Infinite Free Power & Influence (Inquisition XP) Cheat: Dragon Age: Inquisition Exploit – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

hey folks this is Rhykker, but today you can call me nikola Tesla because I’m about to show you how to get unlimited free power in Dragon Age inquisition as well as quickly max out your inquisition level and unlock the maximum number of inquisition perks that you’re allowed to have this is all done three very simple trick that I first showcased in this video here on how to unlock three sky hold customizations in order to get the free power and the free perks you have to have progress through the game enough to have gone a specific merchant in Skyport and you can see this merchant here his location on the map and exactly where he is from there it’s a simple matter of trading with them bind any of those items in the other tabs and then very important with out closing the trade window clicking cell and selling the item back as long as you do not close the trade window you can sell back at full price while still gaining the benefit of having purchased the item as you can see after selling back when you exit the window you still get the Inquisition XP and you still get the power the amount of XP in power you 1 lakh will depend on what you buy but just have added since these are costing you anything that wraps up this guide thanks for watching leave a comment letting me know how you spend your acquisition burke’s check out these other video guides and until next time don’t forget to LIKE comment and subscribed.

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how to unlock LENOVO VIBE P1M p1ma40 hard reset unlock pattern lock format p1 restarting hanging – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

if you have lenovo vibe p1m then your are at right place today i am going to show you how to hard reset and recover forgot password in lenovo vibe p1m how to hard reset and solve password recovery problem in lenovo vibe p1m my phone is hanging it is now hanging at logo AND WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO SOLVE HANGING ISSUE IN LENOVO VIBE P1M solve this problem in your phone can solve MANY problem in the phone such as HANG ISSUE ,VIRUS ,FORGOT PASSWORD AND ALL yeTHIS CAN REMOVE AND RESET YOUR PHONE LOCK ON phone if you follow this process for unlocking this will delete ALL USER DATA SO please BACK UP BEFORE YOU PERFORM back up your phone before performing this ALSO SOLVE NETWORK ISSUE HARD RESET VIBE P1M that’s part of what issue and HARD RESET you are interested stay tuned HERE WE ALL READY TO ELIMINATE PROBLEM ON YOUR PHONE PRESING volume up and down AND power but YOU CAN POWER OFF NORMALY NOW IN SWITCH OFF CONDITION YOU HAVE TO PRESS VOLUME DOWN AND POWER BUTTON you have to press volume down AND power button for 10 seconds to boot in recovery MODE down then moved into a list like this now heRE you had to sELECT RECOVERY MODE BY SELECTING WITH VOLUME DOWN AND CONFORM WITH VOLUME UP up button selected first option recovery mode and your phone will reboot to recovery mode it is recovering more than this is very important in part of my video so please wATCH this PART VERY carefully now you have to scroll down with one down to wipe data factory reset but this time here to select the power WIPE DATA FACTORY RESET SELECTION WITH POWER BUTTON is used for SCROLLING up and VOLUME down is used for SCROLLING down this will clean your phone AND this will also clean your data so please back up your data before performing this and promoting RECOVER PASSORD cache partition and select with AND CONFORM WITH POWER BUTTON reboot my phone first option now SEE HOW TO HARD RESET AGAIN boOT YOUR PHONE TO RECOVERY MODE BY PRESSING VOLUME DOWN down AND POWER BUTTON FOR 10 SECONDS RECOVERY MODE BY VOLUME UP BUTTON WIPE DATA factory reset and confirm with power button wipe data factory reset selected wipe data factory reset cache partition on lenovo vipe p1mselect now like partition and come from the power button then we had selected boot my point and your phone will start to normal mode so this will take time so please be patient can take a few minutes I’m going toskip my video till it starts so so please be patient because it will take a few minutes to start here it is it is started and press Next skip text skip anyway next next next and so on skip next ttill will be to your home screen has done what are you waiting for and please subscribe to my channel for more updates video for Lenovo tricks and solutions vibe p1m free subscription for the channels is free so subscribe.

