainly a performance and stability release, but some new things as well. My name is slicedlime come with me and let me show you those things. Let’s start with the main purpose of this release. It is a performance release primarily. Performance has been improved overall but specifically, the world upgrade performance.

Performance has been bad in the worlds from previous versions before And that is because when all the world chunks are loaded, they get converted to the new format on the fly, and this process has been very heavy on performance. Hopefully this should be better in this version, so if you have an old world that has had problems like that in the previous pre-releases, go ahead and test it out on this one. There’s also a crash fix for a cliff rendering problem that happened when you try to open the language settings screen. In addition to that, some settings and the user interface fixes. Controlled settings from Minecraft version of 1.12.2 got completely lost when upgrading to Minecraft 1.13 pre-releases. That’s fixed in this version.

And for user interface, some sounds were missing their subtitles. That’s fixed in this version. And the newest Minecraft Java Edition developer *inaudible* aka Cory was not in the credits that’s also fixed in this version. There was a confusing error message. If you try to join the server with the wrong pre-release version and a couple of username tab-completion problems have been fixed. And those are all the changes for this version. If you want to try it out, open your Minecraft Launcher and go to launch options. Enable snapshots in there, read the message, and click OK now head back to the news tab, where in the drop down box next to the play button, you should now have a latest snapshot profile. Select that and start the game to play the latest snapshot or pre-release version.

Which is currently this one, Minecraft 1.13 pre-release 9 We’re just a few days away from the full release of this version, but still pre-releases are less tested than in full releases so if you do try to it, do so on a separate test world, or make sure you have a backup of your world. And that was all from me for this time, my name is slicedlime, thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time..

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Unlocked LG G6 finally gets Android 8 0 Oreo update ● Tech News ● #TECH – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

The May 2018 security patch is included, too. The LG G6, one of 2017’s most underrated phones, has been stuck on Nougat since its release. LG promised (and failed) to push Android Oreo to the phone by the end of April, and after missing that deadline, it looks like the update’s finally being rolled out in early June. One of our readers recently got an update on their unlocked LG G6 that upgraded it to 8.0 Oreo and also included the May 2018 security patch.

All of Oreo’s regular features are included, such as picture-in-picture and notification dots, in addition to aesthetic changes to LG’s launcher and settings page. Interestingly enough, our reader indicates that their G6 has been noticeably slower since upgrading to Oreo, saying that apps take “1-3 seconds to load” and that it’s “struggling to refresh all the app icons and widgets” when going back to their home screen from an app. We should see U.S. carriers updating their G6 models soon if the unlocked variant’s now being updated, but at the time of publication, only the unlocked handset is seeing the Oreo love. If you’ve got an unlocked LG G6, have you gotten the Oreo update yet? If so, how’s it running?.

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The Woodpecker Ep 84 – Building the new shop part 19 – The Soffits and Fascias – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hi, on The Woodpecker I’m installing the soffits If you were distracted, you might think that exterior my shop he’s finished but it’s not.Last fall I did not have time to close the soffits. The air has no trouble circulating inside, but it looks like crap. My big problem is the two inches of space between the insulation and the roof. As you can clearly hear; I have a squirrel scratching my ceiling insulation, and with all the money this cost me, I need to do something and FAST. So I put out a squirrel trap and I caught one. You know the big ugly grey type. I thought of getting rid of it for good, you know what I mean…

. But instead I decided to release it into the wild; even if it’s ugly and a real nuisance. I couldn’t do it because we are keeping something even worse inside the house. I even caught another one; but this time, a cute little red one. I decided to release it near my house in a safe place. I hope it won’t miss my shop too much. But, unless it can swim like a duck it won’t be coming back. But before I start to install the soffits, I need to build a jig to make some ventilation holes. bingeing will look like this the first thing to do he’s too good a wedge-shaped on one side This will act as a clamp for the jig. When all the pieces are cut, I just need to glue and screw them. This is the spacing that I want for the holes.

I rip some strips of plywood to the width of the spacings. The one inch strips are cut smaller. When I have all the pieces I need, I glue and nail them together. This will be the movable part of the jig. When everything is glued, I trim both edges. This is the way it will work. I clamp the soffit into the jig and lay the pattern for the holes on top. I use a one inch template bushing to cut the holes. The last thing to do before it’s finished, is to drill some dowel holes to keep the pattern in place. Next I glue the dowels. Now I can try the jig. When the five holes are cut, I need to clean them. One done. Now I have to cut some more. First I need to cut the sixteen foot planks at eighty seven inches. Next I stack the two sections together and cut them to seventeen inches. Then all these small planks receive their holes. This pile is five, sixteen foot long planks. I need to make ten more.

