BUSINESS को ORGANIZE करने का तरीका | KANBAN to Increase Your Productivity | Hindi – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual indies and today we gonna to talk about “Kan Ban” Basically it can help improvement in your production process. this is the third part in this series here you can apply kaan bun in your life too any work may be in services,production so apply this in your production and increase it as fast as bee So how Kanban works lets try to understand this concept was invented by Japanese company Introduced by toyota in 1950s KanBan means a simple notice board like in our school here we gonna to make four list,firstly “backlog” means the work not done previously comes under this next one is “todo list” means we have to distribute tasks among team next one is “process” means the work in progress comes under process well this is process list and the last one is completed lets take an example to understand better suppose I have a digital marketing company and if a client comes to me for SEO so for example I would say I will be writing 5 blogs today.

So what I do is I listed 5 blogging tropics in todo list and that 5 blog I assigned to my 5 team member. So here their work is to change the process means if A is writing a blog on a topic then he took the work form todo list to process list means he is working on that project well that is Process and if he completes than it comes to complete list. so as a bird eye view I would go and ask the teams how the working going on? so in this asking process we will to time as also their productivity may decline.But here in Kaan Bun listing way my work will run in a organise way and I had a full control in my team mates suppose in writing a blog takes 3 hours and I assigned 5 team for that but only 3 of them did it and the next 2 are still in process means they are facing some problem,So I can ask them what problem are you facing suppose the next day same 5 todo list ads up and the same 5 team member has got it and the 2 member hasn’t completed the previous one so the 2 member work will also have to complete backlogs means you have to complete previous work and current one too.

ideally I can check every 1 month or 1 week or 15 days and lastly I will review who is working properly and not that’s it this is the easiest way to optimize our work and increase our production process. most of the time I got comment how I manage my 3 business and optimize it which process and all that so I use this KanBan process in my process. I had already prepared my all the listing and has assigned the work among my team I just had to monitor them and if someone finds difficulty then I just had to guide them If you distribute all your work and use Kaan Bum principal than it become easier way to monitor your team mates. suppose if you had a very big company and you don’t use Kaan Bun principal,then it would be vary difficult to manage each and every micro detail suppose you have an hirarcy,you are at the top under you have three,below three are hundered and below that 100 more 100 people are there so what they are doing is the 100 employee reporting to one and that above one-one 100 employee reporting to above one,so basically its a loot going on and by this I will get a final report and I could identify where is the problem going on. so that I can work on that problem as simple is that here we have to apply more and understand less means I have nothing to explain you.

You just need to apply it. now I had a just simple request from you if you are interested search on google Lapaas and you see my business listed so basically you need to comment and give rating about my video if you are watching my videos on youtube or you like my teaching way,whatever then please give reviews there on my google business area do comment and rate and please give me some input for that hope you will rate me 5,if not then do tell me problems regarding that. so with that our video ends here.Hope you liked the video for any query do ask in the comment section below also do like and subscribe my channel. bye and good night.

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Add Email to Google Calendar – No Extensions – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

If you have an email in Gmail, which is what we’re using right now, you can add it to your Google Calendar. There’s just a couple steps on how to do it. Let’s act like we just got this first email in our inbox. It’s asking us if we want to go to lunch tomorrow and we want to get that into our calendar. You can see the calendar’s pulled up on the right-hand side and I want to put it in here. The first thing that you want to do is you want to open up the email. So I left clicked on it and now you’re only seeing the email that we’re going to work with. Go up to the three dots, which means more, and left click on it. Come down to Create event. This is the option.

It’s a little bit buried, and hard to find, but here it is. That’s going to put it in your calendar and it does it first by bringing up a new window with So this is the Calendar app and a couple of things are going on here. The first thing that you notice is, it took the subject line of the email and made it the title of the event. That might work fine. I’ll just take the question mark off and then it gives it a time that’s close to the time it is right now. So pay attention to that and, if you just save this, it’s going to be at the wrong time because this lunch is going to be tomorrow. So let’s change that and let’s just type 12 p.m. We’ll just change a few other things here to make this email work for you as an event.

It took the body of the email and put it down in the description of the event here. That’s fine, so we’ll leave that. What it also did was added the sender as a meeting participant. You can leave this on here, or you can take it off. But, if you leave it here, it’s going to send an email to this person as an invite. So, they’re going to get an email back that’s an invite to a Google Calendar event. One more thing that’s happening here is, I’m using G-Suite instead of just a regular Google account. So I have the paid version and it gives me the option to find a time. If this person that emailed me was in my organization so if we had the same type of email address, I could see their calendar here and we could pick a mutual time. They don’t happen to be, so that option doesn’t really do anything right now.

But, I wanted to show that to you in case you’re doing this inside of a company that’s using G-Suite. I do have some more information and an affiliate link to G-Suite in the description of this video. If you’re interested in it, and not using it yet, there’s a 20% discount for your first year. You can check that out if you want. One more thing, let’s add a notification right? Because, you might forget that he invited you. So, ten minutes before, because you’re close to the restaurant, your calendar, probably on your phone, is going to remind you. But, at this point, we’re done with this email. So, what we can do is, come up here and save it. It’s saying, do you really want me to email those people? Let’s do it. Go ahead. G-Suite is saying those people are external to your organization are you sure? I said yes. Let’s go to tomorrow and see that this is in our calendar. Google Calendar was being kind of cute and it colored it red because it came from Gmail. Just leave it that way that way, you’ll remember where it came from.

and if I come back to Gmail here, I’m back at the email. I see in the right-hand pane that the event has been added. So now I’m just going to archive this email. I don’t need to have it in my inbox. There is one more thing to keep in mind here that might make this easier. If you want to keep things as simple as possible, you could just snooze this until the time that you want to address it. If you were putting in your calendar because you don’t want to look at it till tomorrow, you can just snooze it until then. Let’s act like we’re doing that right now. It goes out of your email inbox, but it stays in your archive. It’s in here. It’s going to pop back up tomorrow morning so that way you kept your calendar clean. Let’s say that particular email was not an event, it was just a reminder to yourself. Snoozing it is keeping one less app involved, right? So you don’t have to deal with your calendar that way. So, we went over how to take an email, add it to your calendar, and maybe an option that’s even cleaner than adding it to your calendar which is snoozing it until later. If it makes more sense to add that as a task, I have another video on that. A link to it should be up on your screen right now. You can also add it to Google Keep.

So there’s all these options, right? These apps are shown here on the right and there’s different ways to get emails into each one of them and each one of them will treat it a little bit differently. I hope that was helpful. If you liked that, you can subscribe and see a lot more like it. Thanks!.

