Gamecube controller setup for Steam games – Wii U Gamecube Adapter Drivers – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Alright. Hello. This’ll be a video on how to get your GameCube adapter working with your Steam games. It will start with the installation of the GameCube adapter drivers and end with the set up of the xbox 360 controller emulator. If you wish to skip over this portion of the video there will be time codes in the description. So firstly, the divers. I have recently uninstalled mine so this will be a completely fresh install guide. You must go to this website which will be linked and you will get the newest version which is 3.

2.1 right here. And after that is finished downloading you will open up the file location and run the installer. This newest version is a lot more user friendly than the old versions. You just have to run it and, you know, click next. There is only one real part you must pay attention to. I would create a desktop icon here because I would use it a lot. You have to open it every time you want to use the adapter driver to use your controller so if you use it a lot I recommend creating a desktop icon. That is optional, however. Right here you press install. It is installing all of the needed files in the folder. This is the important part. This is vital. Do not make a mistake here. Make sure in this drop down menu you select WUP-028. And then this will either say reinstall driver or replace driver depending on whether you had one installed before or not.

Click that making sure you have WUP-028, again. It is installing the driver right now. And it was installed successfully. Uhm, now another menu should be popping up shortly that is related to something else. vJoy I believe. Yes, after you close it it opens the vJoy device driver. This is relatively easy. You just go click next through all of ’em. And it is installing the vJoy drivers. And with that… with that it should be done. Yes. Pay no mind to that error message by the way. For Windows 8 users there is an additional step you must take. Go to the file location where you installed all your stuff which would be the C drive. Program files x86, and the GCNAdapter. And you will find the GCNUSBFeeder.exe. Right click it and go to properties; compatibility.

And make sure you have these checked: Run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and run as administrator. This is a step that is specifically for Windows 8 users. With that you can restart and you have your, uhm, your Windows adapter drivers. Alright, this is after I restarted after downloading the newest version of the Gamecube Adapter drivers. At this point I am able to use these drivers to play Dolphin, Visual boy, and about any other emulator that supports direct input. But if you wish to use your Gamecube controllers to play Steam games there is an extra step you must take and that is using this program. x360ce. This allows our Gamecube controller to be read as an xbox 360 controller. Because some games only support the xbox 360 controller.

Now before you do anything with this controller emulator I recommend having all necessary files. It is very common for someone who is setting up x360ce to hear error messages saying, “oh you’re missing such and such file.” The most common one is apparently this file(files). I will link this and I highly recommend you update this before even trying to set up your xbox 360 controller emulator. Once you have that up to date I recommend downloading both the 64 bit and the 32 bit version from the top right. Alright, after that is done open the file location for these downloads. You will find two zip files. Now, I recommend for organization purposes you create a new folder called x360ce and place both of your zip files into that folder. Now, in this folder I recommend again to create two new folders.

One labeled “32 bit” and one labeled “64 bit”. This will come in handy later. Place the 64 bit version which is labeled with x64 into the 64 bit folder and the other one to the 32 bit folder. We will start with 64 bit. Once you’re inside you may extract your files into this folder. Once you have extracted it, run the program. It will see that you are missing the config files. Now just click create and you’re good. This part (chuckles) had me wondering for about 10 minutes what to do. Because the same messages keep poping up. What you do is just click “search automatically for settings” and “search the internet”. Because someone else has already configured their Gamecube Controllers, all you have to do is go through all these messages and click the same settings.

And you see how it moves from Controller 1 to Controller 2 to Controller 3. Do this for all four controllers. Now after you finish the fourth controller it should be done. It should be green. And this creates two configuration files inside here. I recommend deleting the zip file after you extracted the .exe from it. Now, from here, you basically have the general overlay. So if I start my Gamecube Adapter Driver right here… I should be able to start up the drivers. And once my controller works; I am moving my Gamecube controller and it is registering as xbox 360 controller inputs. Now what I recommend is going to “Left Thumb” and setting the anti-deadzone to around… 80% I believe. And the deadzone to around 30 percent. And do this for all of your sticks for all four controllers. Alright. Alright, as one can see, I have configured the analog stick for all four controllers. So now with the config files we got from the internet we now have an xbox 360 controller emulator for 64 bit games. After you configure the analog sticks for all four controllers click save and exit the program.

Now, do the same exact thing for the 32 bit version. You extract it. You open it. You create the config files. And then you just take the config files you get off the internet by clicking: next, finish, next, finish, etc. And then after all of this is done, config(ure) the analog sticks and you have the 32 bit version as well. After you set up your 32 bit version you should have something that looks like this. You have an x360ce folder with a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version folder. And each folder has 3 files. These 3 files are all you need to play the Steam games. Say… I’m going to use Castle Crashers as an example. It has controller support for the xbox 360 but it doesn’t support the Gamecube controller natively. So if I want to play Castle Crashers, what do I do? I’ll take the… I’ll just copy the files from either 32 bit or 64 bit folders depending on what the game is. If it is a 32 bit game, copy the 32 bit files. If it is a 64 bit game, copy the 64 bit files. After you have copied the files, go to where your game is.

It should be in local disc C:. Program files x86 uhmm… Let’s see; Steam. And from here, SteamApps. Common. And here are all your Steam games. So if you want to set up controller support for Castle Crashers you go in here. And you just paste your files and then, that’s it. Once you’re in Castle Crashers (the game itself), it should support your controller natively. Now some of you may ask “How can you tell if a game is 32 bit or 64 bit”. Well, there is a convoluted way but what you can do is paste whatever you think it is in (32 or 64). So let’s say I thought Castle Crashers was 64 bit. Then you open up x360ce and if it’s a 32 bit game it says this. “This folder contains a 32 bit game you should use 32 bit x360ce…

So I actually chose the wrong files. So what I should do is delete these files… go back to my Downloads; go back to this folder and instead copy the 32 bit version that supports my 32 bit steam games and then I’ll go back to my Steam games folder, go back to Castle Crashers and paste in the correct files. After this, when you open Castle Crashers, it will support your controller natively. This works for pretty much every Steam game. You just have to get the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions right. Alright, I will leave all guides I have used for reference in the description. You can refer to those if you have any further issues and, uhm, have fun using your Gamecube controller on Steam. Goodbye..

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Oppo A83 Full Review – The budget iPhone X – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