This is one hundred and sixty completed soffits. It only took me more than seven hours. Finally the snow has melted; this means I can spray the soffits outside. One hundred and sixty pieces take a lot of space on my decks Humm those holes are great for letting the air pass through, but not so good at keeping the wasps outside. To keep the insects out of the roof we cut some strips of small wire mesh. And yes I can’t deny it, Renée got hurt in the process. So she decided to wear gloves from that moment on, even when we staple the wire mesh to the back of the soffits. After I cut them apart, we just have to clean the wires that are sticking out. This is pretty boring stuff, but it’s even worse outside After another seven hours of absolute joy, we’re ready to start the installation. But before that, I need to nail some pieces of wood to the outside wall to be able to screw the soffit onto some kind of support. Then I cut the soffits to sixteen inches.

And finally screw them in place. This is the back part of the shop. We need to move our scaffolds and do the same thing in front. On the side, we start by snapping a line for the wall support. Then I can screw the soffits to that support. When a ten foot section is done, we move the scaffold and continue. I make special supports for the electrical boxes, but it goes on just like a normal soffit. but it goes on just like a normal soffit. In each corner, I nail little triangles, so I can screw the soffits to something. The last piece is different from the others because I need to trace its exact length. Then I tilt the saw blade to twenty nine and a half degrees and cut it. Here it is, in place. The last thing to do is to glue a little triangle at the tip of the corner soffit. Now we can start to work on the fascias. We begin by removing the rabbet on the rest of our planks. Then rip them to width. With the cutoff we make some moldings. Just like for the soffits, I spray an exterior oil based finish.

Renée takes care of all the unfinished parts that we installed. The next morning I move the fascias outside and put some finish on their ends Then we can install them in place. We begin with the straight sides To install the front and back, I need to cut one side to the roof’s angle. On the other side, I only cut a small triangle. Then we can install one side. We temporarily put the other side in place while I trace the shape of the top corner which looks like a diamond. I trace the shape of the top corner which looks like a diamond. I bring the sheet of paper in the shop and use it to trace the REAL shape on a piece of wood and cut it. on a piece of wood and cut it. Next we can install the diamond and the other side. Now it’s time to cut and install the moldings. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I have changed clothes again. When I started, I was wearing a coat and a tuque, then just a coat, then I removed my coat and now I’m wearing shorts.

then just a coat, then I removed my coat and now I’m wearing shorts. then I removed my coat and now I’m wearing shorts. Finally spring is here. The last thing to do is to sand the moldings that are a little bit too long. After I brush finish on them, the exterior of the shop is done. Humm that’s not bad. It’s even better than what I was expecting before I started. But even if the exterior of the shop is all completed, I still have a lot to do; like a back door and landscaping. But this will be in upcoming episodes of the Woodpecker..

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Sony Xperia U – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Sony Xperia U. Expected Q2 2012. The “Sony” brand replaced “Sony Ericsson” in the marketplace just last month, but already their product range is becoming muddled with the Sony Xperia U. We already have the Sony Xperia S, Xperia P and Xperia ion (although that last one is a bit of an oddity) but confusingly the “U” is the entry level in what Sony call the “Xperia NXT range”. It’s quite a compact device – the Sony Xperia U has a 3.5″ 480 x 854 pixel display in a handset measuring 112 x 54 x 12mm and weighing 110 grams. There’s a 5 megapixel camera on the back plus a video calling camera on the front, a dual-core 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal flash memory with no microSD slot.

Roughly speaking, this is iPhone 4 territory and as such sits near the bottom of the midrange market. The screen is a little on the small side, the memory is rather limited and on paper the Xperia U looks like it came from 2010 rather than 2012, but when you see the Xperia U you realise that this is a very desirable handset that fits in well with the other devices in the range. This is an Android 2.3 device with a promised upgrade to Android 4.0 during Q2 2012. It does everything that every other Android phone does.. GPS, 3.5G support, WiFi, Bluetooth.. you know the drill by now.. and it comes with all those old Sony Ericsson add-ons such as TrackID, xLoud and Wisepilot plus a whole bunch of new Sony add-ons for accessing content. Sony say that the Xperia U should be available from Q2 2012 onwards. Although no guidance was given on price, the rival iPhone 4 with 8GB of memory retails for a shocking €519 SIM-free, but we suspect that the Xperia U will sell for well under €400 when it comes to market..

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PMP training – PMP 6th edition – Perform Integrated Change Control (2019) – Video 6 – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hello everyone, so next topic we would be discussing is my favorite, which is the perform integrated change control process, and why I call this as my favorite among this knowledge area, not in the entire 49 processes, because you will get tons of questions on this, tons of questions. When I say tons of questions, you can say I do not have a fixed number but still close to 20 questions, I would say. Perform integrated change control, so what is this process all about? This is the process, which asses and decide upon all changes. What you will do when there is a change in question, what is the process of doing or dealing with that change request? First, the process group is monitoring and control, so this is like the second process in this particular process group.