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How to Install TWRP Recovery on Huawei GR3 2017 EMUI 5.0 | TWRP for Huawei GR3 2017 – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

hey what’s up guys this is mizan welcome back to my another video in this video I’m going to show you how to install custom TWRP recovery on your Huawei GR3 2017 device that has run EMUI 5.0 and it’s Android version is Nougat 7.0 so let’s get started our work so at first you need to download these files I put these files down the link in my video description just to go to this link and download all of these files after that just extract this adb setup using 7-zip or WinRAR and just set up these files so I have already set up these adb files so just follow this instruction here and after that extract this adb fastboot tools and make sure you have install your HiSuit here it is so after all just copy this file into this folder or move this file into this ata fastboot tools then double click on ADB exe then rename this file to TWRP so now we have done here so before we are going to the flash process make sure you have unlock your bootloader and make sure you have enable USB debugging by going to developer settings so if you don’t have the developer settings just go to settings and go to about phone and heat the build number more than seven times so you got that developer options so after that just press back and go to developer options and just enable USB debugging so after all just connect your phone through the USB cable so first time it will ask this one allow access to device data just press yes allow access so when you enable USB debugging and connect your device through the USB cable it will ask a ll permission so just allow this one so after that we have done here now just piss shift right click on this mouse and click open command window here and you can see a black window is come up so now we are going to take our devices attached or not just type a command adb devices and hit enter so it will take some times so if you just show this your device serial number here so you have a ready to flash it so if you don’t show this serial number at this stage make sure you have installed your proper driver also this ADB drivers and enable USB debugging so now we have ready to flash it so just type another command adb reboot bootloader and hit enter so your device go into that download mode now you can see my devices go to the fastboot and rescue mode mode so now we need to check again to the fastboot is work or not just type a commands fastboot devices and hit enter so you can see again it will show the serial number so it means the fastboot is now work properly so now we need to type another command to flash this custom TWRP just type a command adb sorry fastboot flash recovery twrp.

img and hit enter so it will take almost 1.2 second and flash that custom TWRP recovery so now we have done here so just type another power and fastboot reboot and your device go into the system so now you can see my device is reboot to the system normally so now we are going to check all recovery it is work properly or not so just type a command adb reboot recovery and hit enter so it will take some times and your device boot into the recording mode automatically or you can just use this method manually just shut down your phone and press the power button and volume up button and hold it that key for 15 seconds 10 to 15 seconds so it will go into the team win recovery project so some time it will not work so that’s why i am not use this method I am like to using these comments to go to the recovery mode so you can see my TWRP is work fine so first time it will ask if permission so just swipe it to confirm it so so that’s it for today hope you enjoying this video if you feel this video is helpful for you give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe my channel see you on the next video take care bye bye.

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Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Oasis: Which Is Better? – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hey, everyone. Stefan here from project In this video, I’m going to do a comparison of the Kindle Paperwhite versus the Kindle Oasis. I’m going to share with you guys the differences, the benefits, why I love them, and which one that I feel is better. Now, If you guys follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, you guys know that I love my Kindle. My Kindle is one of my prized possessions. It’s something that I cannot live without. This device right here, this small little light device has I think over 150 books on it. I can easily download more with a press of a few buttons. The battery lasts such a long time, and there’s so much life -changing value and information in this one little device.

This right here, for me, is worth thousands and thousands of dollars, not only because all the books that are on it are worth thousands, but also the information I could say is worth millions of dollars to me in my lifetime. I love these. I love them a lot better than paperback books. I read paperback for many years, hardcover for years. I had the same fear and worry that a lot of people have, making the transition to Kindle, which is often times people say they love the feel of paperback and things like that. Man, when I got a Kindle, it was like I easily did away with that. I love it. I can never go back. Just the fact that it’s so light, it’s easier to read on. I can speed-read with it. I can have hundreds of books here. I could take it with me when I travel.

I don’t have to use up room from my suitcase and whatnot. You can take notes from it. There’s just so many incredible benefits. If you don’t already have a Kindle or something like this, man, this is a life-changing thing right here. That’s the first thing. Paperwhite versus the Oasis. My first Kindle that I got was a Kindle Paperwhite which is right here. This here comes in a case. You can open it up. As you can see, I’ve got my books here on it, my library. You can set up collections in it and everything. The Kindle Paperwhite I liked primarily because there’s no glare on it, and it’s much different than reading from a computer, or an iPad, or whatever it might be, or an iPhone, because when you read from a computer, or an iPad, or something like that, the screen is not really designed for you to read off of.