OPO has become a household name in the indian smartphone market with a lot of great budget options to offer today we talk about one such device hey this is Sreehari from mr. phone and this is our full review of the Oppo a83 before jumping into the video if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet please do that and also click that Bell I can write next to it so that you get notified for all the cool tech videos that we put out the Oppo a 83 is actually a very well built phone it has really an ergonomic curves but other bones of this price range are not exactly caring much about design it’s also being pretty well and the weight makes it feel very premium we’ve got the black unit and it really looks tell thing in this the buttons are also fairly well bend with the power button on the right – warning rockers on the left now on the bottom you have a micro USB port and all with a single speakers and on the top since a headphone jack the display on the Oppo a degree looks like a really high quality panel the color is also look very good the glass on top is not the smoothest to use I remove the protective layer on day one but it did not with the smoothness the tall aspect ratio of eating banner lets you view movies in ultra wide with less you leave also gives you the option to pinch out to stretch the video to anything by 9 aspect ratio other than that the display is really good and I have no complaints here going on to the software although there are a lot of Android skins that try to look like iOS I think Oppo wins that battle I have used Chinese us before like emotion UI mi you and a lot of others but this one was truly unusable for me from the home screen which had apps all over it to the swipe up from the bottom which brings up the Action Center all exactly mimic iOS even the notifications are dismissed in an iOS way and not the Android way even a task as simple as changing the wallpaper was buried in the settings and it was very annoying for someone mu is never used iOS before now if you’re not so much of an ardent Android fan then you might just enjoy using it icons are pretty colorful and funky loop in the settings also has a lot of cool features like a special security tab for a lot of permissions app blocks payment a protections floating windows whatever you ask you also get gesture controls and a lot of options in that where you can customize the gestures you also have a gaming do not disturb mode for those uninterrupted gaming hours you also get a clone app it supports apps like whatsapp light and bbm only one of it is widely used in India let’s hope that they bring a support for Facebook and Instagram very soon and in the back seats are very perfectly placed fingerprint scanner oh I’m sorry and at the front sense of very comfortably placed fingerprint scanner wait what the operator 3 does not have a fingerprint scanner I think they succeeded in their attempt to make an iPhone 10 kilo and because just like the iPhone 10 the you go 83 does not have a fingerprint scanner it has face unlock which works quite well it’s not accurate all the time and it fails to unlock and a lot of moments but that’s all you get you don’t get a favorite now now let’s talk about the performance of your poetry the AAA degree has a mediatek helio b23 chip said this is an octopus himself dropped in 2.

3 gigahertz having a cortex a53 for now what all this gibberish translates to is smooth day-to-day performance now you won’t be able to play heavy games on this thing but everyday performance is not going to be a problem the ant reduce code for all those who want to know is 85,000 which is pretty high it’s right amount the order nine lights here in 659 now everyday use is supposed to be smooth enough and it is at some places but it’s still a mixed bag so apps open very quickly due to the relatively high clock speed but everyday performance isn’t as smooth and there is a bit of lag when you what this basically means is that if you are a heavy gamer then please don’t buy the oboe III it’s not meant to play a lot of games but yes everyday life will be pretty smooth with this thing talking about the camera the Oppo 83 has a single 13 megapixel sensor at the back and an 8 megapixel sensor on the front the camera performance is really good and it takes great looking daylight shots with a good amount of detail and colors the nine shots to look very plausible you can learn more about the camera performance in a camera comparison with the on a 9 light which is linked up here in general the over 83 shots have a lot of contrast and colors look very natural selfies also are really good looking and you do get a background blur mode all the results are not very desirable the layout of the camera app is again many iPhone II it has time-lapse auto mode of duty mode for both front and back and an expert mode for the pro photographer on you at the end we come to the battery of the oh boy d3 which is an average 3180 and the excellent sights the battery life is actually quite good not once has it died on me but yes charging is a bit slow I watched a few movies on this thing and it handles them quite well by conserving a lot of battery long hours of gaming obviously throttles the phone a bit and uses battery a lot but I guess that’s normal and of course espares so in a nutshell you get a great design a good-looking phone a gorgeous display up front and average performance a mixed bag of UI some of you might like it some of you might not and a very good battery life that’s it for this one let me know what you thought of this review in the comment section down below if you don’t want to buy an oppo a degree you’ll find the links for that in the description thank you so much for watching this is SreeHari from Mr.


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How To Get More Snapchat Views And Increase Engagement – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

(electronic style music) – What up Snapchat fam? On this video, I’m gonna give you three tips to engage your audience on Snapchat. Snapchat fam back in the studio and I’m about to go in. Don’t want to miss this. So, I’m gonna create a video now around three keys to crushing it with Snapchat engagements. So I want to fist start off by saying that your 2016 your social media strategy, whether it’s Snapchat or Facebook should not be predicated around follower growth. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are a brand or a business, followers is important but, you could have 100,000, 1,000, or 100 followers and if no one is watching your content, and no one’s engaging, then your followers don’t matter.

So while apps like Ghostcodes and and other discovery tools are great to help you essentially climb and grow followers, you need to first determine what is your purpose and endgame for being on Snapchat? No different than you do on other social networks. I’ll share this with you guys, I personally use Snapchat to be able to pass along knowledge bombs and wisdom on social media marketing with my community. I get 2,000 views per Snap and have a little over 6,000 followers which means about a third of my community on Snapchat actually pays attention. So I personally look at this in two ways. One, it’s great that a third of my community on a social network actually pays attention.

That’s a lot more to be said than Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. However, there’s still 2/3 of that community that’s not paying attention. So that’s the 2/3 that I want to focus on, and I want you to focus on. Because again friends, you can have all the followers out there, but if they’re not actually watching your content, you have to ask yourself, what are you doing wrong? So step number one is who’s the community that you’re speaking to? Who is your target audience? One of the biggest mistakes that people and brands make across social media and Snapchat is no different, is you’re just talking to random people. If you’re gonna promote your Snapchat code on Reddit, Ghostcodes, forums out there, be very targeted with who you’re trying to reach. Back in February, I spent $50 and ran an Instagram ad promoting my Snapchat code. I was targeting 25 to 34 year olds who were business professionals. What’s great about Snapchat is that it’s actually helped me broaden my business network on LinkedIn and on Twitter too, and that’s because of the content that I’m creating which takes me to number two.

Let’s face it, the reason why you are personally watching this Snap right now is because the content that I’m putting out there is relevant to you. If I was talking about gardening, and you’re a social media marketing professional or a small business owner or a solopreneur, you probably wouldn’t be watching my Snaps. So number two, create relevant stories and content that adds value to your audience. Snapchat incorporates a set of features that are unique to other social networks, like emojis, filters, use ’em. This content disappears after 24 hours, your objective needs to be how do I keep people coming back every day for more? That’s real talk. Do you feel me? Tell them in stories and keep your audience coming back daily for more. That’s what’s great about Snapchat, not one day is alike on this platform. ‘Cause again, content disappears.

Poof. The metric that matters on this platform at least, it’s not followers, it’s actually views. Are people watching your content? Now followers matter from a distribution standpoint and for reach, but they only matter when people are watching. Leads me to my third point which is direct engagement. I personally classify high-value followers as those that send me direct messages. If you are posting the right content and reaching the right audience it will resonate and people will message you. However, while Snapchat at the core is a storytelling social network and app, it’s also great for messaging and communication. Ignore someone once, and you’ve potentially lost an advocate and a fan, and most importantly a customer for life. Users on Snapchat don’t want to be sold to, they want to be engaged. This is a social network in which engagement is the key. You heard me now. Engagement is the key to success on all social media.

So here’s what’s gonna happen. A large pool of people are gonna follow you, you’re gonna create good stories, and then a smaller pool of people are actually gonna engage with you. Personally take the time to send video Snaps back, send text messages back, do everything that you can to make your followers feel like family. See what I just did there, Snapchat fam? Good luck, guys, love you. Hey friends, thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and I will see you next time. Peace. (“All I Do is Win” by DJ Khaled).

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Marketing Demographics with Canada Post Precision Targeter Tool | LSM Tip #2 – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hi Everyone. Thanks for being here. I’m Sabrina Khan and this is Literally Marketing. Today I’m going to show you how to use the Canada Post Precision Targeter Tool. So what we’re going to do is figure out the number of households in that area and I’m actually going to show you how you can specify based on demographics the number of households. Let’s get started. So we’re going to start with Going to go over to Business Solutions and start with Marketing Solutions. This is where we’re going to find the Precision Targeter Tool. There it is.