The first we did the monitor and control project work and this is the second one. The integrated portion of the name is due to its bringing together all other monitoring and controlling processes. So why we have given the name “integrated”? Why the PMI has given this word “integrated”? First, it’s part of integration management knowledge area, secondly the change of course can come from anywhere, it can come from scope, it and can come from time, it can be cost related change, and it could be quality related change, so change request can come from anywhere. You might have an impact on those changes on many of the different factors, so what is the process? So first of all whenever there is a change request, whenever the customer asked for a change request, you start with the preliminary impact analysis. So the PM does the preliminary impact analysis, finds out, how much it should impact and things like at a very high and a basic level. Once that is done and that information is given to the customer, they are okay, they are fine, then it goes to the CCB stage, where a change control board, a group of folks, a group of people, of course, customer and sponsor can be part of it, will decide upon those changes which probably they will do a detailed impact analysis and more importantly on the triple constraint triangle; the Scope, Cost and time.

Finally based upon that they will take a decision, whether to approve or reject the change, and finally once the decision is taken you will move ahead and update your change log and some of the documents if required, and probably at the same time you probably communicate to the requester of that change and other stakeholders as well, whatever the decision is. So the decisions, approval for change requests occurs in this process; so approval or I would say not just approval, I would also say the rejections can also take place. Right? So the word is the decision over here, that decision would be taken. Impact analysis, the project impact of the change request is assessed before the approval. So we live in some kind of society, I would say in some kind of environment where many folks have things like customer is God, Whatever customer is asking we have to do it, but this is not really true. We should say No to the customer if you think it is not possible.

So again make sure to do the impact analysis, assess it and give it to the customer, if everything is good, if they are willing to pay more and you know or wait for more time, then yes, of course approve it. And of course if you have the bandwidth. Then CCB, it’s a change Control Board might be used to review the change request with authority to make approvals. Varying among organization. So first of all I’ve written that it might be used, not all the organizations have CCB, if you have and if they have the power depends upon what type of organization you are. Okay so this is an important slide, I want to make sure that you understand the process flow, so before I go into the ITTO’s which to be honest are not that important, This is important based upon the understanding of how the things are done. So once this process flow is done and the another one is also the difference between the configuration management and change management, so that these two are very important topics and we will discuss in much more detail. So how this process works, first of all we identify, so change request is identified, so assume that there is a customer who reached out to you and asked for a change request, so you will say that okay, then go ahead and document that, so first is the documentation process which is in the form of change control form .

So first you identify, once it is identified, the next step is to document it, which is document the Change request (CR) through the change request form. So you use the CCF to document that change request, once it is documented then you will do the impact analysis as per the triple constraint triangle. Remember scope cost and time, which says that one change, one particular change might result into at least the other two. What I mean by that is, for example if it’s a scope related change, the customer wants to add more features to their product. So what impact it will have on the other two legs? What impact it will have on the cost? What impact it will have on the time? Similarly I can say that okay, if you want to add more features, yes it is possible, but it will cost you more, if you want to make sure that it is done within that time frame which you have already given to us because I might have to add more resources, I might have to do some kind of knowledge transfer, if I’m adding more resources then it may increase the cost aspect. Similarly, if customer says that I don’t care about the time, you can extend your time line but I want to make sure that the cost remains intact.

So I said okay we can probably think around those challenges as well. So again the “CCB” the change Control Board would make sure they will do the impact analysis, they will review it and based upon that they will take a decision to approve or reject that change. So first, the preliminary impact analysis is actually done by the project manager or the team and then it is the detailed impact analysis which is actually done by the CCB. Therefore, once you have reviewed then the next step is to track. Just make sure that first of all you implement that change request and once it is implemented you as a project manager need to make sure that you properly monitor and control it. Now you can understand why this approve change request from this process actually went and became an input to the monitor and control project work. And once everything is good you probably have to communicate also to the requester of that change, once you have to communicate you might also have to update that change log, not might but you actually have to update the change log.

So change log is both like a document which says, that okay this was the change which was requested by this person on this date and time and this was the decision. In addition, probably you might have some impact analysis information. It again depends from organization to organization. Okay remember this change control process; the change process flow is very important, so make sure you know you make good notes. You have a clear understanding of this particular topic and again do not forget to practice questions on the website, you will get a lot of questions as I know that this is an important concept, I have given many questions on the website specifically talking about the change control process. The website, I am pretty sure that you are familiar with the website name, its www.eduhubspot.

com. Okay so now let’s discuss the ITTO’s of this process, I’m not saying ITTO’s are not important, they are equally important but basically the process flow, the understanding, the concept building is very important for this process. So first, we will start with the project management plan, which will have change, configuration, scope baseline, schedule and cost, so the triple constraint pieces and of course the change in configuration management plan are part of the project management plan. As far as the document is concerned, the basis of estimates, requirement traceability matrix and risk report are also part of it. Work performance report, you want to make sure that, if you remember status report is one of the example of work performance report. If you see closely, if there is any change request, you can see that, there is an option where it says, okay change request-Yes, what is the decision ,Approved-No, what was impact , similarly a very high level information might be given in the work performance report, so that’s why you are seeing that as an input.