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How to Sneak Candy in Class! School Pranks and 15 DIY Edible School Supplies! – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Studying and learning is always more fun when you have some yummy treats on hand. But carrying snacks to school can sometimes be super risky. Luckily here are over 15 epic ideas on how to sneak candy in class plus prank your teachers and schoolmates! … is above the waterline. These are formed by snowfall in very cold places, where it will not melt in the summer. The snow builds up and compacts into ice. This is gradually then pulled down by gravity into the sea. Iceberg is a large piece of ice floating in the sea. We have about 90% under the water and then only 10%…

They are especially common during spring because that… what is this noise?! She’s eating candy. No, she’s eating candy! Detention! Both of you! These candy belts are so delicious and I love all the beautiful rainbow colors. Their shape kind of reminds me of a bookmark! To make our candy bookmark even more realistic let’s attach a little tassel to it. Make a hole on one side of the bookmark using a hole puncher. Luckily the consistency of these treats is not too chewy and sticky so it isn’t hard to make a hole at all. Now grab a tassel, thread it through the opening and tie a double knot. I actually made this tassel myself and if you want I can show you how to make it in one of my next videos. Now our candy belt looks exactly like a bookmark and gives us the perfect chance to sneak candy in class and prank our teachers and schoolmates. .

..Is only one star of millions and millions in the galaxy. So it is a star. Mm. This candy bookmark looks so realistic! No one will ever be able to notice that you’re actually sneaking candy in class. Besides that it looks so pretty with those bright colorful stripes. The prettiest and most delicious bookmark out there for sure! If chocolate is more your thing – try sneaking candy melts in a watercolor painting set like this one. Remove the color blocks from the container. Now take some colorful candy melts – these taste exactly like white chocolate which is like my favorite thing ever. Place one candy button inside each circle and you got yourself a super realistic watercolor paint set that is completely edible and delicious! This one is so quick and easy to make plus extremely convenient when you feel like having something sweet during class. No one will suspect that this aren’t the real watercolors, but delightful chocolate treats instead. Other stars may be larger, smaller or fainter than our sun, but they are so very far away that we only see then as the point of light in the night sky. The sun is over 1 million times bigger Sara and Katie are you listening to what I’m saying?! The package of these sweet milky chocolates has almost the same dimensions as a box of colored pencils.

Grab a packet of 24 colored pencils because it’s deeper and take out all the pencils. This will be the perfect box for our milky chocolates ! You can unwrap the chocolates to make them more easily available during class or you can just keep the wrapping paper on. Put them in your colored pencils package – as many as you can possibly fit in! To cover this opening print a picture of colored pencils and cut it out. Place it inside the chocolate box to cover the opening making it possible to sneak chocolates to class. Honey bee’s are very important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. This means that they help other plants grow. And what are honey bee’s more famous for? Delicious honey! How smart right? Delicious chocolates in a colored pencil box are a perfect pick me up treat during class! You can share them with your schoolmates or have them all for yourself. Whatever you do just be careful so you don’t get caught! Edible eraser? Of course and super tasty too! Erasers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Luckily so does gummy candy and marshmallows.

Have a look and try to find the perfect match! This white eraser looks really similar to the foamy candy square – yup I think we got a match! Pull the eraser out of the pink wrapper and push in the white candy square! It fits perfectly! Seems like it’s our lucky day because we have space for one more piece of candy on the other side! Voila our edible eraser looks just like the usual real one! Such a fun idea to sneak a delicious treat to class and a great opportunity to prank your classmates too. Their face expressions when seeing you eat your eraser will be priceless for sure. That’s why it is a perfect treat to sneak in class. Seems like this Nutella sticks snack was made to fit in a pencil holder that’s why it is a perfect treat to sneak in class! Open it up – are you hungry yet? Cause this looks so tasty! Take an empty pencil holder and pop in your chocolaty snack.

Half of the pencil holder is still empty which is perfect as we can put in a bunch of pens and pencils. How amazingly awesome is this idea right? I can’t get over it, it’s so cool! Now you can enjoy your chocolate bread sticks in class without anyone noticing. You have five minutes to solve this equation and remember we’re in school kids so we are here to learn! Kids! All the teacher will see is a usual pencil holder filled with pens. In the meantime you can indulge with your delightful snack in peace. These two seem like a match made in heaven! Literally! Sharing is caring so don’t forget to share some with your friends too. You can use your pencil holder to sneak other treats in class too. If you can’t function without coffee this idea is perfect for you! Place a ready to drink coffee cup in your pencil holder.

We still have some space left which is perfect for all the pens and pencils. Pop them in and your coffee pencil holder is ready! This hack is a life saver especially if you didn’t get much sleep the night before and you need a good energy boost! Just stick in a straw and you’re ready enjoy your sneaky coffee. What is this smell… I need coffee. If you’re not a coffee person you can totally switch it up with with some other drinks like some fruity yogurt. These are so cute but also nutritious and delicious! Place it in your pencil holder full of pencils or pens. Grab a straw pop it in and enjoy. The straw looks like one of the colored pencils in the bunch – perfectly camouflaged. This hack is ideal if you don’t have time for breakfast in the morning. You can still enjoy a nutritious meal in class! We have an equation with one unknown character. So what we’re going to do now, is we’re going to put unknowns on one side of the equation and then we can solve the equation. Have you ever noticed that a package of Oreos has the same shape as a pencil case? Well I have, so let’s transform this Oreo pack in a legit pencil case! Grab some small scissors as they’re easier to work with and make a cut along the entire Oreo packet like this.

Now take a glue gun and apply a few stripes along the top and bottom side of the cut we made earlier. You can use other sort of glue just make sure that it works on plastic and fabric materials. Take a zipper and place it on top while the glue is still soft. Next you want to take a fabric of your choice, I went for this pretty blue with white polka dots. Place it on a flat surface with the front facing down. Put your Oreos on top. Grab some fabric glue or a glue gun and apply a stripe along the top and bottom sides of the zipper. Wrap the fabric around the cookies and stick the ends to the zipper. And do this on the top and bottom side. To make our Oreos look exactly like a pencil case the easiest way is to take two small elastics and tie them on the sides like this! Now it looks like a real candy pencil case which is super accurate as it is filled with sweet and yummy Oreos! Let’s impress our friends with it! For the last 10 minutes of today’s class, you can start reading chapter 9, meanwhile I will correct some tests.

Psst, hey! I am in love with this Oreo pencil case idea because it’s just so unique and creative. You can use it for any kind of cookies that have a similar rounded packaging. Yum yum sitting in class has never tasted better! Class, Silence! It’s my fave! These chocolate eggs were probably my favorite sweets when I was little and play dough pot seems like the perfect container to hide them in. Grab a pot of play dough and take the dough out. All we need to do is to replace it with the Kinder egg. But first let’s wash it because the number one rule is that you can only store food in extra clean containers. Time to take a Kinder egg. I have this packet of three so let’s see what’s inside! Hmm…

Which one would you chose? I’m going for the middle one. You can already unwrap it to make it easier to grab in class, but I’m just keeping it with the wrapper on. Put the lid on and it’s ready to take to school! Whenever the sweet cravings kick in simply reach for your play dough pot and have some yummy chocolate! You can even trick your friends by offering them a pot as well. Too bad that this one does not contain any chocolate. Also don’t forget about the toy! Who would have thought that school can be so much fun. Aaa! Class! These little pringles pots can be easily transformed into legit pencil holders! Basically all you need is some wrapping paper! Wrap it tightly around the pringles pot. Take a piece of tape and secure the wrapping paper in place. Time to open op our pringles! Mm… this looks delicious! To make it look like a real pencil holder let’s pop in some coloring pencils and other pens. That’s what we’re talking abut! We got a totally useful pencil holder filled with crispy pringles! From your teachers perspective this looks like a legit pencil pot, while you can snack on these salty treats without a worry in your mind! What more could we ask for! Why settle for a bit of chips, when you can have loads of it.