So you just click Try Precision Targeter now. So we’re going to define a certain zone. So click Plan a Neighbourhood Mail Mailing and we just do Standard and we’re going to do in-market date on the 24th. And here we can select Houses, Apartments, Businesses. I don’t need to know Farms. I’m not going to distribute any mailings to farms. And click continue. We don’t really have a mailing in this case so we’re just looking for information. So we click continue. And here’s where you can rank by demographic. So we can say that we’re looking for…I want to leave it kind of broad so I can get some good data. And then the household size, I want to have families so 3 or more people. Household income. Let’s go $60,000 and over for income. And click continue. And here you select custom.

I’m going to search Edmonton. I want to see Edmonton. Right at the bottom it shows you the actual city Edmonton. I’m going to zoom out a bit. I think I want to go into the SouthWest area. So let’s pretend our restaurant is right in the middle, so we’re going to draw a zone around this restaurant and see what we come up with. We’re going to click to start drawing. All you do is as your changing direction, you click once and just drag the zone to where you want it to be. And that’s a nice simple square zone. It says double click to complete and it’s going to load the information for you.If you look at the color, what they’ve done is they’ve highlighted the different walk selects. So each of these is a walk area. If you scroll up here you’re going to see a home count of 14,000 and then if you look at this right here, you can see that blue is a low match, so we’re just going to scroll this out and we’re going to see, ok, only the high match.

So this met all the criteria that we had specified. Click on the route. You can deselect it. So we’ve deselected it and it’s taken it off the total. And select it again; add it back. For that route, it tells you how many houses, apartments, and businesses are specific to that route. It’s a really neat little tool. What you can do is download a report that gives you this information so you can save it for later or you can save it in your profile. Click download report and we’ll save it to the desktop and we’ll check that out. And it just gives you the detail. It gives us a picture of the map.It gives you the specifics. So if you actually want to do a mailing, you know exactly what the point of demographic information is.

I hope this tutorial was useful. If so, please like and share. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear it in the comments section below. And don’t forget to subscribe. I’ve got a lot more marketing tips coming your way. Thanks so much for being here..

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rd #187 How to boot from USB – HP Compaq dc7800 USDT – method 1 – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Aloha, my name is Andy, in this video I will show how to boot from USB device, if you have a HP Compaq dc7800 Ultra-slim Desktop PC I have my bootable USB drive with Windows Thin PC. I will insert in the front panel USB. Then I press the power button from the PC. And the PC is starting. Quickly I press repeatedly the F10 key from the keyboard, until appears this menu. I select the English language and I enter in the BIOS settings. I navigate to the right with the right arrow from the keyboard. I go down with the down arrow from the keyboard to the Boot Order and hit the Enter key.

Now the first boot device is the CD-ROM Drive, if I put a bootable CD or DVD, the PC first will boot from that DISC. I press the Enter key and it appears the 2 side arrow, now with the down arrows from the keyboard I can move down the CD-ROM device. Now I press the Enter key again and with the up arrow from the keyboard I go up to the USB device. I press again the Enter key and with the up arrow from the keyboard I push up until this will be the first boot device. I press the Enter key again. Next I press the F10 key to Accept the changes. I press again the F10 key. I press again the F10 key to save the changes and exit from the BIOS. The PC is restarting. For a second appears this screen with: Attempting Boot From USB Device and I press the space key. The PC is booting from the USB device. After a couple seconds appears this screen and the windows is loading from the USB.

So this is how you boot from USB device if you have a HP Compaq dc7800 Ultra-slim Desktop PC. If you liked this video or it was useful, please subscribe, like, share and comment. See you next time, goodbye..

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Here’s How RPG Destiny Child Is Censored On iOS vs Android – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

We’ve just been informed of a large amount of censorship being applied to the iOS verion of Destiny Child, a Korean RPG with artwork from the same person behind the popular MMO Blade and Soul. The tip was sent in via Twitter and, as many Korean sites have been reporting, the iOS version is heavily censored in comparison to the Android release. Interestingly, the title also has a drastically different age rating on iOS as well, with it being rated 12 years and up, unlike the Android version’s 18 rating. You can see some of the changes here. There have been many changes to the artwork, to cover up the female bodies.

A lot of these edits were handled by adding extra fabric to outfits. As shown here though, there have also been alterations reducing characters’ bust sizes. It’s not clear why the iOS version was released in its toned down form. It’s a possibility that the app store guidelines required the devs to tone the art down, although this is not confirmed. Taking a look at the guidelines, the rules ban content that is classed as “overtly sexual or pornographic”, and then going on to define this as “explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings”. There is currently no news on an English release of the title, but considering the high profile nature of the game, it’s certainly a possibility that this may be announced sometime soon.

It also gives wider context on iOS games in comparison to Android and will definitely be important to keep in mind if an English does get announced in the future. Until next time, thanks for watching everyone..

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Math Antics – Triangles – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hi! Welcome to Math Antics. In this Geometry lesson, we’re gonna learn all about triangles. You may remember from the lesson about polygons that triangles are special polygons that always have 3 sides and 3 angles. And that’s what the word ‘triangle’ means. “tri” means 3 and “angles” means… angles. Okay, that’s easy enough… 3 sides… 3 angles… but what else is there to know about triangles? Well for starters, we’re gonna learn how to classify triangles.

Oooo… such a classy triangle! [laughter] But seriously, there’s two different way to classify (or organize) triangles. They can be classified by their sides and they can be classified by their angles. Let’s start by classifying triangles by their angles since we’ve already learned a lot about angles in the previous videos. You may remember from our first video about angles that there’s 3 types of angles: there’s right angles, acute angles, and obtuse angles. Well… watch what happens if we use a third line in each of these angles to form closed shapes. Ah ha!… triangles! And can you guess what these three different kinds of triangles are called? Yep – The one made from the right angle is called a Right Triangle. The one made from the acute angle is called an Acute Triangle, and the one made from the obtuse angle is called an Obtuse Triangle. So that’s simple enough. But notice that for each of our three triangles, the new angles that were formed when we closed the shapes are all acute angles. So triangles always have at least 2 acute angles.

.. and it’s the other angle that determines what type it is. That’s important to know so you don’t get tricked. For any given triangle, just because you see one acute angle, that doesn’t mean it’s an acute triangle. You have to look at ALL the angles to tell if it’s an acute triangle. The situation is easier with right and obtuse triangles because you can only have ONE right or obtuse angle per triangle. So as soon as you spot one of those kinds of angles, you know what type of triangle you have. Alright then… classifying triangles by angles is pretty simple. But we can also classify triangles by their sides. If we pay close attention to the length of each side of a triangle, we can see that there are three possibilities.

First of all, if all three sides of a triangle are exactly the same length, then we call it an Equilateral Triangle. It’s kind of a long word, but it’s easy to remember because it sounds like it has the word “equal” in it. To see the second possibility, let’s take the top vertex of our equilateral triangle and move it up like this. See what happened? Two of the triangle’s sides got stretched by the same amount, but the bottom side remained the same. Now we have a triangle that has only 2 equal sides, and that’s called an Isosceles Triangle. That’s a long word too. The best way to remember that is to look at an isosceles triangle and say it’s name 20 times as fast as you can! Is osceles, Isosceles, Isosceles, Isosceles, Isosceles, Isosceles, Isosceles, Isosceles,.