Of course you will have a change request, until and unless you have a change request why would you even do this process. So this is like one of the most important process for this. EEF and OPA are the common ones. So let’s discuss these inputs in detail but prior to discussing these inputs and detail, I want to make sure that you understand the difference between configuration and change management. So lot of people actually reached out to me to explain in detail the difference between configuration management and the change management. I try to explain in a pretty simple language, just think of an example where you want to manufacture a phone, if you want to manufacture a phone then you probably might talk about the features of that.

So you probably start planning that I want to manufacture this phone and the size of that phone, like the camera is actually five megapixel, but then after a while, you said that five megapixel is pretty less, I should move into 12 megapixel. So you moved it to the 12 megapixel, so when you’re doing all of those things that is actually the configuration management. It says this is focus on change in this specification of the both a specification, of both deliverables as well as the processes. So what I am doing, I am talking about a change from 5 megapixel to 12 megapixel, so I’m actually talking about the specification of that phone, the feature of that phone. So that is configuration management for you. On the opposite side what change management is, it is more focused on identifying, documenting, approving or rejecting the changes to those documents. So it’s more of a process oriented and this is more where you are actually changing it, for example the same example of making the phone from 5 megapixel to 12 megapixel, what will be the impact, for example, will it cost me some ten thousand dollar extra budget. So all of those things.

Right? Any change where any baseline or any other information is affected, that’s more of a change management plan. So configuration management where you are really talking about the specifications and features, whereas change management is more like how you will do, what would be the impact analysis, are you approving it, what is the process behind it. In the change management you will also see three sub components: first is the identifying of the configuration item, what do you want to change? In this case it was the camera, so camera would be a perfect example in the identify configuration item piece. Then once you identify, next is about record and report the configuration item status, again your stakeholders are all about what is the status? How much have you done? Will it take two months, three months, two days, five days? So again you have to record that and again you have to report.

It’s your job as a project manager to communicate effectively to these stakeholders and specifically to the person who has actually requested that change. So first, you identify, then you record and finally you do the verification on the order. You want to make sure that if you talked about 12 megapixels did you do it to 12, or did you do to 11 or did you do to 10? You as a project manager have to audit that, you have to monitor it. So first is identify record and communicate and finally, you have to verify and audit as well. So let’s talk about the inputs in much more detail, so first in the project management plan we have the change management plan and the configuration management plan. As I explained before, configuration management plan is all about the specification, change management plan on the other hand it’s like how much it will impact, what is the approval or rejection, what is the process behind it.

Then you will get as I told you, it’s all about the triple constraint triangle, so you will see the scope baseline, scheduled baseline, and the cost placement as an input, as a part of the project management plan. As far as documents are concerned, we’ll get the basis of estimate, something which we would be discussing in much more detail in the cost management knowledge area, requirements traceability matrix like how one requirement is traced back to the origin or how it meets the business objectives, how it meets the test cases. All those things, Right? They are one of the biggest contributors to the change request, so you want to make sure that as an input. Risk report, of course changes are risky, your project might be delayed by two months or six months or a year that is not good, Right? You don’t want to do that, but you want to make sure that you are accounting for all of those risk aspect, so that’s an input here. Work performance report, it is a common output as I discussed, Work performance data gets converted into information, information gets converted into the reports.

So an example of report would be like a status report, where you are mentioning about the change request and the status, you will get the change request as an input. This is where you’re working on, so like my change request was change the camera specification from 5 megapixel to 12 megapixel, so that was my change request, so that is something which we are talking about . We have the EEF and the OPA, the enterprise environmental factors and the organizational processes assets. Tools and technique, in tools and techniques we always have an expert judgment as a common tool, we need an expert who can tell us what the process is, like the way I explained you that’s how a change control process might happen in your company or based upon organization to organization you might change, you might tweak a little bit as well. So that’s expert judgement, you need somebody’s help who can help you to explain the process and follow the process accordingly.

As far as the data analysis is concerned, this is further divided into alternative analysis and the cost benefit analysis. So alternative analysis, we’ll be discussing in resource, thinking about all the alternatives, if you issued a change request and then you want to think about all the alternatives which can save you time, which can save you money, and basically you have a cost-benefit analysis, doing a comparison of making sure that benefit should always be greater than the cost. That is your end goal; you want to do that. As far as decision-making is concerned we already talked about the voting like at a very high level in detail level, we talked in the scope management knowledge area but voting about majority or unanimity, those are voting techniques. We also have the autocratic decision-making, which means a one person is taking the decisions for others. This happens when the project is very important or you have a very you know powerful stakeholders, who want to make sure that his or her things are being done on time, so that is autocratic.

Multi-criteria decision analysis, we will be discussing this in detail in the quality management but as the name says it says multi-criteria decision so in order to take a decision there could be multiple criteria’s, for example, why did you even select this course, what was the reason behind it, that’s an example of multiple criteria. You might have felt that this is good, this is something which I could relate to more, and this is a something which will make sure, which is something which is recommended by my friends. All of those are good, so these are the multiple criteria’s which made sure that you take this course. Right. Similarly, for the change request process you need the multi-criteria decision analysis as well. Of course you will have the meetings every time and the change control tools, both manual and automatic tools. So not just the process, which I explained, that is more like a manual but we have also automated tools, which are actually used to take care of the change request. I would actually talk about like a very pretty basic rule which all of you might have used; Microsoft Word.