Often times it’s bad for your eyes and can cause headaches, and it’s much more challenging to read, whereas the Paperwhite is basically set up in a way where it’s like reading from an actual book. It’s really great for the eyes. It’s much easier to read on, and it’s a lot more enjoyable. That’s one primary difference reasons why I like the Paperwhite over the Kindle Fire and other ones out there. Other factors that you look for in a Kindle is the battery life, the storage, the speed can make a difference as well. For example, with the Kindle Paperwhite is a little bit slower than the Kindle Oasis, but the features are very comparable. With that said, the Kindle Oasis, I had the Kindle Paperwhite for many years. It served me great. It’s been awesome. I bought it for family and my friends, and my girlfriend, and everything as well. It’s great, but I recently got the Kindle Oasis. The reason is, it has a few features that make it much better than any other Kindle out there. One is it’s very identical. The features are almost the same, except with the Kindle Oasis the battery life is longer.

In fact, here this case, if I remove this, this case here has a battery on it. This connects by a magnet to the back here and it actually extends the battery life. This, you can go months without charging it. That’s how awesome it is. It’s also smaller and lighter. If you go to feel the difference, this one is super light. I mean, they’re already pretty light, but the Kindle Oasis is like a totally different level. It’s a lot faster too, which does make a difference if you’re scrolling through books, and pages and things like that so that the speed is much faster as well. The resolution though I find is pretty similar. You can adjust the brightness, a lot of different features. The main reason why I got the Kindle Oasis is this feature right here. Right here on the side there’s two buttons, and with this button, I can just hit it and I can easily change the page. I can just press, press, press, easily change the page, whereas traditionally on other Kindles you got to hold with two hands, and you got to press right there to change the page.

Now, the reason why this is a big deal is for speed reading. I like to speed-read certain books, and the Kindle Oasis makes it very easy for you to do that. I can hold it with one hand here, and I can speed-read this book just by going over it just like that. I’m not going to go into speed reading in this video. I might do another video on it, but there’s different strategies like you read every third word, or you read the first sentence and the last sentence of each paragraph and that allows you to consume 80% of what’s on the page. This feature here was well worth the extra money that I spent for this, because now I can consume content much faster and I can speed-read. That’s the main reason why I got the Kindle Oasis. When I discovered this, it was like I bought it just like that. I didn’t even think about it. I was just like, “Man, that feature alone makes it worth it.

” Now, this one is not cheap. I think I paid $200, $300 for it. I forget what it cost. The Paperwhite is still even a bit of money as well, but like I said, it’s a no-brainer because I’ve already got thousands of dollars worth of books already that I purchased through this, that spending an extra 100 or 200 bucks to get a device that I could store everything on and consume it faster. For me, if you’re spending money on books, it’s a no-brainer. That’s why I love the Kindle Oasis. Now, they’re both great. I love them both. I’m probably going to sell this one, to be honest with you, and get rid of it because the Kindle Oasis has pretty much replaced it. I love it, guys. Again, the features, the benefits of it are amazing, especially if you enjoy reading. You want to consume content. Another great benefit too is that Kindle books are cheaper than paperback books. If you’re buying from the Kindle Store, typically they’re around $10, even less, whereas paperback books for the same book can be $20 or even more than that. That’s one reason why I love it as well is that you actually save money long-term owning a Kindle, and that’s just the direction of the way that things are going as well.

I love my Kindle Oasis, guys. Hopefully, that shares with you a little bit the difference. If you guys want to know more, click the link below. It will take you to the Kindle on Amazon, the Oasis, and the Paperwhite. On the Amazon page, you can actually see a comparison. They actually have a comparison of the different eReaders that they have, but so far the Oasis has been the best thing that I’ve had so far. Highly recommend it. Great tool to have. If you still want to read paperback, great, but it’s still definitely worthwhile to have one of these as well. Thank you for watching the video. Hit the like button if you enjoyed it. If you already have a Kindle, leave a comment below. I’d love to know which one you have, how you enjoy it. If you have any books you might recommend, I’d love to hear those as well. Subscribe for more videos, of course.

Again, if you want to check out the Kindles, hit the link below and I’ll see guys again soon. Take care..