Yup let’s transform a big pringles tube in a cool pencil case. Take a larger piece of crafting or wrapping paper and place it on a flat surface. Grab your chips or crisps – whatever you like to call them and wrap the paper around the package. Secure it in place with a bit of tape. To make this pringles pencil case super realistic, print a picture of a zipper which is as long as your pencil case and cut it out. Using a piece of double sided tape or some glue, stick the zipper on the case. How cool is that? It looks so real! Cut two colored circles from some card stock paper and stick one on the bottom of the pringles pencil case. On the other side you want to first open up the package. Nom-nom this looks amazing. Place the other colored circle over the opening and put the lid back on. The pringles pencil case is so realistic and cool I am completely obsessed with it! It seems just like the usual rounded pencil cases but ours is completely packed with delightful salty snacks! Your teacher will never find out what you’re hiding in there.

Just be careful with noise level! What is this noise! We’re in school kids so start behaving accordingly! When you finish up your chips you can fill the pencil case with pop corn or any other favorite snack of yours. The pringles pencil pot works great for cookies too. These ones with jam filling are one of my faves! What!? Pencils are the perfect school supply to store our sneaky gum in class. Pull the eraser from the pencil and grab some gum. I’m using this one which is pink, just like my pencil erasers. Unwrap it and no no you can’t chew it it just yet. We’re going to transform it into edible eraser. Roll the gum into a little worm shape. Sorry this doesn’t sound really appetizing. Push one end into the eraser opening. Time to grab a knife, cut away the excess gum and our gum eraser pencils are all done.

They look exactly the same as the usual eraser pencil. How cool! This makes them perfect to trick our schoolmates. They may try to take bite of their eraser too but sadly not everyone’s erasers are edible. Wow, raining chocolate bars. Which one would you pick? I’m going for these Milky Way rolls. Grab a marker or a pen that is wide enough to fit the chocolate stick inside. Remove the marker tip open up the casing and take out the ink tube out as well. Wash both of those pieces thoroughly under running water. Now take the chocolate pack, unwrap it and grab one chocolate stick. Push the stick inside the pen tube. Take the lid, pop it on and there we have it! A perfectly camouflaged chocolate stick ready to be enjoyed in class. Feel like having something sweet? Just pull the lid of take a bite and you already feel much more energized! Bingo! If gummy candy is what you’re craving, no problem! We have a solution to everything.

Cut a piece of candy rope that is as long as your marker. Push this yumminess inside the marker and put the lid on. Enjoy it in class, at home, or whenever you need a little sweet boost! One thing is for sure – we ain’t getting caught eating candy rope this time! Whipped cream is one of my favorite guilty pleasures and there’s a super cool way to sneak it in class! First you need to wash an empty glue squeeze bottle really, really well! This DIY is super straightforward – all we got to do is to squeeze whipped cream into the glue container. I find the easiest using a piping bag. When your glue bottle is full, screw the lid back on and you’re finished. Hey! Make your friends believe that you can eat glue. I’m sure they’ll be so amazed. Ew! The glue squeeze tube works exactly like a piping bag, pretty amazing right? You can make your cookies look like cupcakes.

So cool! Try drawing a smiling face on your Oreo to make it even more delicious or have some whipped cream straight from the tube. Stop eating glue! Thank you so much for watching the video, don’t forget to subscribe and turn the notifications on. Also don’t forget to check out my second channel, I’ll be posting a super cool food hacks video very soon. Mwah, I love you guys bye!.

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How to Pronounce CH, TR, J, DR – American English Pronunciation Lesson – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

hey it’s Jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question we’re continuing today with r blends which are two sounds two consonant sounds put together and one of them being the R sound often times people will say to me the TR sounds just like a CH and the dr sounds just like a J sorry to tell you that is not true these sounds are distinct and different so let’s go ahead and take a look at these sounds we have CH in chain TR in train J in Jane and D r in drain yes these do sound similar especially the CH and the TR and the J and the D are that they are different and let’s look at how they are different the CH and the J sound are two consonant sounds this is two letters for one sound the CH is two letters only one sound and actually is made up of two sounds said so quickly together that it makes one new sound it’s a T plus an SH t touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth and then pull that tongue into the middle of your mouth for the sh sound ch ch for the J sound again we have a two sound combination the difference between the CH and the J is that your voice is on and in vibrating for the J and the two sound combination is the D and the zh so again you’re going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth then pull it into the middle of your mouth and let that air keep moving for the ZH sound J J so we have CH J chain Jane so you can hear those those sound a little bit softer than the TR and the D R those sound a little stronger because we have that R sound in there that is very voiced and very strong RR RR so again we’re going to start with the t touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth then move to the r again personal preference either people will roll their tongue back or put the tip of the tongue towards the bottom of the mouth and pull the back of the tongue up whichever one works for you the key is is to move quickly their the reason these sounds similar to the CH in so many people is because we’re quickly moving our tongue here and we’re quickly moving our tongue here and as you can see the SH and the R for some people they might be in a similar close position depending on where you make that sound in your mouth but if we listen to those two together they sound completely different chain train so you can get here on that second one that TR that R is prominent there and you can definitely hear it think people are hearing a little bit of that CH because you’re moving from the T to the R for the dr you’re gonna make sure that your voice is on for that d touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth dr dr drain so let’s listen to all those again ch tr j dr chain train Jane drain chain train Jane drain so again think about that R being a little bit stronger in that TR and the DR are combination one last time chain train Jane drain and let’s go backwards drain Jane train chain give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful please give us a like and a share subscribe so you never miss a video and if you have questions visit us at Tarle Speech dot com thanks so much and have a great.

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Why Zilong Shouldn’t Be Used While Solo Ranking! Mobile Legends – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

[intro] >> Ask VeLL: Alright family, we’re back with another Mobile Legends video and before we get into Into the topic I want to let you ll know I’ve added closed captions to this video so you all can follow along using youtubes closed captions if you find it difficult to keep up with fast spoken english. I’ve paid attention to your comments and I want to make my videos more clear and enjoyable for everyone so hopefully this helps. Now, the topic we’ll be going over in this video is, why zilong shouldn’t be used while solo ranking in mobile legends. Zilong used to be one of the staple heroes in Mobile Legends which is why he’s so popular and he used to be one of the best heroes in the game a year ago. What we’ll be talking about is how this year has completely changed how valuable he is and the difference in where we are in the current meta, and why he used to be dominate in the past meta.

Every update changes are made to the meta, some big and others not so big. The biggest change that made zilong a bad pick is when the mages first got their huge buff. That patch shifted everything and gave mages a huge advantage over the other groups. Present day, mages don’t have that insanely huge advantage like before, but they’re still a very dominate force in the game. Currently, assassins and mages bring the most to any team. Zilong used to be great when we were in the marksman meta, because he’s capable of bulling just about anyone in a 1 on 1 situation. So he was powerful because he could pull an adc close and destroy them before they could react. The shift in the meta hurt zilong because now, many of the mages and assassins can kill just as fast as he can but also, we’ve had some new additions that have a lot of crowd control.