Over there is an option to track the changes, so track change, this is one of the options. So it’s actually one of the good way to track changes, that’s good, that’s a change control tool. I don’t know if you are from IT world you might know about the tool “JIRA” .I have heavily used JIRA in the past and JIRA was one of the tools where you can actually track changes as well. As far as the outputs is concerned, first we have the approved change request , basically it should not be approve, to be honest, I believe it should be like some kind of decision, it could be approved as well as you know it could be rejected. So it depends based upon whatever the decision would be. The first thing you will probably do is update the change control log and similarly you will update the project management plan. One thing you need to keep in mind is that this process which I explained is formally done only after your baseline is established.

Until and unless your baseline is established, you can probably tweak around, you can ask customer, can ask around for changes, and all those things can happen, but once your baseline is established you want to make sure that you follow this proper process. For exam perspective just think that you should always do the process like go through the CCB process which I explained, you will get a lot of questions and you want to make sure you do it correctly. Okay let’s do a quick revision, so focus on assessing the impact and approving, rejecting the change request. Focus on the triple constraint triangle that is very important. So triple constraint triangle scope, cost, time. One leg would have at least effect on the other one of the other two. Know that the change maybe how the work is being done or what work is being done. So definitely, you can talk about the preventive actions you are taking or the corrective actions, so that is important. Know that all monitor and control process are brought together by the integration, so the word integration it’s specifically given, why? Because change can come from anywhere and you want to make sure you are controlling it, you’re monitoring it, and you are doing the proper process.

Then irrespective of the decision, the change log will always be updated so whether you are approving it or you are rejecting it, this is an important topic, which you need to make sure..

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HOW TO WIN EVERY TIME (Easy Solo) Fortnite Battle Royale Tips Season 4 – Xbox, PS4, PC – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Wassup guys, It’s OmniPie here with another How To Win video. By the way, yes I did show the kills in this video quickly in my top 3 hidden op locations but that doesn’t mean it was a how to win video. Just to clear that up for those who were confused in the last how to win video. But anyway, because of the amazing support on that video and all my videos, I can bring you more Vbucks giveaways. All you have to do is like, comment, subscribe and turn on notification for a chance at 2,000 Vbucks. Nice and easy. Now let’s start the video.

Looking at this bus path, the best start for this game would be the season 3 new factory because it’s on the bottom left side o the map and the bus is covering the top right side of the map so that when we get there, we can get all the loot to ourselve or maybe just one other person comes as well which would still be worth it. I like to start with this building all the way south because usually the safe zone goes north from this location, so I can loot that, make my way up and then just rotate to the safe zone. We make sure to look arounnd when we’re almost on it here, a lot of people don’t do this but it could be the difference between you flanking someone and someone flanking you, so do it if you can. Spoiler alert, no one else landed here so we get the easiest loot ever. I’ll just go ahead annd show you a mini montage of me looting the chests cause it’s the best feeling in the game, well you know, other than brutally destroying another players hopes and dreams.

It’s a close second. Don’t forget to wack some pallets, it’s not as fun as getting a shiny new weapon, but when you gotta fight a John Wick or climb Mount Fuji, you’re gonna be glad you did it. I reccommend these bright yellow pallets, they give you very good wood. The best wood in town. I guarantee it. So here we go, leaving new factory with some nice weapons and so much snacks it looks like I just left grandma’s place. And since this is an OmniPie video, you already know how the safe zone’s treating me. I’m gonna go and head over to this crater over here for some nice kryptonite and maybe some chests that people always ignore. OMG, lookit that, two chests ripe for the plundering. We grab those, eat a kryptonite and say bye bye to the storm. Not today.

Right now, it’s still pretty early, so usually, I like to try and get the high ground close to the middle of the safe zone so we’re gonna go ahead and go to this high ground next to tomato town. I hear gunshot so I look for it since we have to be moving right now anyway and it’s better to spot the enemy before they spot us. I find someone but I don’t take the shot cause at this distancee, it’ll feel like a breeze of air touching him and then he’ll start hiding and I can’t finish him off at this range. So I go in closer first usingn trees to hide. Now that I’m kinda close, I shoot him and get some shield off, so I rush in right away, cause we don’t want him to heal up after that so we have to pressure him. Since he’s hiding behind a tree, we wanna build ramps into floors so he can’t quick peek and shoot us from behind the tree. And here’s exactly why we rush after we have the free shot on someone. We watch him healing and just like that, three free shots.