.. And finally, to see the third possibility, let’s move that same top vertex again… but this time to the left. Now, all the sides are different lengths. This type of triangle is called a Scalene Triangle. So those are the three possibilities when classifying triangles by their sides. Equilateral Triangles have 3 equal sides. Isosceles triangles have only 2 equal sides. And scalene triangles have NO equal sides. That way was pretty easy too. The hardest part is just remembering the names. And now that you know both ways to classify triangles, let’s see how you can use them together. Yep, you can use them both at the same time. If you classify triangles both by their angles and by their sides, it turns out that there’s several possible combinations. To see what I mean, let’s list the three classifications by sides: (scalene, isosceles, and equilateral) …and the three classifications by angle: (right, acute and obtuse) A scalene triangle can also be a right triangle, like this one.

And a scalene triangle can also be either an obtuse or an acute triangle. In the same way, an isosceles triangle can also be acute, like this one, or obtuse, like this one. And in one special case, an isosceles triangle can also be a right triangle, like so. But things are different when it comes to an equilateral triangle. An equilateral triangle is always an acute triangle. Because all three sides are exactly the same, all three angles must also be exactly the same. And since we can’t have more than one right angle in a triangle, or more than one obtuse angle, ALL the angles in an equilateral triangle must be acute. Okay, now that you know all about how triangles are classified, let’s learn one more really important thing about triangles. In our video about angles and degrees, we learned that we can measure angles and say how big or how small they are using special units called degrees. Well, since triangles are always made up of 3 angles, each of those angles has its own measurement in degrees.

And the important thing is that those three angle measurements, if you combine them, they will always add up to 180 degrees. For example, have a look at this triangle. If we were to take a saw and cut it up into three separate angles, …and then if we were to take those three angles and rearrange them so that they’re right next to each other like this, you can see that the total would be the same as a straight angle… that’s 180 degrees! And this will work no matter what type of triangle it is. Knowing that a triangle’s angles will always add up to 180 degrees can really help you out when solving geometry problems. There’s a whole lot of situations where you’ll know what two of the angles are, but you need to figure out what the third angle is. Like in this problem. With this triangle, we’re told that one of the angles is 35 degrees, and the other is 45 degrees. But the third angle is unknown. We need to figure out what it is. Since we know that the total must be 180 degrees, we can just add up the angles that we DO know, and then subtract that from 180 degrees to see what’s left over.

The leftover amount MUST be the measurement of the unknown angle. So, 35 + 45 = 80 degrees. And when we take that 80 and subtract it from 180 we get 100 degrees left over. That means that our unknown angle is 100 degrees! And, you can always check your answer by adding up all the angles to make sure you get 180. So you can see why it’s so important to know that a triangle’s angles add up to 180 degrees! Well, that’s all we’re going to learn about triangle is this video. Remember, the key to really learning math is to do it. So, be sure to practice by doing the exercises for this section. As always, thanks for watching Math Antics! and I’ll see you next time! Learn more at

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How to turn the beeper speaker on and off on a camry – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

This video is going to show you how to turn the 2001 Toyota Camry LE beep on and off. So first what you do, is with the drivers door open, insert the key in the ignition and remove it. Within 5 seconds, insert the ignition key again, and turn it to the ON position. After 10 seconds push the same LOCK or UNLOCK or PANIC button twice within 10 seconds. (has it been 10 seconds?) Oh shoot…Uh, s-, Uh sorry I have to do this again. Shoot. *BEEP BEEP* So, so if you hear that beeping- two beeps, it means you have done it the same way as it is expected. Ignition off..

.and then test what you did. Nice, you see that? No beep. So this is a video how you turn the beeps on and off. Thank you for watching :).

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Pulover’s Macro Creator Tutorial: Image and Pixel search – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

With Pulover’s Macro Creator you can take screenshots of part of the screen and create a command to search for that image. You can also search for a determined pixel color. To mark a region press and hold the right button on the mouse and drag it to create a rectangle. Release to get the position. Click on the button with the camera to take a screenshot. Use the same method to mark the area. To create more precise screenshots go to the Options window and select “Press Enter to capture”. You can also change the line width. Now after releasing the mouse button you can move and resize the rectangle using the keyboard pressing Ctrl+Arrow keys and Shift+Arrow keys. You can also mark the region of a control by clicking and releasing over a control area without moving the mouse, and mark the area of the window by doing the same in an area without a control. You can also load an image file from your computer.

The “If found” and “If not found” options determine the action taken by the program on each situation. The Repeat until option creates a loop that will repeat the search until the image or pixel is found or not found. You can set the delay between searches. If you want to execute different or more commands after a result you need to add an If Statement. Mark this option to create one automatically. When the image or pixel is found the coordinates are saved to the variables FoundX and FoundY. You can use those variables inside other commands such as Mouse actions by enclosing them in percent signs Notice that the coordinates returned for an image search will point to the upper-right corner, not the center.

To fix that you can increment the values before using them. For that use the Variables window with the Add or Subtract operators or check the Expression option and use the Assign operator. The commands added between the If Statement and the EndIf line will only be executed if the result of the search matches the criteria, which can be “If image/pixel found” or “If image/pixel not found”. An Else Statement can also be used inside the block. Pixel search is basically the same. You can pick a color from your desktop or from the Color Pick dialogue..

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Still Out Here (ft. Trainwreck) [VOD: Dec 5, 2017] – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