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Laser Hair Removal Around the Anus (What You Need to Know!) – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hi guys! This is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa. And here’s another interesting question. And the question goes, can laser hair removal help with anus hair? Of course it can, of course! We can laser the hairs around your anus. And some people ask, why would you want to do laser hair removal around your anus or just remove the hair in generally in the genital area. Well, I tell you what. For hygienic reasons, hygiene. So an I personally you know have my personal beliefs have this and I see things a little bit differently.

So I am all for it not because I am doing laser and you pay me money and I make business out of it. ah ah ah. That’s not the reason. The reason I am all for anal laser hair removal and genital laser hair removal is cleanliness. So yes, God created us, or Darwin created us or monkeys created us once upon a time, all with hair. But those were prehistoric times. Today. Those were different times. We needed hair because we didn’t have clothes. The hair was actually protecting us. If you go to prehistoric primate times, we didn’t have clothes. We were walking around naked. We had to have protection from the sun, and so all kinds of diseases and wolves and crawlers and lips and so we had hair everywhere. But today, we live in a civilization world where we have water we have shower, we have cleanliness, we wear clothes we wear underwear.

So the hair is not necessary on your anus. The hair is not necessary in the genital area, the hair is the pubic hair is not necessary. I think that it looks much better if you remove the pubic hair, if you remove the anal hair. If you remove vaginal hair. If you remove testicle hair. If you remove penis shaft hair. Any hair in that area is wonderful to remove. And be clean. But let’s go back to the anus and I will tell you again, me. Let’s talk humanity. And lets talk reality. Okay. So, for those of you who are seriously listening and seriously asking about the hairs in your anus. Why it is great to remove it. Why if if if nature created the hair, why not to leave it there. I tell you why. And this is reality. You go to the bathroom, you defecate. Number 2.

And then you have to wipe your tush. Well, if you have hairs and coming out from your anus. From around your anus, and going lets say from your genital area, to what your and you wipe yourself. First of all, I must tell you that a lot of people really don’t know how to wipe properly, because for some reason this is not part of an education to educate the children from a very young age how to wipe. But okay, that’s another topic. When you wipe your anus, so you wipe the feces away that is residue. Guess what happens when you wipe your tush, when you wipe your anus, and you wipe trust me. Some residue of the fecal matter that you just wiped away stays on the hairs. So it’s yucky. It’s not hygienic.

It’s not clean. And this bacteria but if you remove all the hair around your genital area and you remove all the hair around your anus. Then, you chances are less. They still will be. But are less. To have fecal matter stuck to the hair because you wipe but some of it got stuck because you have no hair. So you wipe it properly. Me personally if you would ask for bodily hygiene. or and for anal hygiene. I am the biggest believer in the biggest advocate for bidets. But they are particular bidet that are I’m an advocate of to use. That you helps to clean your anus. This water. When you go, you defecate and after you defecate and during defecation you used a particular bidet and that’s another story, but with that you clean yourself properly I assure you when you use this this particular bidet that I am talking about, that one will keep your anus sparkling clean no fecal matter. Nothing there. So the answer is yes, laser hair removal is perfect for anal hair. It should be done, it should be removed.

It, for hygiene reasons, it’s number one that’s the number on thing have that area completely clean. And then I, I don’t go into more details but if I would have to touch on it. Sex. If you are and let’s just be honest with one another. If you have sex, and some people have preferences whether it’s heterosexual or homosexual but some people prefer to have sex via the anus. Well, if if that’s the case for sexual reason also you want to have as little as possible of germs and bacterias going back into any cavity whether it’s your anus or any other part. So, being clean, in your private parts, being clean having no hair, being clean. Is much better than having hair. So there is answer I’m not going to go farther on this subject. I’m just telling you for hygienic reasons, the answer is yes, get rid of anal hair and genital hair and do it with laser hair removal. Much much better and I explained you why. So guys, girls, anybody that listen to this. Thank you for listening.

And until next time, ciao. Adios. Bye! Eva!.