There are quit a large number of heroes that can slow and stun now. Back when zilong was in his prime, there were very few heroes with crowd control and among them were freya, alpha, and ruby. Now in mobile legends just about everyone has some form of crowd control. A lot of people still pick zilong because he’s very good a split pushing as well as killing. The problem is, split pushing is something that should be rare, and it’s also something that requires team work and the right team composition. If you have a team full of squishy heroes like, mages and marksman. They can’t survive a 5v4 so split pushing with zilong instantly costs your team the game. Even if you have the right team that can take on 5 people long enough to get a decent split push, that doesn’t mean the people you are matched up with are good enough to play their heroes well and hold off 5 people.

There are so many variables that have to align for zilong to be a good pick that it’s much better not to play him currently. You have to have the right sustainable heroes, you have to have 4 other teammates who are good with their heroes, you have to communicate with the team so they know the strategy you’re trying to do. You have to hope they know that strategy even exists. You cant assume everyone even knows what split pushing is. some people just think you’re running off on your own not helping the team. There are so many things that can go wrong. But also lets switch gears a bit here and talk about team fighting. Let’s say you don’t wanna to split push and you want to use zilong as a team player. That’s when you have to consider what value you want zilong to bring your team and if theres any other hero that can bring more value than he can. Because we’re in the meta where crowd control is king, just about every other hero brings more value in a team fight. It would be unfair to compare zilong to assassins like, lancelot, natalia, and saber, so lets compare him to the fighters.

Who brings more to a team fight, zilong or freya. Zilong can dive and pull. But keep in mind if it’s a team fight and he dives in he might be able to pull one enemy to the team for a free kill, but soon as that happens, everyone will focus him and burst him down. Compared to freya. If freya jumps in the same as zilong, she has multiple stuns that can literally make all 5 enemies useless for a few seconds. Freya gives you the chance to kill 5 people, zilong is only 1. Ruby can also pull the entire team and stun them which gives you the chance to kill 5 people and stun them. Alpha, can dive into 5 people and gives you the chance to kill them. Basically what we’re talking about is a guy who can pull people close 1 by one, and heroes who can jump on all 5 at the same time. It’s not even a comparison really. Lets go to someone like argus, he cant stun 5 people, but he is very valuable as an off tank. He can keep the whole team distracted because he becomes invinsible for a few seconds. In a 1 on 1 situation argus is very easy to kill if you wait for his ultimate to run out, but during a team fight when your whole team jumps in, the enemy team wont have the luxuring of only focusing on argus.

They have to focus on everyone else which leaves argus room to do a lot of damage with no one even realizing how valuable he is to the team fight. My point is, there are so many other heroes that gives your team a better chance of winning that choosing zilong only hurts a team. Zilong cant split push without teamwork, good players, and the right heroes, and he doesn’t bring much to team fights compared to everyone else. Zilong is a hero that shouldn’t be used when you’re solo ranking. You have to put your team first. That’s the only way to have a fair chance at winning. But even though zilong, doesn’t fit in the current meta and he’s not a good pick. I have been thinking of some changes I think that would bring him back into the meta and make him one of the best hereoes for a team again.

If you want me to make a video giving you all my thoughts on how he can be buffed to fit into the meta, let’s get this video to 500 likes and I’ll make another one explaining how zilong can be great again. I hope you found this video helpful and this explained why there is so much hate when zilong is picked in the game. Basically you’re hurting your team when you choose him so it’s kind of understandable why everyone would be mad at you. In the comment section let me know some of the changes you think the Mobile Legends team could make so that zilong can be a good pick once again. What does he need to be great? Lets talk about it down below in the comment section. Thanks for watching family, and I’ll catch yall on the next one. Peace out yo. [outro].

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How to Install Remix OS on Hard drive Dual-Boot Windows and Remix OS – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

*Intro Music Playing* Hey guys, Jay Kapoor here back again with another video and in this video i will show you how to install Remix OS on a hard drive partition. So as you know that Remix OS can only be installed on a pendrive but there is a unofficial way that you can use to install it on your hard drive. So there are many advantages of installing Remix OS on hard drive instead of a pen drive. W/o wasting anymore time let’s jump straight right into the installing instructions.

So first of all go to your start menu and type partition and you will get a option called create and format harddisk partition. So just click on that. Now right click on your D or E drive and click on shrink volume. Now type 16384 in the enter the amount to shrink field and click on shrink. Now after 2 or 3 min, the process will be completed. Now right click on the 16GB unallocated partition and click on new simple volume and click on next, next, next. Now click on format this volume with the following settings. Select the file system as FAT32. Now enter the volume label as Remix OS. Now just click on next and click on finish. It will create a new partition. So once it’s done. Now you have to download 2 files. So you can go to to download these 2 files. We have to download this EASYBCD program and the Remix OS zip. So download it. Now extract the Remix OS zip.

I’m using WinRar, you can use any software. Extract it, open that extracted folder and you will find 3 files. Now we have to extract the disk image file. So just right click on the disk image file. Click on extract to. Now it will create a new folder and extract all the files of this ISO. Now go to that folder, copy all the files and paste it in the Remix OS partition that we created. Now install the EasyBCD program now. Just double click on the exe file and just click on next, next, next it will be installed and just click on finish, it will run EasyBCD. Now in EasyBCD program, click on add new entry. Now click on the ISO button. Now name this Remix OS and click on this button. Now select the ISO file that we extracted from the zip and click on open and in the end click on add entry. A command window will open and it will run some commands.

After it’s done, you will see a message. Successfully created the entry. Once it’s done, just reboot your system and you will see the magic. Now every time you start your computer, you’ll get two options. The 1st one will be your Windows OS, the 2nd one will be the Remix OS. So just click on Remix OS, your PC will reboot once and you will get the option of choosing guest mode or Resident mode. So i strongly-strongly recommend to use resident mode. Because your apps and data will be saved if you use the resident mode and if you choose the guest mode. Your apps and data will be lost after each reboot. So if you want to store data, store some apps. Select resident mode. So that’s it for this video, click the Red Subscribe button for more videos. Click the Like button if you like this video. Share this video with everyone you can and tell them yes it’s now possible to install Remix OS on a hard drive and I’ll see you in the next one..