makket : BITCH MAONS hypermatic : Live EvlOrc : LIVU PogChamp Sparkes : HeyGuys HobyX : TriHard 7 WE HERE pwcd : we really out here r_darko : !uptime FrinkerZ : @r_darko Ditch has been offline for 18 hours and 3 minutes. HobyX : TriHard 7 WASSGOOD Whotasy : LIVE GTChimp HobyX : greekJim WhackASmack1 : TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard PapaSmurf99 : CruW HobyX : TriHard 7 APE GANG Fuque : LIVE lmnotrobot1 : @greekgodx HI GREEK i1dan : TriHard 7 koolaidkat_ : LIVE POGGERS クレイジーな : MY VIEWERS NOW TriHard Fuque : POGCHAMPLIVE freegameplease : DansGame bearshz : squadH squadH squadH aaAHHAAA : TriHard vinesi : daaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnnnnnnnnn Falqon0ne : WE jasonrBangin OUT HERE TriHard Fuque : TWEETING BTW シェリーソベー : gagasdfgsafd aaAHHAAA : HeyGuys Relux : POGGERS rightthisway : TriHard koolaidkat_ : WE OUT HERE TriHard Fuque : LOVE U MITCHIE vinesi : wassssssssguuuuuuuuuudddddddddddd hypermatic : Banned WelchGod : Gimme gimme GTChimp hybrid_flux : I hope arguments happen [email protected] no reason ManOnMars46 : MITCHY HobyX : TriHard 7 TriHard 7 jaygreenbean : LOVE U MITCHY SamahLama : F Hydange : Good LuL HobyX : TriHard 7 WE OUT HERE makket : GTChimp : more scripted content! HobyX : greekJim Zombotrox : TriHard 7 trihard_at_popeyes : @greekgodx GILFGODX xXx_Stinky_Pinky_xXx : mitchS Relux : Ok Good LUL FeelsRageMan_Reee : TriHard aaAHHAAA : mitchG manofthedank : lmao ahmedbadiwy : heyyyy back tankintampz : MUTED CAMPUS ANDY CrysEGameS : TriHard CapMaggot : TriHard 7 grape gang r_darko : D: manofthedank : KKona HEY BROTHER CrAnKy_FuX : CAMPUS ANDY nbk2g : GIFT ME FREE SUB NOW TriHard koolaidkat_ : LUL spyroyo : Dead twitter tppowerHeresTommy aaAHHAAA : LUL Najzys : LUL tc2059 : haHAA OPSicknez : check out my stream BK207 : UFRAT HobyX : @greekgodX SPAM TriHard 7 FOR THE LAST TIME BOIS ! az_typhoon : RATFC aaAHHAAA : mitchS TheparagonGeek : I love you Greek 乃モ丹ち匕卄 : yoyo MisterDevious : Greek has like 2 tons on you, you’ll get destroyed BK207 : LUL mayaplays : @MitchJones PogChamp / PizzaBeach : monkaS CrysEGameS : GTChimp inthaclub11 : D: savagewaz : XANNAX JONES koolaidkat_ : GTChimp aaAHHAAA : LUL FrozenCatLitter : Kappa / VonTawast : TOO FAR DUDE D: charley4k : I like Greek bape_ruth : 🙂 🙂 🙂 usmc7676 : Greek suck a dick SoapApra : D: PatheticAnaesthetic : 🙂 RC_2 : MITCH EASY MAN NO TROLL Jacques_Ellul : what happened with greek? Glynn541 : DRAMA LUL Hornzipfel : 🙂 CrysEGameS : GTChimp GTChimp GTChimp GTChimp GTChimp GTChimp MrB3nder : that simple LUL zoldren : you tweeted greek’s stream Elizahbeth : banned LUL HobyX : @greekgodx CAN I GET A haHAA 7 IN THE CHAT BOIS! Wilskaa : Drama HobyX : @greekgodx CAN I GET A haHAA 7 IN THE CHAT BOIS aaAHHAAA : @Greekgodx mitchS peterpopoff1 : pls shut up EvlOrc : Just banter mate az_typhoon : LUL YOU PUY GREEKS STREAM ON TWEET MORON @MitchJones makket : 1 MINUIT INTO STREAM ALLRDY TALKING ABOUT OTHER STREAMERS narmis7 : take that back :rage: BeargryllzMN : DRAMA WHATS NEW eddylol1 : PogChamp WE LIVE PogChamp WE LIVE ODBSTRD : ResidentSleeper windexter : @greekgodx he is sneak dissin you koollozer : eat chicken FreeStylerFC : @GreekGodx mod me TriHard Elizahbeth : EleGiggle luke00wnz : yo PixelCarnage : mhm monkaS aaAHHAAA : HassaanChop Ohitsmattlol : LULLUL YOU PUY GREEKS STREAM ON TWEET MORON @MitchJones TheparagonGeek : MITCH IS NUMBER#1 koollozer : eat chicken.

jacobjones123 : dooby got chopped Some1Else46 : HASSAN CHOP! BeargryllzMN : TIP WAS 24 HOURS Elizahbeth : tip is permabanned Thatfitgamer : how tall is Mitch benny_sfc : tipW tipW tipW tipW tipW tipW tipW Bob_Chipeska : TriHard zoldren : its permanent Ripfu : its indefinite, tips ban MrB3nder : DansGame Benwswag : yo mitch we hittin up the uni can we get a workout stream Kwuall : yes TraapHouseOSRS : TriHard 7 Miitxh : When does M1R4 arrive to kill stream? LUL SoapApra : yes PixelCarnage : WE GETTING NUKED monkaS aaAHHAAA : VoteYea TriHard r8m8itsme : Greekgodx isn’t in the stream we gucci Hydange : TriHard Mitch you’re an enabler PL3AB : Xanny Jones DansGame HobyX : KKona 7 @greekgodx drfr0g : TriHard Clsp MrCupcakeHD_101 : TriHard aaAHHAAA : GRAPE GANG TriHard comradetw : GRAPE GANG wutthefcuk : Night of the Long Twitch Knives WelchGod : GTChimp i1dan : GTChimp 7 aLAnM6o9 : sup bitch MrCupcakeHD_101 : TriHard Clap usmc7676 : Rip TIP bantu88 : tip4 tip1 CYA ON YOUTUBE Glynn541 : GTChimp NEVER SUBBED GTChimp NEVER DONATED GTChimp FREE ENTERTAINMENT GTChimp Jodmeister : KKona GLADphd : thanks for streaming dude Sobo33 : dude his mon died.

