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Whats up everyone I am Nikhil from Greedytech and these are all the best features of Redmi Note 4, As it’s running MIUI os, you can find almost all the features on all the Xiaomi phones I tried to add all the interesting stuff at the start, and put the boring stuff at the end, let me know if I missed out on any thing Now let’s get started Double tap to wake Now on Redmi Note 4 , we have double tap to wake gesture You can enable it from display settings and it works very well And I think this is the only unique feature on this phone, rest are common to all other mi phones Toggle torch When you are on the lock screen, touch and hold the home button and it turns on the flaps for a second, If you want to keep it on, press the power button, and if you want to turn it off, press the power button once again Screenshots Long screen shots Tress figure screen shots Disable sound Reading mode We have a mode called reading mode, which puts a yellow tint on the screen, to protect your eyes by filtering blue light, Xiaomi phone or Maui is the only os, that offers this feature along with automation, You can turn it on at a specific time or based on the app you are using Display screen on time, This is definitely not a features, it’s just something you need to know For some crazy reason Xiaomi choose to put the screen on time settings in lock screen settings instead of display settings where everyone else keeps them Finger print scanner Just like the Redmi note 3, we have a finger print scanner on the back It’s very fast and accurate at unlocking the phone Besides unlocking the phone, you can use it To take pictures on stock camera app Just touch the finger print scanner to take pictures We have a app lock built into the system Got app lock in settings, to configure it We can use the finger print scanner to unlock locked applications And finally we can use it to authenticate transactions on play store and apps like pays We have a Vault built into the system , to hide any files you want Just open the file manager and swipe down, it gives you the option to set a password, and later you can do the same to a access hidden files To hide files, just select the file and got menu and select hide Hide messages Just like the vault, we have the option to hide messages Open the stock messaging app and drag it down and it down to access hidden message Btw vault and messaging app, have the same password Power button to end calls Did you know that we can end calls using the finger print scanner, It’s very useful, for people who have recently started using a smartphone, as they forget to end calls or have a hard time pressing the end button Buttons In advanced settings, we have lot of options to tweak the capacitive buttons You can change their placement, You can change the long press behaviors or individual buttons We can Disable back lighting, or turn it on always Sms schedule Once again we are back to the stock messaging app One of the coolest features of this app, is you can schedule message to be sent at a specific date and time, just like this I don’t see any people sending messages these days, but that might come handy so send birthday wishes to someone automatically at a specific time Camera quick launch You can quickly launch the camera app, when your device is lock by pressing the volume down button twice To enable this , go to lock screes settings Default apps Maui like all the Chinese roms, allow you to change the default apps for everything Just got installed apps in settings and then select default apps From here you can change your default launcher, default messaging app, browser and so on Quick Ball We have a floating bubble with some quick shortcuts and gestures You can find the settings in advanced settings You can touch it to pop up additional settings, and swipe to quickly perform an action One handed mode For some reason if you think note 4 has a huge screen,, you can shrink it down, by Swipe capacitive buttons to left or right, start from the home button and move left or right, do it again to exit the mode Equalizer settings If you use the Maui’s stock music player, and want to tweak the equalizer to your preferences, just got advanced settings and sound, If you have Xiaomi earphones, from here you can choose the specific mode, to further improve the audio experience Auto start permission No matter how many times you kill apps, or close apps, some apps start automatically in the background, say like Flipkart, amazon, cu browser And they end up draining battery, So from this settings page, you can disable them from auto starting in the background and thereby improving battery life Dual apps Xiaomi has recently add this feature called dual apps, which allows you to use two instances of the same app, So you can use 2 Whats app accounts and 2 Facebook accounts and so on You can find two different app icons, if you are using the stock launcher, if you are using a different launcher like nova , then every time you open Facebook, it will ask you to choose between the two apps Call recording I don’t know about other, but I like to automatically record calls, It usually helps me to make others accountable and helps me as a reminder for things like grocery list So if you are interested in such a thing, you can enable auto call recording in call settings, Background app usage and battery saver Maui offers you additional options to tweak individual apps, to further improve battery life, You can completely stop applications from running in the background once you leave app, you can do stuff like that from battery settings It might help.

But usually it’s effects are not easily visible Secondary space This feature creates a small box kind of a thing in your phone where you can have different accounts, different set of apps, and so on If you need a different workspace for work and for your personal life, it’s very handy, But considering the specs of the phone, I wouldn’t recommend using this feature, as it might slow down your phone Change notification & toggle layout If you don’t like the new layout of toggles in MIUI, you can change it to the old style from these settings Btw at the same place you can choose to show battery % Themes If you like to tweak the look and feel of the phone, MIUI is one of the best roms for that We have thousands of themes, which fit perfectly to your preference Ir Blatter On the top we have the Ir blaster We can use the Mi Remote app that comes pre-installed on your phone to control TV, ac or anything with a Ir receiver U can control any device that has a remote to it, If you can’t find your device on mi remote, try other apps like peel smart remote Mi mover If you already have a Xiaomi phone and you want to send all your data from one phone to another, this feature will be useful Lock screen wallpapers On the lock screen there is a button on the top right corner of the screen, press that and swipe the lock screen left or right to change the wallpapers, and you have additional seeing, to automate this process Local Backup In back up and reset, we have the option to back up everything on your phone, along with user data This is really handy when you have to reset your phone and quickly take a backup of your apps Mi Drop It’s a features like shareit app from Xiaomi You can share data with other xiaomi phones using MI Drop There are lot of other stuff like Lite Mode Child mode And many more, But I hope I was able to cover most of them So that’s pretty much it for this video guys, thanks for watching, do checkout out these suggested videos, hit that like button if you like this video, or hit that dislike button if you didn’t like this video.

If you have any comments , complaints, complements or want us to make any specific video, let us know by commenting below this video, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, Stay tuned to us by subscribing to our channel, to see more cool videos on tech, I am Nikhil from Greedytech signing off, have a nice day.

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