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Pivot Point in Ship Handling for Safer and More Accurate Ship Maneuvering – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

This video deals with the shift of position of the pivot point while handling ships we will see that existing theory although simple to remember and handy to work with fails to explain a few limit cases I will try to demonstrate that other basic physical principles explain better the movement of the pivot point along the ships axis in various situations it will also promote the idea that evaluating the effect that a sideways force has on the rotation and on the lateral movement of the ship is more practical at all stages of ship handling than strictly dealing with the pivot point let’s start with well-known situations our small-scale model will turn around an open dock when a third of the ship will be clear of the corner the ship will kick ahead on a hard to port wheel as we have all learned the ship clears the dock since the pivot point is about 1/3 from the bow when moving ahead here is another example in the next situation the ship is moving astern since my homemade model was too basic to be fitted with a bow thruster I simply use a string to give an efficient side thrust as necessary the pool is given when a third of the vessel is clear of the dock so far so good the classic pivot point theory does perfectly well now watch our ship going astern and having a very effective Stern kick to port 1/3 of the ship clear the dock kick ouch now going ahead and having a very efficient bow thruster action once again it’s not going as per plan let’s try a different type of efficient underwater thruster where is the pivot point it is lying at about 75% of the ship’s length so one-quarter ship’s length from aft from the last three examples we can see that the classic pivot point theory has its limitations I will try now to introduce a different approach of the pivot point but before we do let me show you the detail of my highly sophisticated homemade bow thruster of course in most of our rivers it would not be very practical when you apply a sight force on a ship anywhere along its length it does not only cause the ship to rotate it also makes it move sideways therefore it cannot be compared to a body with a hole in its axis through which a spindle is passing a ship is not pivoting around the fixed axis let’s start by making a clear distinction between the center of lateral resistance and the apparent pivot point the center of lateral resistance of a vessel is that point where if you apply an effective lateral force no rotation if the vessel has a steady heading will occur acting on this point a lateral force has no arm lever therefore no turning moment it only pushes the vessel sideways a force acting ahead of the center of lateral resistance will rotate the ship in a different direction then the same force acting astern of the center of lateral resistance the lateral resistance can also be called hydraulic lift the position of the center of lateral resistance is function of the center of the underwater surface area the center of gravity and the fields of pressure around the hull the starting point of the center of lateral resistance is the center of underwater surface area which is normally close to the center of gravity of the ship the position of the center of the underwater surface for one ship is mainly affected by the trim a trim by the stern moved the center of lateral resistance point more after a trim by the head moves it more forward we can see that the upper and pivot point of a ship trim by the head with headway is more forward and the upper and pivot point of a ship trimmed by the stern width headway is more aft the field of pressure bow wave and the stern sub pressure under headway shifts the center of lateral resistance towards the area of higher pressure this is mainly due to the positive pressure built around the bow in the forward motion which creates a more resistant surface for the hull to lean on when pushed sideways for practical ship handling purposes it seems that the shift of the center of lateral resistance due to the speed is rarely more than 10% of the ship’s length in the direction of the ship’s movement the apparent pivot point only exists when the ship is rotating the position of the apparent pivot point at a given moment depends on the hull underwater resistance to lateral movement and the efficient lateral forces applied on the vessel in order to estimate the position of the apparent pivot point we must assess how a lateral force will affect the rotation of the vessel the sideways movement of the vessel let’s suppose that you have a bar shaped body at rest in space and you apply a lateral force on it at one end the resulting motion can be decomposed in two parts first a sideways bodily motion secondly a moment of rotation about the center of gravity these two results when combined will cause a change of position of the body after the force has been applied for a period of time we realize that the part of the bar that has not changed position in space pea pivoting point is not located at the center of gravity but some distance of it away from the end on which a force is applied the position of the acting lateral force a lateral force acting away from the center of lateral resistance will for the same angle of rotation push the center of lateral resistance relatively less sideways than a force acting closer to the center of lateral resistance this results in an apparent pivot point further at the opposite end of the vessel the closer to the center of lateral raise Stan’s the force is acting the further away to the opposite end the apparent pivot point will be this can even result in a pivot point outside of the vessel physical limits lateral resistance as we have seen earlier the lift is the resistance of the water to any lateral movement of the vessel the hydraulic lift varies with the shape of the hull a more profiled narrow hull will induce more lift let’s compare two ships with the same length same draft the first having only the third of the beam of the second one after the ships have developed sideways motion it is harder to stop the drift of the wider ship three times heavier for approximately the same lateral resisting force that resisting force being here the surface area of the wall of water which is represented by the ship’s length times the draft keel clearance little under keel clearance means more lift the narrow space under the keel makes it difficult for the water to flow from one side of the ship to the other so it is harder to push the ship sideways a higher lift means a pivot point closer to the center of lateral resistance for the same change of angle the center of lateral resistance of a vessel with high lift will drift less sideways than a vessel with a low lateral resistance this results in an apparent pivot point closer to the center of lateral resistance for a vessel with high lift than the vessel with low lift you can see that the same effect is present when the ship has had way first in deep water now in shallow water in this case 1 centimeter under keel clearance which corresponds to about 1 meter with a real sized ship the apparent pivot point is closer to the center of lateral resistance motion of the ship after the lateral force have been applied the rotation effect let’s take a ship shaped body free to move on an air cushion let’s push it sideways with some anti-clockwise rotation now stop the force acting on it and watch the resulting movement the center of gravity is moving to the right and the bar rotates around it the point that has no speed having for reference D surface is P the apparent pivot point when ship is being handled at low speed when the pressure feels on the hull are actually very low it is mainly due to the rotation effect that the apparent pivot point seems to move astern if the vessel is moving astern and turning and ahead if the vessel is moving ahead and turning the other factor affecting it is the ship generated sideways current let’s consider a ship turning and moving ahead the sweeping movement of the stern creates a vacuum which in turn drags a mass of water towards the quarter ship side the outer ship side also pushes a mass of water away we will call it the ship generated sideways current let’s now stop the force creating the turning movement the ship with its rotational inertia keeps on turning but the rate of turn will reduce due to water friction the ship generated sideways current with its own inertia will catch the stern and continue to push it sideways while the forward part of the ship is in undisturbed water this force acting more or less sideways on the stern contributes in moving the apparent pivot point more forward all factors stated above have been explained separately in real-life they all combine together with various intensities depending on conditions quantifying precisely the resulting effect for every specific condition is far beyond the best Mariners abilities but understanding these basic principles and knowing that they fit with reality may be of some help in everyday ship handling some real-life observations and how they meet theory the ship generated sideways current has a lot to do in the stern seeking to go upwind ability of a ship going his turn the ship adrift is pushed sideways in a beam wind its motion creates a ship generated sideways current when the vessel is going is turn it pulls the aft part of the vessel out of the ship generated current the stern being now in an area of relatively undisturbed water the rest of the vessel still in the local ship generated current our turning couple is created bringing the stern upwind you as the stern is progressively directed into the wind it gets out of and produces less ship generated sideways current another force couple is developing the component of the propeller pole which is directed in the opposite direction of the wind is increasing it creates an arm lever of a length D between the propelling force and the center of windage as the component of the force increases when the stern is nearly upwind the lever distance D decreases it is why ships will normally find an equilibrium angle a little bit of the wind especially for ships having large Stern accommodations you another demonstration of the sideways current the ship is pushed sideways by a tug and its own Azipod propeller the ship creates a side current a short kick ahead is given to get the bow out of the created current the stern is carried by the current causing a turning couple this time with stern way this phenomenon was described in 2001 in the text unpredictable behavior example of a reason to reconsider the theory of maneuvering for navigators by captain max J van Hilton dunkey because it describes the behavior of a ship pushed sideways by a forward escort tug turning against the tug directing force initially the ship is moving ahead the forward escort tug will start pushing in order to direct the bow to port the tug pushing has the following effect on the ship a sideways motion of the ship to port a rotation of the ship to port since the force is acting forward of the center of lateral resistance by the sideways motion the ship is also displacing a mass of water sideways with her pushing it on portside sucking it on starboard side as the ship moves ahead the bow will float in an area of relatively undisturbed water the stern instead will be affected by the ship generated sideways current that has started to develop causing a turning moment that will reduce the porch swing and can even initiate a starboard swing when the ship starts a starboard swing the stern due to the rotation keeps on generating more sideways current than the forward part of the vessel thus amplifying the turning moment the rudder of the ship is kept a midship all the way for those who believe that the tugs drag is the main explanation I invite you to watch closely the next experiment here is a live example of this effect even without a tug with the single pull from a string the phenomenon exists a force acting closer to the center of lateral resistance will have a quicker effect since it produces more sideways current once again slower watch the shadows of the eddies following the starboard quarter of the ship we can visualize how it acts unevenly along the hull having more effect aft than forward and thus creating the turning couple this phenomenon can also happen when moving astern it is more likely to happen with the tug and the accomodations facing then at the fo’c’sle brake since the force is acting closer to the center of lateral resistance the Azipod propeller of the ship was adjusted to produce nearly zero transverse trust for this phenomenon to happen the following conditions must be present the tag must be powerful enough and it’s action must last long enough to create sufficient side movement our sufficient speed through the water is also necessary in order to get a significant part of the hull out of the ship generated sideways current in a relatively short period of time the port earning effect of the bow thruster when moving ahead and it’s good steering properties when moving astern are well-known facts a very interesting article on the efficiency of the bow thruster was published in a nautical Institute book entitled pilotage in this article captain H Hansen explains that when the ship starts moving ahead the high speed stream of water expelled from the thruster bends along the hull its high velocity flow creates a low-pressure area that pulls the bow in a direction opposite to the side we want to thrust it the result is that the two forces tend to annihilate each other and the net thrust force is very weak the bow thruster is simply losing its efficiency as the ship moves forward the loss of turning effect has therefore little to do with the change of arm lever distance between the thruster and the center of lateral resistance when the vessel is moving astern the vacuum effect created by the thruster is much less significant since the hull area over which it acts is quite smaller a light ship is usually trimmed by the stern it’s center of lateral resistance is relatively more aft than a loaded ship this results in a shorter arm lever from the rudder to the center of lateral resistance at first glance this should lead to less steering efficiency this short arm lever is overcome by the small inertia of rotation of the light ship less master control therefore quicker reaction for approximately the same steering power unloaded ships the larger inertia of rotation if the rudder center of lateral resistance arm lever is longer makes the ship slower to react the following phenomenon can also complicate steering control especially when some vessels are even keel or trimmed by the head let’s take the example of a vessel moving north and initiating a turn to starboard once the turn is started the center of gravity of the vessel has now a new direction a bit to the left of the initial course because of inertia the center of gravity wants to keep going that way meanwhile the vessel itself has a different orientation let’s say zero three zero the more important underwater area ahead combined with overpressure around the bow of the chips bring the center of lateral resistance well forward of a midship this means that relative to the new direction of the center of gravity the center of lateral resistance would be some distance D off to the right that distance corresponds to an arm lever that can be high enough sometimes to accelerate the rate of turn even with the wheel in midship position steering such a ship is like trying to keep the arrow of a wind indicator tail in the wind on the contrary when the center of gravity of the ship is forward of its center of lateral resistance it improves its directional stability azipod driven vessels going astern in turning will best demonstrate the present theory their high side thrusting capacity will show a pivot point forward of a midship even if the vessel is going Stern especially at low harbor speed in fact I foresee the greatest usefulness of the present theory for those who handle Azipod and z-drive ships the lateral movement of the vessel is only affected by the lateral components of the forces acting on the ship the center of leverage for lateral forces acting on the ship is the center of lateral resistance the center of lateral resistance initially between the center of gravity in the center of underwater surface area shifts two words aft with a trim by the stern and two words forward with the trim by the head the center of lateral resistance shifts progressively forward as forward motion through the water increases progressively aft as aft motion through the water increases once the position of the center of lateral resistance is estimated estimate the relative position and effectiveness of the lateral forces involved consider the arm lever length and estimate the amount of rotation and the amount of side movement the force will induce you can then estimate where the apparent pivot point will lie the apparent pivot point is a consequence of these two movements combined it is not a cos it has nothing to do with the turning arm levers acting on the ship a ship with high lift will develop less sideways movement once a ship has developed a swing and no more force is acting on it especially at low port operation speed the rotation effect and the ship generated sideways current are the main factors determining the position of the apparent pivot point which is towards the end of the ship going in the direction of the turn.