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he is hella cute Fuque : CHECK THE DOOR Jay_hate : DansGame PizzaBeach : OMEGALUL BK207 : LUL grymmd : IT’S PRISTINE BECAUSE HE DOESNT USE IT LUL RestoTV : MITCHIE I LOVE U Gomlar : Shit in the bag, pee in bottles LUL roflmauer : never used toilet LUL koollozer : unused toilet MasterMark : OMEGALUL SmygeMannen : yung rat TriHardStoleMyWeed : tipW / Falqon0ne : OMEGALUL MasterMark : OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL crackbaby714 : LUL saknoM : OMEGALUL aaAHHAAA : OMEGALUL koollozer : LOL Teleshot : LOL la2pumps1pull : LUL PatheticAnaesthetic : LuL BoreMoobies : unused toilet Wilskaa : LOL kookevk : gachiGASM cantwakeup_ : LUL aaAHHAAA : GREEKG OMEGALUL DX Phenobarbie : LOL PixelCarnage : HOW LUL charley4k : LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL nikopss : OMEGALUL Stuttz : It wonkd : deleted LUL koolaidkat_ : LUL LUL LUL LUL wKRY : LMAO wythenshawe_eusebio : LMAOOOOOOOOO Vargos28 : LUL Hiooplolz : ROFLMAO cxkkona : ???? Jodmeister : retard jones OMEGALUL Desirasa : Twittard charley4k : Hahahahahaa saknoM : IM THINKING ABOUT IT TriHard SnappyC : Scipted Jones Jebaited Xmikehawk25X : XANAX JONES BruceBoggtrotter : HI LIVESTREAM FAILS FapoleonBonerfarte : Why would he change your tweet? charley4k : Fuckijg love this guy mayaplays : @saknoM CMONBRUH Stealthwins : xanny jones RACISM_IS_NOT_FUNNY_Cx : TriHard 7 v0gz : XANAX JONES tc2059 : SHOULD I SAY IT IN REAL LIFE TriHard wonkd : “im doing greek a huge favor” ???????? TriHardStoleMyWeed : tipW MLGheisenberg420 : 29 koolaidkat_ : 25 zoldren : xanny wearing the brain wKRY : NO wKRY : LUL Desirasa : 49 aaAHHAAA : LUL sinz_777 : SELF-REALIZATION IS PART OF THE THERAPY PROCESS BTW trivium159 : 42 IN MAY kawbsdank : 32 reformedaccount : 34 LUL mayaplays : monkaS ladyintheback : btw haHAA koolaidkat_ : monkaS TriHardStoleMyWeed : tip4 tip1 Falqon0ne : monkaS PlayLikeNeverB4 : monkaS kashoun : Scripted Raihnbow : monkaS r_darko : monkaS 2Girls1Pony : KILL stormedelf : monkaS manofthedank : 83 wythenshawe_eusebio : Monka grymmd : monkaS ???? MitchJones : ape gang RC_2 : ITS HIM Nazarein : PogChamp koollozer : eat chicken reformedaccount : ape gang Sparkes : ape ga g Glynn541 : GTChimp GTChimp GTChimp GTChimp GTChimp ventor_ : LUL JUICE12477 : SO IS APE GETTING HALF YOUR CASH TODAY Daurennn : haHAA MLGheisenberg420 : ape gang ook ook TriHard Jodmeister : GTChimp JohnnyWhinkel : holy shiiit windexter : @MitchJones squadGA squadGA squadGA squadGA squadGA Desirasa : Michelle PizzaBeach : OMEGALUL Miitxh : When does M1R4 arrive to kill stream? LUL wildflower100 : LOL PaaskeDenmark : loooooooooooool mgsfan187 : drug jones Elizahbeth : BabyRage DRAMA JONES Falqon0ne : lul Ergalosyr : @Greekgodx in title Garians : mitchie J Annotations_Of_An_Autopsy : SITTING AT HOME STREAM Alxxy : tip1 JUICE12477 : APE IS A LEECH starkps2 : DRAMA ResidentSleeper NeuroticPlayer : @MitchJones I reaaly want to see him rap battle you Annotations_Of_An_Autopsy : GREEK FAT X SITTING STREAM PaaskeDenmark : this is good entertaininment i got addicted to mitch Katzinz : monkas d3adscene : :weary: Katzinz : monkaS kawbsdank : GREEK IS A FUCKING LEEECH TriHard_PoseidonCx : LUL Kappastronaut : Ignored my sub FeelsBadMan Annotations_Of_An_Autopsy : FAT GREEK X SITTING STREAM ResidentSleeper TriHardStoleMyWeed : tipS tc2059 : wwwwwwwwww jaypal : gachiBASS mgsfan187 : jonesing jones starkps2 : LOL ryguym1 : BITCH JONES ION THE HOUSE EVERYONE grymmd : lul TimBeek : LOL grymmd : LUL SleepyPassion : ape is annoying as fuck aaAHHAAA : OMEGALUL Stealthwins : you get to watch MrB3nder : LUL pwndog56 : ?? Annotations_Of_An_Autopsy : ResidentSleeper GREEK FAT X sitting stream ResidenSleeper Miitxh : When does M1R4 arrive to kill stream? LUL Alxxy : tipSalute mininukex : Kenai DKingDallasGaming : LUL Dretti_ : DID U SHOWER? Xmikehawk25X : CouchGodX Fuck Em ChickenDonger : I GOTTA DOPE IN MY SOCK aaAHHAAA : mitchPU admiralackbar2 : i wonder why Plaidsox : twittercomtrainwreckstv Falqon0ne : PISS BOTTLES Dansgame jaypal : DansGame Rawb_Dawg : forsen1 forsen2 ThinkWisely : SOMEONE SAY IT JakeIsKappaPride : Wait youre actually streaming? Olamo_ : TriHard 7 HMSButler : TriHard 7 Synkro_ftw : LUL jackblazedx : 4 SHIRTS HAHAHAHAHHAA nikopss : TriHard 7 devilgrumper : mitchEZ mitchEZ mitchEZ _丅丫し仨尺1 : TriHard jalalrumi : Trihard 7 wowakashi : TriHard 7 jaypal : forsen1 forsen2 COMBO ME BAJS Jullex : TriHard aaAHHAAA : LUL cedicolol : OGChimp mayaplays : Kreygasm ohreallylol : 4 LUL HMSButler : TriHard 7 TriHard 7 Rawb_Dawg : forsen3 forsen4 Sparkes : M1R4 LUL koolaidkat_ : D: manofthedank : TriHard Miitxh : When does M1R4 arrive to kill stream? LUL Jacques_Ellul : spilled a few bottles right and left? LUL Chalkie_ : JUST PISS IN THE TOILET mike20170828 : TriHard 7 PL3AB : ResidentSleeper Elizahbeth : keeps his ex’s socks LUL aaAHHAAA : CiGrip KevinAcon : TriHard 7 admiralackbar2 : i didn’t Wilskaa : PresidentSleeper admiralackbar2 : it didn’t work リクィッド_スネーク : m i r a OMEGALUL JohnnyWhinkel : TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TriHard 7 TimBeek : APE GANG r_darko : FeelsGoodMan saknoM : TriHard 7 benny_sfc : lol starkps2 : TriHard 7 Alxxy : tipSalute Falqon0ne : GGX TriHard GGX TriHard GGX TriHard GGX TriHard JakeIsKappaPride : 2 DAYS IN A ROW JONES rulubi : LUL TriHard_PoseidonCx : GGX gingkogongko : @GreekGodX DONT EAT THE BROCCOLI MALAKA SwiftRage SwiftRage SwiftRage Bob_Chipeska : TriHard 7 Miitxh : When does M1R4 arrive to kill stream? LUL RustyBags : TriHard 2nipples : Picked me up a 370z last week boys! Plaidsox : squadG squadSquad squadNation NooshHS : LEECH GANG unemployedpancakes : TriHard 7 doubleliftfanboi : leechgang cyberpolice9000 : @greekgodx fuck outta here leach BruceBoggtrotter : TriHard 7 v0gz : who owns BTC Nightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – https://twitter.

com/MitchJonez Lolyn : @greekgodx TriHard Clap AMEN koolaidkat_ : TriHard 7 2nipples : It’s black Fastooo : TriHard 7 UnleashedPanda : haHAA my name is tyler haHAA im a leech haHAA Alxxy : tipSalute tipSalute starkps2 : TriHard 7 TriHard 7 colddayinhell : TriHard Clap FlufferNutterzz : GREEEK THE LEEECH NooshHS : GILFGOD admiralackbar2 : LUL jaypal : TriHard Clap Coltyy : @2nipples Hopefully manual Miitxh : When does M1R4 arrive to kill stream? LUL MrB3nder : no monkaS narmis7 : RC_2 : WHY YOU SO MAD AT GREEK AndreasHoj : LUL Katzinz : what is ur opinion on reckful right now? Sparkes : NOT A LITTLE LUL Falqon0ne : ?????? TENMINUTEDAYS : no you dont OMEGALUL wonkd : sure Kappa Wingsonmeth : WTF LMAO pwcd : cloaker boy xFibonacci : ???? v0gz : anyone own BTC polimans42b : TRUE Ashlikesnows : PogChamp Clap Knightrain : Kappa JUICE12477 : APE WANT YOU TO STREAM SO HE CAN GET HALF YOUR CASH F4lox : ????????? Fixxine : 2 x Never = ? :thinking: PeacefulANELE : https://www. colddayinhell : Kappa Clap KEEP_lT_REAL : :tf: TopHat pwcd : @greekgodx OLD GREEK FeelsBadMan Jacques_Ellul : watch your couch out TENMINUTEDAYS : cmonBruh Colecrow : Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa mayaplays : cmonBruh Demkon : god i cant listen to mitch can we just have ape merinuza : HYPERBRUH TheparagonGeek : MITCH IS SO DOPE NoahBorel : GILFGODX TENMINUTEDAYS : BLACK OUT? HYPERBRUH Falqon0ne : COLD BTW TEXAS BTW jimmybaxtertheactor : LEAKED winchester_______ : TriHard /\/ admiralackbar2 : LOCATION LEAKED 乃モ丹ち匕卄 : black out curtains are great Miitxh : When does M1R4 arrive to kill stream? LUL KEEP_lT_REAL : KKona SantaHat colddayinhell : cmonBruh Clap Fuque : TriHard Curtains Plaidsox : Why not white curtains KKona winchester_______ : cmonBruh Vanrit : Grape Gang TriHArd AndreasHoj : cmonBruh Pibelz : ye BK207 : 1 Kermit_le_Frog : true Latepoppins : SUN WutFace JUICE12477 : HOW MANY LEECHES YOU GOING TO HAVE IN YOUR STREAM HOMIE ilovemonkeys69_ : yes ImClouded : sun monkaS tc2059 : SUN DansGame leestringcheng : cmonBruh why not” 乃モ丹ち匕卄 : you can see all the fingerprints on monitor when sun hits it pervpierogi : I am too busy worrying about the dick in my ass.