Now just keep pressuring cause he’s a free kill now. Oh, or not. Wow, was I wrong, this guy has moves. Now the cute thing about this angle, is that the one on high ground actually has to reveal more than half their body to shoot the enemy below. So I just wait for some shots and got him. Now it’s just a matter of finishing him off just like this. So two things from that fight, make sure to push if you have an edge for easy positional advantage and don’t be afraid to shoot straight up if the enemy is low cause that angle is not easy for the enemy. Now we got a sniper and making our way to the marked location. When we’re running around like this, we want to spot any enemies before they spot us, so we’re going on high ground, we’re jumping and looking around. And just like that, this little bump let us spot someone first, and get an easy snipe.

Quick tip with sniping, if the enemy hasn’t noticed you, take your time to get the best shot in, here we wanna take our time and position for the travel time and for when he lands on the ground, because when he’s jumping, he’s constantly moving up and down, but when he lands, there’s a bit of time when he’s on the ground and that’s when we shoot. And oh boy do I feel bad for this guy. He was probably a good player, running around getting a lot of kills and having a pretty monster inventory, but like I said, spotting the enemy before they spot you could literally be a game changer no matter how good you are. So always be on high alert of your surroundings. We’re gonna go ahead and pick up his scar and switch for the heavy shotgun because it is a little more accurate mid range, so it’s a bit more consistent, but the pump is fine as well, it could go either way honestly. Next safe zone , to no one’s surprise runs away from me again.

Is this funny to you safe zone, is this some kind of sick joke to you, you’re disgusting. So I go ahead and mark this next high place and start heading over there so I can get it before anyone else. A few moments later, I hear gunshots but I don’t see anyone, so here’s a trick you can use to find out exactly where the enemy is when they’re shooting where you can’t see. First you turn in that direction, then if the next shot is still to the right, keep turning a bit more, if it’s left then turn left a bit more like in this case. Then if it’s to the left, turn left just a tiny bit, if it’s to the right then turn right just a tiny bit, just like in this case. And wala, I’m running straight at the enemy without having seen them. And ofcourse, always start with the snipe if the enemy hasn’t noticed you and then switch over to ar to finish them off if you can.

Now he dropped a legendary semi auto sniper and a bunch of people in the comments are gonna be triggered because I’m a bad player and don’t know that gold is better than blue. WELL LISTEN HERE YOU SMARTASSES. No good player is gonna let you shoot more than one sniper shot at them without building, so the 60 or 70 damage from a legendary semi sniper is still worst than the 100+ damage from a blue bolt OK? SO RELAX. EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN. Now what we wanna do is build a small base at a decent distance from the next guy so that we can shoot our grenade launcher at them and make sure to aim pretty much all at the same place because it’s hard to rebuild a lot of walls before the next nade explodes if they’re pretty much in the same spot. And also make sure to crouch during the delay between grenade shots so you don’t get sniped while doing this. Now after we hit him with the grenade launcher, we wanna switch to our scar to finish him before he can heal up. And I’m actually just gonna spray here because I do have a scar which is much more accurate than a normal ar. Otherwise, I would’ve definitely tap fired while crouch to use the 100% accuracy since long range with a normal ar is just terrible.

Just a small little thing you have to keep in mind that the scar is way more accurate than the standard so you can spray at a certain range with one but not the other. This guy had a legendary rpg and I thought about it but I still like the grenade launcher better even if it’s just a blue because it can shred down bases way faster than an rpg can. The rpg is basically a noob killer when the enemy doesn’t know how to build, but against good players, the grenade launcher does major work. But because the rpg is in the safe zone, i go ahead and head back to trap it just in case someone wants to go for it. A good bait calls for a good trap. Alright now check this out, we’re actually gonna go to this high point and the storm will be on me for once, it’s amazing.

Haha, in my dreams maybe-cries-, leave a like if you cry everytime. It actually doesn’t matter at this point since the storm moves at a snail’s pace so I do what I always do, run around on high ground and try to spot enemies first. Oh, what was that? Did you see it? Here we have a human who self identifies as a bush. They must not be allowed to live. Bullet to the face. And their loot? Just as pathetic as they are. But seriously though, bush camping isn’t a bad strategy but you gotta pick the right bush, I haven’t done it in a while but I think some bushes can actually hide your head unlike that one. And also pick one that’s either just in a really wide field so it’s harder to spot you from above or on a hill so you can jump on someone when they climb up and not fight an uphill battle. If you noticed earlier, I actually almost touched this guy without noticing and he didn’t even do anything about it. Like come on, when are you gonna get a better chance at a kill and some good loot besides that? You can’t expect to just win if you’re not gonna go for an enemy who doesn’t notice you like 10 feet away.

It’s just sad at that point. Now I go ahead to the circle here and see someone gliding into the barn. I don’t think he noticed me yet so I’m gonna see if I can get a good snipe shot off on him befeore doing anything else. He starts building a base so I’m pretty sure it’s not happening at this point. Best plan now is to move up a bit so my grenade launcher can be in range and then start raining down bombs on him. Remember to always do this behind cover especially at this point where the enemy probably has a sniper. I keep doing it because I haven’t hit him yet so engaging would be hard and he’s using bricks right now, so he’s probably out of wood, I might be able to just shoot him down if I keep blowing up his structures. And there we go, he starts using metal and looks like he’s desperate so he starts pushing. He’s only using metal now and if you didn’t know this, metal is actually a lot weaker when it’s just made than wood.