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Dark Souls 3 DLC ► 10 Secrets Within The Ringed City – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

The final set of secrets for the final DLC of The last Souls game. And it’s fitting that in this DLC, there are some of the best secrets of all. Case in point, number one: …What if it was never here in the first place?” The Purging monument, you can see it But how do you get there? This question completely absorbed like over ten hours of my play time, and the only location I could conceivably find that could possibly lead there is this chute leading upwards. and behind a broken statue, engraved upon the wall, are the words, “Show your humanity”.

I was lucky enough to play the DLC a couple of days before it was public And I couldn’t rely on Vaati’s amazing videos to help me figure this riddle out. So I tested all kinds of things for hours and hours on end: I tried to get the Herald headpiece, I cast all kinds of Abyss Magic, I tried Chameleon, I did all the friendly human gestures, I died in front of it, I did everything on my massive checklist. Until I discovered: I was using Chameleon… in the wrong place. See, Chameleon is based off your immediate environment, not the general vicinity, which is what I thought it was, so, if you cast it atop the abyssal swamp, then you will turn into a humanity sprite. Which reveals a ladder. Which leads to a final judicator giant, two ringed knights, and the Purging Monument of the Ringed City.

“…No matter what might come out, no matter what i was, if you would do me the honor. allow me to be a true friend… always.” Of course, Lapp deserves his own video, but find the purging monument before he goes hollow and you’ll restore your dear friend’s memories, and In the Shared Grave, he shows his true self. Patches is one of the very few undead who made it to the end of the world. Think about that, he made it through all those cycles and ages of fire to get here like you, and like Gael did. So bearing that in mind, I think that his words carry a lot of weight. His ashes say: “He never lost heart and never looked back. He marched in one direction and that direction was dead ahead.” Number three: Beyond the shared grave is Dark Eater Midir, the archdragon who was tasked to eternally battle and consume the dark. As you progress through the Ringed City, look behind you sometimes.

Midir takes perch upon multiple towers of the Ringed City, watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Oh, that’s nice of him: he chose a bridge where I can take cover – dash out, attack, and just rinse and repeat – until Midir falls into the chasm. “Just before the church of the princess standeth the tower honoring ancient knights. There lies the small shrine Behind the sculpted knight which beareth no arms. ‘Tis from there, one may descend the chasm of Darkness. I prithee, put the great dragon to rest.” Midir, descendant of archdragons, was raised by the gods, and due to his immortality, he was the perfect candidate to battle the dark, for he would never forget his eternal duty, even after the gods perished. From Midir, you discover a covenant with the Spears of the Church, knights who are sworn to the defense of Princess Filianore. There’s a small shrine to the Spears that you can find outside the Church of Filianore.