Mischief8 : squadG Nazarein : i have foam black plastic and blackout curtains because fuck the world charley4k : Totally lol RudyReck : wya Miskowsas : HELLO MITCH TriHard Desirasa : play wow Blake1 : ???? Katzinz : Opinion on reckful right now? BeardMonkeyQc : “FRIENDS” crackbaby714 : YES MEN LUL marcelhearne : only greek admiralackbar2 : WTF Elizahbeth : greek a friend LOL uncle_club : FRIENDS LuL Gomlar : monkaS ShavingPrimateRyan : FeelsAmazingMan AGAIN GeeMcTee : leech Hazards__ : monkaS limbovos : LUL ImClouded : wtf monkaS marcelhearne : were only saying greeks a leech not u Dexter1tyy : deja vu Latepoppins : triggered drbg17 : LUL nitehawk1401 : Triggered leech Desirasa : Play wow Daurennn : LUL TimBeek : LUL Hi_Im_Chaz : TRUE LUL koollozer : losHey pervpierogi : BETA APE Notincognit : TRUE OMEGALUL Jodmeister : pussy chat LuL mayaplays : ???? pprts1 : LUL rythven : KappaPride NooshHS : LOL Sinexlol : LuL Colecrow : Kappa bannoobz3 : banned btw benny_sfc : lol Vanrit : squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW kawbsdank : GRREEK IS A FUCKING FAT LEECH itseamonn : eating pussy is not gay Wingsonmeth : EATING PUSSY IN 2017 haHAA RC_2 : DO A CLEANING STREAM Xmikehawk25X : 60 IQ BTW FlufferNutterzz : GREEK LEECHING ALL YOUR VIEWERS Mischief8 : SquadG pprts1 : @MitchJones luv you ape ! apegang! TheEGGUS : Ape ruins david stream Vanrit : squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW squadW wonkd : jesust 12btw_ : All gay in 2017 monkaS Phenobarbie : Cleaning Stream JUICE12477 : HOWS YOUR CLINICAL DEPRESSION DOIN MITCH koolaidkat_ : LUL nitehawk1401 : Ape is leech and doesn’t like pussy NurseBryan : @MitchJones YEESS they are back! Pibelz : LUL Relum : POSER Ashlikesnows : Poser LUL Extreme3309 : PogChamp Warsman1st : !uptime Sh0ttzz : Dope board koollozer : unused.

ㅜㅁㅜ : SeemsGood Chase3k : BAKER PogChamp ReynadSalt4Head : skating in 2017 EleGiggle koolaidkat_ : LUL LUL gingkogongko : @GreekGodX ΣΤΡΕΑΜ ΙΝ ΓKΡΕΕΚ WHEN????? Kappa Kappa TriHard 7 JUICE12477 : ONLY CARRIES IT koolaidkat_ : POGGERS SprangBrake : jon benrthal looking ass Alxxy : tip1 r_darko : POGGERS Bern_92 : Cleaner than the house OMEGALUL admiralackbar2 : BILLY ColdWheels : Jebaited Extreme3309 : THATS A TRE FLIP IDIOT Noreplyyy : chilly mcbilly anonymous_nobody_ : OMEGALUL benny_sfc : tip1 tip1 tip1 tip1 tip1 tip1 Digital_donger : billy HeyGuys Quantumpeanut : forsenSS forsenSS forsenSS forsenSS ColdWheels : LUL Plaidsox : Tre flip poggers admiralackbar2 : P O S E R pervpierogi : Thats a tre not a kick flip anonymous_nobody_ : WASHED UP OMEGALUL Acolina87 : MITCH JONES YO bannoobz3 : TriHard TriHard TriHard HA7EFUL : THATS A TREFLIP CUNT electro55555 : BALD Sebastiuon : nice kickflip Blake1 : same clothes LUL WhackASmack1 : WASHED UP WhackASmack1 : LET IT GET Arroless : Type 1 if you like dicks in your ass Masterphuck : tip banned LuL gvbuy : have to stay sideways to land that Wilskaa : 1 Zordack : monkaS Nine_Eleven : @greekgodx LEECH OUT OF CONTENT AS ALWAYS.