It has I thinkn 20 hp less so don’t be afraid to take out the ar and just spray at it until you get a couple shots in just like this. This guy’s pretty good and desperate so he keeps pushing in. Right here is where a lot of newer players will panic and reload or try to switch to shotgun to keep shooting but it’s really important to keep the high ground, so the right choice here is to always build up even above the enemy push. annnd then shoot them at a good angle. Now this is really weird no matter how many times I watch it. I know he’s lower inn health, so I shoot him and jump towards him at the same time so he can’t build me out. For some reason, his ramp breaks and then we both fall and I manage to finish him off. Nice name btw. But I feel like the ramp shouldn’t have brooken, it should’ve been me just chasing him when he’s at like 50 health on his ramp. But check this out right, Here’s when I jump.

His ramp says it’s at 90 health. I shoot him for 73 and some shots hit the ramp too but there’s no way only half the shots would break it so fast. And he also shoots straight at me so I don’t think it’s him. So yeah that was pretty weird. Tell me if you know what even happened, I can’t figure it out. But anyway, that’s the tips and tricks that I use when I’m playing to win everytime. If you guys use these in your own gameplay, then you’ll get closer to winning every time as well. Hit like and subscribe and go get them dubs..

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How To Exfoliate Your Lips With Sugar And Baby Oil Scrub – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Do you have any idea about How To Exfoliate Your Lips With Sugar And Baby Oil Scrub? Are you dealing with dry cracking lips that you always have to cover them with lipstick? Sit still, stay tuned and watch this YouTube video to the end for real answers. Welcome once again with Injibs Cosmets and hoping that you stay tuned to my beauty tips today. If you are new to this channel, In order to gain access to these mind blowing beauty tips, smash the subscribe button below and hit the bell button to receive a notification of every awesome video that I upload.

I will share tips on How To Exfoliate Your Lips With Sugar And Baby Oil Scrub so please stay with me attentively to the end of this YouTube video to grab the best awesome tips out of it. My Diy beauty tips for face and skin will teach you how to do it yourself in terms of how to exfoliate your lips at home and if you are one of those who love daily makeup, learn how to exfoliate your lips before lipstick. My exfoliating videos include tips about how to exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush as well as how to exfoliate your lips without honey so like I said, I have a variety of exfoliators that will help you do away with expired skin cells. The on ly way to discover these awesome tips about how to exfoliate your lips diy afrom your comfort zone, simply hit the subscribe as well as the bell button to receive my daily notifications to my awesome uploads. Baby oil isn’t just for babies! It’s just what you need to keep your skin soft year round plus a few other clever uses. Grab the DIY Lip Scrub recipe and more baby oil hacks! I want to tell you a secret.

Baby oil isn’t just for babies. My youngest is in 2nd grade this year. That means that I haven’t had a baby in a while. But I still keep Johnson’s’ Baby Oil on hand because I have discovered a multitude of ways to use it just for myself! First I need to tell you another secret, I struggle with dry skin. Dry lips, feet, and nails are where I notice it the most. Even living in a humid area I still struggle with dry skin, and it gets worse in the winter. But I’ve got a couple baby oil hacks that keep my skin soft year round. The first is a DIY Lip Scrub. For my lip scrub I use sugar and baby oil. You’ll want to combine 2 parts sugar to 1 part baby oil. You can find the Johnson’s- Baby Oil in the baby section at Walmart. Mine was on the same aisle as the diapers. I like to use small jars, like baby food sized jars, to hold my lip scrub. For this size jar I use 1/4 cup sugar and 1/8 cup baby oil. Add half of the baby oil to the sugar and stir to combine. Then add the other half of the baby oil.

Once the baby oil and sugar are combined spoon it into the jar. I keep mine by the sink in my bathroom. Use your finger to scoop out a small amount and rub it over your lips. Then use a warm washcloth to wipe the scrub off. Finish by applying some lip balm. The scrub keeps my lips smooth and improves the look of my lipstick. Three tips for exfoliating your lips When exfoliating your lips, remember these important tips. Be gentle Don’t exfoliate lips too hard. Don’t over exfoliate Limit your lip exfoliation routine to once a week. Always moisturise after exfoliating Apply a rich lip balm to help keep your lips plump and healthy. Apply a rich lip balm to help keep your lips plump and healthy. Provide additional care for your lips with a good Lip Balm with shea butter and deep moisturizer for long lasting everyday protection. Why should you exfoliate lips? Dry or rough lips not only ruin a polished look, they can cause you significant pain and discomfort.