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Huawei P9 home customization / Reduce icon size / Screen loop / Turn off Hi Board – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

This is how it look when you update to Emui V5 or Android7 There are few things I don’t like First they took my theme away And icons are so large now And when I slide all the way the Hi board thing appear Which I don’t use It takes time to close it So… I’ll show you how to fix these First you zoom out on any home display Then you will see this kind of display Go to Setting at bottom right First we want to change “home layout” Now it’s 4×5 Home layout means icon grid Now it’s 4rows by 5 columns This is preset we will change to 5×5 Now you see? Icons have more space Now I have 3 more space here So it can fit 5 in one column 1,2,3,4,5 And can fit 5 in one row OK, that’s one thing Second! close Hi board Do zoom out as before Then go to setting again Here it is, Hi board! which I don’t like If you wish, turn it off here And third thing in suggestion! It’s up to your preference but I like to.

.. Open Home Screen Loop When you turn it ON It will loop your home screen when you keep sliding If you didn’t turn it on, you need to manually slide back Which I think it’s not convenience I don’t see the point why we shouldn’t do it Ok, so that’s it It’s how to customize your home screen after update If you like these information, hit circle to subscribe!.

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How To Upload Custom Screenshots To Steam: 100% Working Method – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

What’s up guys? welcome to my channel! I am Jesse Everything today we are going to learn how to upload custom screenshots to your Steam library step 1 open up Steam and navigate to your library step 2 whichever game you want your screenshot to be associated with find that in your library and open it up step 3 using the F-12 key, we’re going to take a series of dummy screenshots make sure to take at least one dummy screenshot for each number of custom screenshots that you’d like to upload step 4 we’re going to use the screenshot uploader to locate our dummy screenshots on our harddrive if the screenshot uploader isn’t already open when you exit the game find your game in the library, right click its name, and select view screenshots once screenshot uploader is open, click on the button that says show on disk step 5 now it’s time to navigate to your custom screenshot and open it with the program MS Paint once it’s open in the program you want to highlight the entire image and copy it once that’s done you can close MS Paint and head back to the location of your dummy screenshots step 6 open any of the dummy screenshots in MS Paint once you have the image open in the program you’re going to paste using ctrl+v over the dummy screenshot lastly, save the file by hitting file, save, or ctrl + s and then you can now exit MS Paint step 8 the last thing we have to do is to close down Steam if it’s still open and then restart the program navigate back to the screenshot uploader you’ll see a list of screenshots click the files that you’d like to upload to Steam add a caption if you need to, hit upload sit back and you are a custom screenshot master! now I know there’s other ways to do this, I’ve read about a few alternate methods they all seemed alot more complicated and while I really cringe to use the most barbaric form of editing known to the universe which is MS Paint copy and pasting you’ve got to give it one thing, it works and because Steam initiated the file it has all the appropriate meta date and information and all of the other files and the other folders that go along with the screenshot were created simultaneously so all you’ve got to do is make some dummy screenshot for the game that you want go in there, copy paste some other screenshots, save the videos, or save the pictures upload them and then boom! you’re a screenshot hero thanks for watching the video, like comment and subscribe, all that good stuff and I’ll catch you on the next video.

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Lioden: How I Got My Leopon Cub – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

It happened, it finally happened! I bred a leopon baby two days ago. Let’s chat about the method I took to arrive at this point, and my suggestions for you to get here too. The journey to this cub birth was about 4 casual months long. Now, this was a little daunting of a task, so I took my time. Someone who plays Lioden daily for multiple hour sessions could knock this out in a lot less time. At first, I thought I might be able to accomplish this using brute force tactics. I put all my 1-10% fertility lionesses together and kept breeding them. I definitely do not recommend this strategy. Theoretically, a Leopon has a chance of occurring this way. From my trials with this method, that chance is very low.

I did not breed a single mutated cub from any of my lionesses over the last 4 months. My second method was using cotton root bark. Cotton Root Bark is a consumable item a user feeds to a lioness when she is pregnant. The Cotton Root Bark will cause a miscarriage. The lioness will enter heat again after a three day cooldown. When she gets pregnant during that time period, there’s an increased chance of a mutant offspring. Cotton Root Bark is a little expensive. It’s available in the oasis for one gold beetle, the premium currency. That’s about 50 cents in USD. Or you can buy Cotton Root Bark from other players in their branches. You do not have to spend any real world money to get Cotton Root Bark. If you plan ahead, buy strategic event items, and sell things, you can save for this pretty quickly. I ran two Cotton Root Bark trials. Both included one percent fertility mothers and resulted in cubs without mutations. Two is hardly a sound sample size, so I can’t conclude anything from these trials except that they failed. If I had unlimited resources, the ideal situation would be running about a dozen trials.