Here you can contribute Spear Ornaments, one of which drops from the Argo bossfight. Offer one and Shira will acknowledge your covenant. And with the covenant equipped, you will be summoned by the judicator into the worlds of those who trespass upon the church of Filianore. Kill a trespasser, and you’ll receive a Spear Ornament, proof of your fulfillment of duty. If you are offer ten, then you receive a Young Grass Dew. Offer 30, and you receive a Divine Spear Fragment which is used against online foes. And it’s at this point that you’ll be named a divine spear the church by Shira. This game isn’t live for me right now, so I can’t test this, but assumedly players are summoned into the boss fight itself instead of Halflight to fight against other players, you know, Old Monk style and Mirror Knight style, Which is such a shame because I’ve already killed Argo, and that means I can’t test this for myself unless I make a new character.

If only there was a way to revive him. Oh, you can. Just travel back to the Purging Monument (for some reason) and for the low low price of a hundred and three thousand souls, you too can experience the fight, all over again. Next, number six: The Lightning Arrow miracle that Shira uses. In this room, before you fight Argo and after you first face Midir, is an illusory wall, and behind it, there’s another illusory wall, and behind that is another illusionary wall. And then there’s the Lightning Arrow: A miracle that was used by the few female knights who served in the war against the dragons. Number seven: I want to talk about Filianore, specifically her name, because one thing we really really haven’t touched on at all in my videos is the etymology of certain names in Souls. Miyazaki clearly pulls from all kinds of languages when he designs these names, and a lot of them are really quite beautiful, and Filianore is the perfect example. She is the youngest daughter of Gwyn, lord of sunlight. And there are two components to this name Filianore that were posted first I think on Reddit by a user named knightfrost.

So the first part of her name ‘Filia’ means ‘daughter’ in Latin, and the second part, ‘Anor’, mean ‘sun’ in Elvish, and is of course what inspired the name Anor Londo. Filia-nore, the daughter of the sun, the daughter of Gwyn. There is another interpretation you can go with. This was posted by (DarkSoulInUs?), and he or she says that the word ‘Nore’ is Latin for ‘daughter-in-law’ which casts some new meaning on whether Filianore could actually have had a different mother to the other children of Gwyn. And, with Yoshka somehow being revealed to be a child of Gwyn as well, it becomes less and less surprising that we’re learning about more and more of Gwyn’s many children. Number eight: The ring burdened Pygmy statues. A revelation in this DLC, is the circumstances surrounding the first men and the gods.

So as an example, from the Ringed Knight set, we learned that early men were originally very close to the abyss and that while their warriors actually fought with the gods against the arch dragons in that famous war, they also suffered at the gods’ hands afterwards, for the gods seemed to fear the abyss. So they branded the armor and the weaponry of the knights with a seal of fire Occluding the darkness of the abyss, and this brand, of course, has appeared time and time again, this great burden to Mankind, and here in the Ringed City, we learn more about how it came about and we’ll go into this so much more in other videos, so subscribe if you haven’t already. I just want to say I love that the burden of the seal is represented so literally by these statues. Next, we’ve mentioned this before, but depending on whether you kill the Demon from Below or the Demon in Pain first, that determines whether you get the fireball Demon Prince or the laser Demon Prince, and originally the Demon Prince fight actually featured only one bat at the start, with the second one appearing halfway.

Additionally, I also want to point out that the description of the Soul of the Demon Prince has changed from what I said earlier. It now reads the demons, birthed from a common chaos, share almost everything between them, even the pride of their Prince and his near faded flame, so that the last demon standing may rekindled it. The description before this revealed that this was indeed the Demon Prince that was defeated by Lothric, and that in this hollow tree, he lost the memory of flame that burned within him, which marked the end of demonkind. And they removed this description so I think they were trying to imply the death of demonkind more in this new description, because now, neither the Demon in Flame (Pain) nor the Demon from Below remain alive to rekindle the final flame of chaos. And finally, number ten. Kill the Stone-Humped Hag at the beginning and this happens: “My time has come, has it? Well, maybe I’ll get to see an angel.

.. Sure enough, an angel does appear. But this one is curious compared to the others. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t actually reappear once you kill it, like the other ones, for it has no discernible fleshy-avatar-parasite-thing on the ground, like the others that grow over the corpses of Pilgrims. Perhaps this angel is a resurrection of the hag, but the parasite has yet to grow inside of her. Unless there’s something I’m missing here, there is no material benefit to killing the hag, nor from killing any NPC in the Ringed City, really. Lapp, the Corvian, the pygmy, the locusts, none drop a thing. So I’m currently lacking about four more things to make another one of these videos, and I know there’s more out there that I haven’t found yet.

So if there’s anything that you’ve discovered, post it here in the comments, and I’ll try give you a shoutout in the next one. So good luck out there. Enjoy the Ringed City, and I’ll enjoy making videos for you to enjoy when you’re done. See you soon..

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy Note 8: Tough one… – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

One of the most important questions we get on social media, is if it’s worth it to upgrade to a new Galaxy S9+. Our review was mostly focused on answering this from a Galaxy S perspective, but that wasn’t really the hottest Galaxy in town. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this is Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy Note 8. Phablets, phablets… They’ve got their benefits, and their complications. These two are some of the most expensive money can buy, but also the most useful. In the hand, both devices feel literally the same. The Note has sharper corners, but the aluminum trim feels just as pronounced on both, though I do hear the S9 brings a stronger build of aluminum. Same glass on glass sandwich across the board, same love for fingerprints and smudges, so I’d stick to another color variant that’s not black if I were you on either phone.

Dimension wise the Galaxy Note 8 is actually a larger phone overall. We’re talking 4mm taller, 1mm wider, 0.01mm thicker, and 6 grams heavier, a complete oddity since the Galaxy S9+ has a 6% larger battery. The Note’s gorgeous Infinity Display is also slightly larger at 6.3-inches diagonal vs 6.2 on the S9+, but both sport the same Super AMOLED technology, the same QuadHD+ resolution capabilities, and also Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Storage options starting at 64GBs that’s expandable, and the 6 gigs of RAM are also the same. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas are the same spec at AC and 5 respectively. Both devices are also IP68 water and dust resistant and support fast and wireless charging. Really what makes the Galaxy Note 8 stand out is the S Pen.

This feature alone turns this phone into that productivity workhorse that you’d like to bring around to doodle notes or sign a PDF… buuut…. That’s it. After using a Galaxy Note for the past 6 generations, I will say that it’s nice to have, but something I rarely use. The Galaxy S9+ on the other hand might look similar, but its benefits are significant. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor is not just 25% faster, but also more battery efficient. It also supports faster Gigabit LTE speeds. It also solves our main complaints about the Note 8. The Galaxy S9 finally brings stereo speakers for more immersive content consumption, with support for Dolby ATMOS. The fingerprint scanner is now placed where regular human hands can reach, where that proves to be a serious chore on the Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy S9 even has Intelligent Scan to blend facial recognition with the Iris scanner, where the Note 8 only has the later.