Whether you have been in extreme wind, lots of direct sunlight, or you are just run down, your lips can easily become dehydrated. Damaged lips can present many symptoms, such as, Excessive dryness Swelling Burning Bleeding Avoid pain and discomfort by consistently exfoliating and moisturising your lips. I hope you found this information about How To Exfoliate Your Lips With Sugar And Baby Oil quite useful. stay tuned for more awesome tips. Do not forget to subscribe at the bottom of this video. Smash the LIKE button if you like this video. What is your opinion regarding this topic? Comment bellow for discussion. Injibs Cosmets once again and I hope that you stay tuned to my beauty tips today..

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Get Heroes FAST in Battlefront 2 – Tips – PS4 Gameplay – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Do you want to play heroes early on in Galactic Assault in Star Wars Battlefront 2? Do you ever wonder how people get heroes with in the first 5 minutes of the game when your not even ½ way there? Well Today i’m going to tell you how to get 6k battlepoints before phase 2, regardless of your skill level. There are a few things out can do in the game that will help get you a ton of battle points, and stay tuned till the end and i’ll tell you the best loadout to use in order to get a hero with in the first 3 minutes. but before we get into that, if you learn anything in this video or want more like this, make sure to hit that like, subscribe and notification buttons. I would love your support, and my goal is to help new and struggling players improve their gaming experience. If there’s something your struggling with let me know! Each class has several ways to improve their battlepoint income, and that’s by using the bounty hunter card.

The bounty hunter card will increase the amount of battlepoints you gain by up to 20% when fully upgraded, Even if you don’t have it upgraded at all, it will still get you 5% more battlepoints for everything you do in this game. I would recommend running this card only in galactic assault, since the only thing that costs battlepoints in strike and blast are the trooper reinforcments, jet trooper and enforcer, but they’re really not much different then playing a normal trooper, and honestly easy to get points for during those game modes. Now that we have bounty hunter equipped, we need a way to maximize the amount of extra points we’re getting, so we want to focus on taking actions that will give the most amount of raw battlepoints. The largest point givers in this game are objectives. No matter what, you want to be playing the objective or near the objective in order to maximize your point gain. If your on the defense you want to be in the area of the objective and kill players around it.

If your on the attack, you want to be near it killing defenders or interacting with the object. Interacting gives more points then slaying, so if you have the chance to pick up the launcher or arm the bomb, make sure you do so. If your on the defense and the MTT or ATAT has been hit with the launcher, stop what you’re doing and shoot it, you rack up a ton of points doing this, and for some reason I don’t see a lot of people shooting at them. Not only does this improve your chances of winning phase 1, but it lowers the ticket count on phase 2, since the lower the MTT or ATAT is at the end of phase 1, the less amount of tickets available in phase 2. The Third way to gain a ton of points quickly is to use the armor for the dark side, the ATST or droid tank. The light side AT-RT is not nearly as durable, and you can be killed as the rider easily, so it doesn’t work with the ATRT nearly as much as the other types of armor, this also goes for all versions of the speeder, except on Crait or hoth.

Again you want to play near objective, but with the vehicles you have a ton of health and can slay massive amounts of troops. If you start getting low, like 2 bars left on the health bar, you want to leave the vehicle and you’ll continue your life as the last class you played. This is giving you a buy one get one and you’ll make your points you spent back and then some with ease. Finally, we come to the best loadout to get the most amount of battlepoints, and what I and many others, use in order to get a hero with in the first 3 minutes of the game. The best class to get battlepoints with, and the best class in the game, is the officer class. The cards you want to use, and preferably max out, are officer presence, bounty hunter, and improved battle command. In order for this to work, you will need to be near the largest group of team mates you can find near the objective, since a large amount of points you’ll get will come from officers presense. Officer presences reduces the amount of time before friendly troops start to recover health.

When your near them and they start regenerating health from your presences, you start gaining points. The more your near, the more points you’ll get. You still will want to engage the enemy thought, don’t just sit back behind cover and not engage, since you’ll get a ton of points from kills as well. When you start getting the points from the presense card and your own eliminations, you’ll get the extra points from bounty hunter like we discussed earlier. You’ll also get points by giving everyone else more health in your area with battlecommand, and since they’ll have more health, you’ll get more points as they regen those extra hit points as well. I would not recommend this build for blast or strike, but if your in GA and all you want is a hero, this is what you can run to get it quickly. I hope this helps some of you who have been struggleing to get heroes in GA.

If you learned anything from this, please give the video a like, and then hit the subscribe and notification button so you know when the new videos are out on Monday, Wenseday, friday and the streams on tuesday and thurseday at 8pm central. In the comments, let me know who is your favorite hero you’ll be playing more with what you just learned? I personally love Rey and Boba. Even with bobas nerf, i still love using the jet pack and rocket barrage is still extremely leathal. Rey is just straight up wall hacks, and should really get nerfed. Also if you’re on playstation, come join my community, RedWolf72ps4 where we can talk and party up for a few matches. You can also find me on twitter @RedWolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and as always, I’ll see you in game..

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