.. . thosewhofears : leAKED Jodmeister : HURRICANE FeelsAmazingMan Katzinz : opinions on reckful right now? Norrik : monkaS YumOnCatGirls : @Sebastiuon its a tre flip SnowyHoliday : WutFace MuggyB : wooo anonymous_nobody_ : ))))))) monkaS (((((((((( wKRY : monkaS hlyhlyhlyhly : F Digital_donger : leaked NotLikeThis koolaidkat_ : monkaS WelchGod : WutFace colddayinhell : KKona PatheticAnaesthetic : monkaS AngelaMarie : LEAKED LeiYingLo7 : Link me nudes chat kookevk : LEAKED aaAHHAAA : squadS koolaidkat_ : LEAKED LOCATION LUL kookevk : LEAKED OMEGALUL drfr0g : monkaS Fuque : LEAKED zoldren : monkkas Pagen : LEFT APE marcelhearne : greek is leeching ur viewers Colecrow : PogChamp We go sppe fast DiabetesType2 : @MitchJones CATCH IT WITH YOUR RIGHT FOOT MITCH NotLikeTHis ffazerr : Nine_Eleven can u stfu Kodaly : PogChamp bzindatrap : horse? 12btw_ : Yeeeaaahhhhhhhhhh ChickenDonger : see you tomorrow LUL TENMINUTEDAYS : yes admiralackbar2 : YES Latepoppins : FASTER jacobjones123 : we hear ur board koolaidkat_ : LEAKED LUL LUL xMaXaM : WHAT???? BlackMoes : wow content Notincognit : Yeah we do charley4k : Leakedddd admiralackbar2 : LUL Miskowsas : del curto texas LUL del curto texas LUL del curto texas LUL kashoun : 25 year old man still thinks he is a 17 years old skater boy Falqon0ne : PogChamp NicodemiusX : KKona burninoo : LEAKED d3adscene : KKona Sebastiuon : @YumOnCatGirls it’s a smith grind Relum : OMW mininukex : Dumb bitch Fuque : ITS PISS NOT BEER thosewhofears : im only 19 wonkd : out of breath LUL WhackASmack1 : LUL LUL LUL LUL d4rkr0xX0r : OMW SoaringBear : PISS BOTTLE LUL ChickenDonger : haHAA Jacques_Ellul : great neightborhood YumOnCatGirls : @Sebastiuon are you high Notincognit : PedoBear godelizer : beer btw Nskav : @anotherduck hi JakeIsKappaPride : SK8TR BOI BTW FreZzeey1717 : Hahaha LUL Knightrain : gonna get kicked out Sebastiuon : @YumOnCatGirls yes kaykona_ : KKona Clap thanks brother masterOFdoomies : kkk WhackASmack1 : 2k Viewer Jones TriHard Latepoppins : sodaC OMW Megasizer : rat fink Pibelz : LMAO JayTheRunner : PogChamp content? Megasizer : rat fink rat fink Miskowsas : ON MY WAY TriHard AramGoesHam : mitch1 mitch2 mininukex : Dying streamer Daisley : oatsSup oatsSup oatsSup masterOFdoomies : lul mitch ur mean EarlyGreyHS : LuL YumOnCatGirls : @Sebastiuon same lol XXCOMPAQXX : FUNgineer PLEAD : Daisley 🙂 Im_a_mod_in_other_channel : DO IR Lovektulu : VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea charologyxd : I WOULD POGGERS 15yo_Toxic_Kid_i_Like_KFC : PogChamp IlIlIlIlIlIlIllIlIl : ResidentSleeper kuckanevernaa : PLAY WOW FeelsGoodMan Permafade : Mitch is a YI AND YAS MAIN LUL Trash Cha1R : YES LEAGUE nawaf_asiri : BAD AT EVREY GAME LUL Confusedhawk : YIKES LUL mumbl3r : BETTER THAN THIS DHIT OF A DOWNER STREAM censored_ : ZzzzzzzzZzz jake_gyllenballs : VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea cooltump : VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea markusfh : @MitchJones PLAY LEAGUE :rage: Play the rat :gun: :rat: jake_gyllenballs : VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea 15yo_Toxic_Kid_i_Like_KFC : greekL greekL greekL greekL greekL greekL greekL greekL greekL greekL Davittus : yes Themessias1001 : KEEP STREAMING TILL HOME jake_gyllenballs : VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea Vaiizer : KappaPride Wattsun_Stars : TriHard DRIVE BY TriHard enigma33c : people that can and people thant cant he a cant MriRex : ????????? 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COM/TRAINWRECKSTV livedthewarrior : BECAUSE THEY ARE NOBODYS xirawrmypantsx : YES YES YES YES TriHard TriHard Email_address : oooooo shut the fuck uppppppppppppppp SpoopyJo : gmfiq : BROKEN RECORD JONES Zarethro : YES jinjer1 : HEEEEEEERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Xannie : emos haHAA DEPRESSED haHAA ChazzDex : TRUTH Pixisoup : FORK YOU MITCH IM GONNA KEW YOU BITCH !!!! womaak32 : 200 IQ blaesterino : ROUND NUMBER 894324324 charologyxd : TRUE – ISH greekHA Jaiven10 : LuL satarath : like jinjer1 : FINALLY zim266 : it is what it isss Vaiizer : PunOko R_W_B : that emo song got to him lol rocket_maniac : don’t assume pronouns HotPokket blaesterino : Listen listen anti_t : 200IQ AlcoholicBirds : Round 1 stanlasting : ARIGHT Lichtmaster : its cuz greek gets double the views ChazzDex : VICTIM JONES OMEGALUL Krazymensc : at the end of the dead xirawrmypantsx : YES HassanChop YES HassanChop YES HassanChop YES Lichtmaster : and hes right to have these feels lugal3211 : ScaredyCat BK207 : HE???? HotPokket HotPokket HotPokket HotPokket Xannie : Iq fukd Scootdanoot : hurt peoplehurt other people Im_a_mod_in_other_channel : @mitchjones play league with destiny tyeknee_ : BOO FUCKING HOO brdasmontanhas : AMARIGHT AMARIGHT AMARIGHT Tasman1anDevil : PLAY LEAGUE PogChamp BlackMoes : stop being a pussy omg いただきます : ma bad VeganPow : m1r4 made you wwy you are AceLight57 : https://clips. opcrysallday : EMO JONES LUL koozer19 : You overthink everything いただきます : oh shit oh shit PogChamp opcrysallday : EMO JONES NEW SPAM LUL kilos__ : cmonBruh DravenofTheLeague : PunOko BAKA!!! PunOko p4wzeh : TRUE いただきます : TRUE zgag : My Bad cloud1562 : TriHard SAY IT Pisquared : my b janitory : REAL jinjer1 : HERE WE GO 🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭 baygullsgg : SAY IT TriHard BigOleJig : THEY LEFT THE DOOR OPEN AGAIN OMEGALUL sferg11 : MY BAD BTW いただきます : TRUEEEE zgag : My bad in 2017 lcabbage : TriHard Kery_Smells : @MitchJones what happened? Krazymensc : ma bad dude Blunter6 : SAY IT TriHard 형사 : TRU zuglydaniel : SAY IT TriHard opcrysallday : TRUE LUL Arkend101 : TriHard JUST SAY IT Tatsuchew : FeelsBadMan TriHard_From_KFC : SAY WHAT cmonBruh r_darko : CLOAK WINNING PogChamp gdawg16 : “ur right, my bad” LUL Wwecexus : vToffee : ResidentSleeper iHarbinger : who’s kraig? IsT1122 : POGGERS Mazerick : @TotoFeo A guy who is stalking Mitch, trying to get with Mitch feartoosneaky : PogChamp ilikerosees : PogChamp Davittus : POGGERS chickenFPS : Call hin lol DarcyTheKid : PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Seahiga : cmonBruh Jaiven10 : PogChamp Rapidsnap_ : ????????? ChunkyGerbil : PogChamp Tyreez : HYPERBRUH eNastyyy : FUCK CRAIG VirtuousMonkey : LUL xTommy69ERx : I WHATE IT 😀 Rek_Sai_Only : TriHard ? xteroidisedgy : WHITE? cmonBruh eNastyyy : I HATE HIM NextTimeSweetie : KKona tyler1Q koozer19 : chill craig doebob321 : monkaS aaAHHAAA : mitchS kfc_manager_takisha : greek subs LUL R_W_B : monkaS shabbarinks : ENHANCE reydedark : holy shit TheeWunderwaffe : bei kdub2190 : THATS PATHETIC HE NEEDS TO FUCK OFF MobbLiviN : ICE WAITING ROOM ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper mikeypayne : monkaS DiveBurien_ : monkaS zack12359 : monkaS Nadrii : monkaS actual creep Azpilicueta : monkaS xirawrmypantsx : PLAY ICE CUBE TriHard TriHard mindGrime : Enhance demtrollzZ : monkaS SantaHat SoSnowy Megasizer : ENHANCE TrainTrackzTv : CHEATING ON RAT WITH APE Nabz_1998 : LUL PpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpPpOpO : monkaS gdawg16 : monkaMEGA crackbaby714 : LUL matchclock5 : LUL AW Teexl23 : OMEGALUL Raihnbow : haHAA koollozer : eat chicken janitory : LUL lolerdagood : WaitWhat SlumpGhost : LUL NiegrFiegr : OUR GUY OMEGALUL kilos__ : LOL ZraderX : LUL Novath_Cx : HARPY LUL HonestNr1 : KRAIG THE TRUE O opcrysallday : HARPY LUL Pixisoup : GGX marshallbg : HERPEE LUL rchordsi : LUL opcrysallday : HARPY NEW NAME LUL SlumpGhost : HARPY LUL koozer19 : Harpy Xsin0va : HARPY LUL charologyxd : LEAUGE POGGERS NeedNOS : SlyJeremy koollozer : garajj charologyxd : LEAGUE POGGERS PogChamp RosezJ :

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