But I did have limited resources, so I stopped after two trials. My third method was using a GMO cow. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. A GMO cow is an event item available in the month of September. A user does not need to spend real world money to get this item. Someone who saves, plans ahead, or strategically accumulates in-game currency can purchase a GMO cow without spending real world money. However, someone who chooses to purchase the paid currency can spend about $30 real world dollars and buy a GMO cow off user-ran branches. The GMO cow is less tricky than Cotton Root Bark. A user feeds the cow to a lioness, then breeds that lioness for a heightened chance of the offspring having a mutation. I only ran one trial with a GMO cow, and it was a success. Our little lady leoponess is the direct result of a GMO cow.

I’ve verified that a GMO cow is a viable method for breeding a leopon. However, I did not make any attempts with lion meat. Now that I have a Leopon, I think that’s the end of this quest for now. The goal was to breed a Leopon, not multiple. Since I now have one, I’ll be able to breed her and and hopefully her offspring will include more Leopons. She’s definitely going to be the grand empress of my den. That being said, I want your input on naming her. I want to give her a regal name, so here are the names I’m considering: Hatshepsut Asherah Arsinoe Please let me know in the card poll that should be popping up in the upper right-hand corner of this video what you think I should call her. Since the GMO Cow was the lucky item that I attribute the little leopon’s mutation to, I decided the best possible raffle our clan could host next seven days should be for a GMO Cow. I recommend use of the cow with a low fertility lioness, considering that’s what I did. Tickets are a complete steal at 250 silver beetles.

Even I’m buying tickets for this raffle because that’s a complete steal. The arrival of the little Leopon is far from the only exciting thing that’s happened on Lioden since our last video. My last video was about Lioden Game Interface design. This is the second major feedback video I’ve made about a game. Before this was my feedback on another game. The owner put my design to work almost exactly as I designed. The owner acknowledged in private messages to me that this advancement was a direct result of my suggestion. However, then the development on that feature completely ceased instead of continuing after the community tested the feature. Also, I wasn’t publicly credited with the design of this feature. While this was incredibly flattering, it makes me apprehensive to suggest changes for other games. That’s why my Lioden suggested video didn’t include that many detailed mock-ups. I didn’t want to offer easy solutions. If the team I’m providing unsolicited feedback to enjoys the content and suggestion, I want them to work through the solution themself. That way I’m not doing extra free work, and they get to fully own what they produce.

Plus, they understand their long term goals and know how the ecosystem of their code functions. Lioden’s team put one of my suggestions to work. I can’t take full responsibility for this because I have no verification that that’s what happened and it doesn’t copy any mock-ups I made. And that’s exactly how I would want this kind of feedback to work. This could so easily sound like I’m trying to take credit for something I had no stake in, and sure, take it that way if you want. But here are the facts: On November 3rd, I released my video stating that I’d, quote, “really enjoy it if I could pick a lionesses’ art to be a cave’s thumbnail picture.” On December 2nd, Lioden released a news post stating: “Your cave can now showcase a featured lion on its page! It will take the base image of the lion (without decors) and place it on the cave background that is on display in your caves.” This could be an elaborate coincidence, but I don’t think it is. As soon as I saw this update, I totally freaked out.

I love the execution and think that the developers did a great job contextualizing this feature for the game ecosystem. The way they did this makes a lot of sense. For future suggestions, I may go about it the old fashioned way and post on the forums. Anyways, I’m excited to see the optimizations and improvements the team makes during or after the overall general site recode. It’s easy for users to overlook how much coding and recoding a team needs to do in order to ensure efficiency. Legacy code can be annoying to work with and time consuming to replace. The next time we talk about Lioden, it will probably be about my next stat replacer, Hookey Bedell, rosette marking breeding, or a breeding challenge. Let me know in the comments what you wanna hear about if you have a strong preference. Definitely do not forget to enter the raffle while you can. Subscribe to this channel if you love Lioden and want to hear more about it.