And hardware isn’t the only thing that improved. One of our biggest complaints about Galaxy Notes is software updates. Sure the Galaxy S9+ is still a version behind in Oreo, but I’d call that a better option than being a year behind with Nougat on the Note 8. Now what’s interesting is that Samsung Experience 9 on the S9 is pretty much the Oreo version of Experience 8.5 on the Note 8. It means that everything we praised about the Note 8, is now reaching the Galaxy S. Things like the broader grid for the launcher is now reaching the S9. App Pairs are also being ported from the Note to the Galaxy S9 as well. Other than that we have AR Emoji on the Galaxy S9+, which I sadly still can’t recommend given its terrible implementation. And as for Bixby, it seems the Note is still stuck a version behind, so features like Bixby Vision do work, and they even claim AR capabilities, but only the S9 can go further with features like translation and makeup. The Galaxy Note 8 was my primary Daily Driver pretty much until the Pixel 2 XL replaced it, and now the Galaxy S9+.

Performance feels smoother on the Galaxy S9+ by a meager margin. It’s as if the Note8 sometimes waits an extra second to respond to a gesture. You won’t notice any differences when playing games, though. Both devices feel just as powerful. When it comes to phone calls, I seriously feel the Galaxy S9+ has a louder earpiece. The Note 8 isn’t bad, but not as clear as the newer smartphone. Things like battery life are also better on the Galaxy S9+. I wouldn’t say by a long shot, but at least I know the S9+ will end the day with at least 30% to spare, where the Galaxy Note 8 is just ok. The camera is where things become interesting. Technically, the new Dual Camera system on the Galaxy S9+ is more versatile, with variable F1.5 or F2.4 aperture for low light and bright scenarios respectively. Every other technical specification is similar, with the same megapixel count, the same specs for the telephoto lens, the same specs for the front facing camera. In theory, the improvements on the Galaxy S9 should mean better photos overall, but honestly, I can’t tell much of a difference.

I do notice the brighter aperture brings better low light on the S9, but it has proven to be sluggish with moving subjects. I love that the Galaxy S9 brought the same Live photo capabilities of the Note 8. Apply effects after the fact, or stick to the wide shot if things went bad. What I will praise about the Galaxy S9+ is its capabilities as a video machine. It can record 4K video at 60fps, 1080p at 240fps, and even Super Slow Mo video at 960fps at 720p – all things the camera I use for this review can’t do. The Note 8 is obviously no slouch, and stabilization on both phones is great, but the Galaxy S9 clearly has significant improvements in this department. To conclude, it would seem that the Galaxy S9+ is a more complete phone. We have significant improvements in the processor with the Qualcomm Snapdargon 845, newer software, stereo speakers, and significant improvements in the camera system. Calling out a winner really depends on your needs, though. If you depend on the S Pen, then there’s no way around it, you need the Galaxy Note 8.

If you don’t, which is the reality of most people, then I’d recommend you go for the newer Galaxy S9+. It’s the overall better buy, where you get some unique features that many phones today don’t have. Obviously you could wait for the next Galaxy Note that’ll most likely bring all these improvements, but that’s still a good 6 to 8 months away. Friends our coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is still going. Let us know which comparison you want next. While you’re at it follow us on social media and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one. You can also follow me on Twitter Jaime_Rivera or on instagram at JaimeRivera. Please give this video a thumbs up if you like what you saw, I’m Jaime Rivera – thanks for watching..

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Space Engineers Tutorial: Setting Up For Survival (Part 0 of a survival tutorial series) – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

G’day, I’m splitsie the director, editor and co-star of a little space engineers machinima series called light echoes before i started making machinima with Capac I played many hundreds of hours of survival. This is a short guide to what I think is a solid set up of a survival world for people just starting out in space engineers. I’d strongly recommend the campaign is the first place to start as it shows you through the first steps in a fun way, I mean I even enjoyed it after almost a thousand hours in the game so that says a lot. This tutorial is going to be all in the menus so if you’re already familiar with how to set up a game you can jump ahead to the next video which will begin in an atmospheric lander in the solar system start.

In the new game menu you will be presented with a number of options first select custom game at the top and then on the left you choose the starting location for your game. There are a number of scenarios on the left but I would focus on just two of them if you’re interested in a survival scenario similar to other survival games out there. The first one is the crashed red ship. It will place you in a ship that looks like someone fell asleep while driving and plowed straight into an asteroid this was my favorite way to start the game prior to the planets update with most of my newest starts being modified planet starts trying to recreate the same sort of idea. The second one is the solar system start, this places you in a lander that’s fully intact but has no method of getting back off the planet so you’re stranded until you build yourself a way breaking free of the gravitational pull of the planet you’re stuck on.

If you want to play with planets and have a pc that can handle it i’d recommend the solar system start for your first survival playthrough. Since we’re wanting to play in survival mode you should make sure to click the survival game mode button. Sound mode is a personal preference, the online mode just like all the other options can be changed after creating the world so pick whichever you like I wouldn’t recommend public at this stage though. environment hostility is important as this dictates whether or not you will suffer from meteor storms and my recommendation for new players is to turn this off. There are enough engineering challenges in space engineers that having rocks randomly fall out of the sky, or in the case of how they used to be, not so randomly targeting straight at your reactors and refinery and basically everything that was important. They aren’t really needed at least at the start.

Leave block limits on for now and auto save on, there’s a way to go back to a previous autosave if the game happens to save just after a disaster such as overestimating your braking power and making a mess of a shiny new ship so you can leave it on worry free that it’s not going to ruin your saves. I’m a believer that mods aren’t a good idea until you understand the core of the game but if you want to start modding right away pretty much anything from Eikester will be a great place to start now let’s look at the world generator options if you’re starting with the red ship you will need some asteroids to be generated or you won’t have enough resources to do something fun. For both starts you can set this to whatever infinite option you like but beware on the solar system start if you have asteroids on with the game in its current state there will be some very strangely generated asteroids that fall within the gravity well of the planets but if you switch them off you stuck traveling to moons to get platinum so I’ll leave that one up to you. Flora density doesn’t have any real gameplay impacts at all as far as I’m concerned so set it how you think your PC will handle it and now let’s go back and have a look at the final menu the Advanced Options menu.

For a new player I would stay away from realistic settings these create some interesting design challenges but they drastically increase the amount of time you spend doing grinding MMO style resource trips back and forth and back and forth so I’d suggest inventory x10, assembler efficiency x3, refinery speed x3 then welding speed x 2 or x 5 and same with grinding speed the max objects, back up saves, world size respawn cool down, view distance and day duration just leave at their default value until you have a feel for what you’re going to like best and now for the checkboxes the ones that i would pay attention to are: auto healing that should definitely be on. Enable wolves I’d say turn this one off this might be contentious but i think a new player you don’t need to be worrying about your magnesium supplies from constantly making ammunition to shoot cyberwolves but you can definitely turn this on later once you’ve got a base that’s well defended.

I personally like to enable air tightness because I feel this adds a much-needed survival element and also adds a good engineering challenge to the game. The remaining settings just leave them at their default and now you’re ready to go start your first survival adventure follow along as I will be doing a series on the main survival concepts launching with the solar system start. See you there! you you.

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