Support me on Patreon if you believe in me. Leave a thumbs up if you found this entertaining or helpful. Thanks!.

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How To Download Wistia Video Without The Embed Code – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

In this video I am going to show you how to download Wistia without the embedded code. So there is no embedded code in the source code of the page. I am going to show you how you can download Wistia video anyway. So this will work for most pages. So what I showed you in my previous video on How To Download Wistia Video In Under A Minute is if you go to a page that has a Wistia video like this page here. You go ahead and view the source and you find this iframe source which is the embed code and you can go ahead and view that. And then by viewing the source of this page you can download the file. But I did get a comment from M who said that this does not work because there is no source link in the codes. So what she means by this is there is no iframe source with the iframe code in there.

So what do we do and how do we download it? That is what I am going to show you. So let us go ahead and go to the page that M is talking about. And here we go. It is a video on something to do with hypnosis training. And if we go ahead and view the source of this, we will just go up into the title bar and type view-source with the colon. We will then see the source code for this. Now, if I go ahead and look for Wistia we can see that there is this JavaScript file. But that is just about it, 1 to 5, they are all in there. That is the entire Wistia thing in there and so it is not giving us the correct video and so that is just not going to work for us. If we go to this JavaScript file then that is not going to help us either because it is just a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo. So now let me show you how to download the video without the embedded code. Again I am using Google Chrome, okay? So what we want to do in this file, we want to go up to search and we want to type in a-sync, okay? And we can see a-sync_ and this mumbo-jumbo under here.

This is your video code. So we want to make a note of that and basically we want to go to this page faster at and then we are going to put our video code in at the end. So if I go ahead and go to that page that is actually the LeadPages video, not the one that I want. But what I am going to do is go back to the hypnosis page and where we have our video ID here, we will go ahead and copy that. Now up in the URL, we are going to replace the video ID of the LeadPages page with our new video ID. Go ahead and click enter. Now this says that this video is not authorized to be embedded here but do not worry the game is not over. What we are going to do now is go to and we are going to go ahead and copy this We are going to go ahead and paste that into ClipConverter and click continue. You can also convert it into different formats; let us say I want to convert it into mp4. That is fine. And we can see here that our video has now come up.

We can download a whole different variety. We can download the original one or we can download smaller versions as well. Let us just download the smallest version so I can go ahead and prove that this works to you. It is now converting that into an mp4. The conversion is done and we can go ahead and download that. The download is now starting.The download is now complete and I can go ahead and play that file. [file playing] And that is how you download Wistia video without the embedded code. Do not forget to give this video a thumbs up so more people can find this video. I really appreciate it. And you can find more tutorials and lessons teaching you how to do a whole bunch of different things. Just go over to my website at

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UNLOCK iPHONE WITHOUT THE PASSCODE (Life Hacks) – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Alright, guys. I heard from a lot of people Youtube had an update and basically, if you like a video, there will be a ding sound, so go ahead and test it out. I don’t know if it works or not, I’m going to try it out too, but basically it just makes a ding sound when you like a video. It is really quiet, so look out for it. Hopefully you guys do go ahead and enjoy this video. What is going on guys! My name is Serum or Lucas Today, what we’re going to be doing is showing you guys how to hack into or get into any iPhone without the passcode and I’m going to be showing you guys a couple ways here. Both of them are super easy Overall, it’s super cool to do You can prank your friends or just find anybody you want If you suspect someone’s cheating on you, go into that phone, unlock it like this, go ahead and see who she’s going with and give them the hands, you know Go up a new web, start the nae nae.

.. *choral nae nae* Now we are so close to three hundred thousand subscribers, and if you guys are brand new to my channel, it’d really mean a ton for you to go and subscribe. If you do that, I’ll forever appreciate you. We’re just 10K off so I would love you guys… There are a lot of other tutorials out there that are so much harder, you have to have like two phones, you have to go through a lot of stuff to go ahead and do it… and it just takes a really long time, and you have to go rewatch the video to remember how to do it. This one’s super easy Literally the shortest way to do this And I’ll get into that a little bit later But let’s go ahead and hop into the tutorial I don’t wanna waste any more of your time Basically, all you need is an iPhone I mean, that’s really all you need..

. I don’t know why you’d wanna go into your own iPhone… Now quickly let’s explain how this actually works. With Siri, you can bypass a lot of things on an iPhone and all you have to do is set up a reminder. Now, this reminder really is key What you wanna set a reminder for, it really doesn’t matter wake up at like 8pm or like, put chicken nuggets in the microwave, put that in your reminders that’s what we’re going to tell her to do today And then once we actually get there there’s a way to get in I was genuinely surprised when it worked for me like I had no clue it was actually going to work for me now it’s actually so easy it seems fake so I’m not gonna cut the video at all when I demonstrate this and this is gonna be no cuts right here and then I’m just gonna demonstrate it two times in a row right after, so you guys know it’s not fake so let’s go ahead and do it so what you wanna do: activate Siri “remind me” so just say that *siri talking* OK, just tell me what you want to be reminded about *siri talking* “put chicken nuggets in microwave” so what you wanna do hold on, let me get this focused I didn’t want Siri to hear me or anything.

.. cus it messes it up but, the reminder will come up here now, basically, you wanna click on it and then it’ll come up to a reminders page I’ve tried this a couple of times before and it works, literally, everytime so, all you do, is click the home button and bam, you’re in it, right there. So, basically just to show you I do have the lock on it… So I can’t get in Let’s go over the steps again Just go to Siri, then click “remind me” go say whatever you want… wake me up, put chicken nuggets in microwave… and then go ahead and click on that! Alright, if that didn’t work for you, you guys are on the newer iOS or just any updated phone… That was actually the last iOS, I found another way to do it. Okay guys. You can see I have the iPhone here, and basically just I changed the camera angle ‘cus it’s a lot easier this way for you guys to see and all that So what we’re going to do is actually activate Siri and then when we activate Siri, We’re just going to say to play a certain game and then we’ll go from there.

.. I’ll just show you guys, I still have the passcode on and I’m not going to cut the video so I do have the passcode there and then obviously to get in you just type the passcode…lol but, what you wanna actually do to get in without typing in the passcode…that’s why you’re here This is the new iOS So just follow along with what I do “play flight” *Siri talking* Okay, I don’t want Siri hearing me talking and all that because it messes it up but let me get a good angle on this and focus it here Okay, there we go Jesus dude, that’s so annoying.. ok.. *hjusdfjsjklhsid* Okay, this is pissing me off You won’t be talking for this, so… it’d be a lot easier for you But basically, click on, go to Search iTunes Store it’s gonna take you to the iTunes store and, ok…

just wait for it, it does take a while, it’s a little bit glitchy but you just wanna wait till it loads up, so we’ll just wait till it loads up now basically you’re in the iTunes store and it searched up whatever games you look for and all you wanna do is press the home button real quick and bam, you’re in the iPhone and you can really go to any app, just make sure it actually works through an app Now, Bike Race I went to it, but see if it actually loads up here yep, so it loads up You’re in the phone, you can go to anything And once again, this isn’t the new iOS update as you can see here and I do have the lock on it, so all those did work it’s a little bit annoying when you try to talk and do a commentary and Siri hears you but that’s pretty much how you do it go to Siri, and then say play any game and then it’ll take you to the iTunes store and then, pretty much just click on the iTunes store it’ll take you there wait till it loads up and click the home button and you should be able to get in Now that’s the easiest way to actually bypass a code on the iPhone there are other ways like I mentioned at the beginning of the video that are really, really a lot harder they take a lot more time, you have to have two phones So if you want me to bring out the more detailed tutorial that literally works everytime for everybody like no questions asked I can bring that to you, all you have to to, just let me know by leaving a like on this video or commenting bring the longer tutorial This one I just thought I’d bring for the first video because it’s really simple really easy but yeah guys Thank you for watching this video If you guys are brand new to my channel make sure to go and subscribe.

.. so close to 300 thousand subscribers drop a like on the video I’ll catch you guys in the next one have a great day and, peace out. If you enjoyed this video by Serum, Make sure to drop a like. Serum is such a talented, good looking young man so he will make you want to visit his channel… everyday! If you like all of his daily Call of Duty videos, then you will become a CoD god, just like Serum is! It is rumored that Lucas has hit countless sixons So, if you’re new to Serum’s channel, make sure to subscribe. Hashtag, Lucas for life!.

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