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Hello Friends!Welcome back to my channel. My name is Sarah Quinn and today’s video is all about how to get out of a productivity rut. Uhhhh We’ve all been there. We’ve all been a very unmotivated. It is currently so sunny outside It is so warm and the last thing that I want to be doing is studying for my geology exam that I have in three days and So I was very productive this morning But then I started to just get really like drained and like not liking Wanting to do all this work and just wanting to be outside so I’m gonna tell you how you can get out of your productivity rut that you’re in by showing you exactly what I’m doing because I’m in one and what better way to Show you how to go to one then doing it myself So if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, make sure you do that.

My links are all down below to subscribe You can also check out my Instagram by checking the link down there or just right here it is Sarah Quinn and double underscore and I share videos about how to become the best version of yourself through things like productivity and Confidence and all that jazz. So without further adieu, let’s get on to getting out of the productivity rut and stop procrastinating the first thing I’m do I’m going to do is get some nice cold water because and Lemon water because I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I am Unproductive it’s usually because I’m having my caffeine Decline and I just finished almost an entire brand a caramel macchiato, which is my second cup of coffee today so I’m kind of on the decline of caffeine and I don’t think I want to have any more because Otherwise, I’m gonna be up all night, which I might need to do. Anyways for my course, but we’re not gonna get to that I’m gonna go fill this up with some nice fresh crispy lemon water That tastes good in relation to this if you don’t feel like having water I’m gonna make a smoothie because I’ve only had one meal today and it is 3:45 which is probably not a good thing.

Um, that means that I do intermittent fasting So I’m having my second ish meal right now And so I’m going to make a smoothie as you have along with my water And so that is the next tip and we’re gonna do it That is literally I make this smoothie With four or five times a week. This is actually one and this was the best time I’ve ever made it So good I’m gonna drink this but while I’m drinking this because you know, we don’t have a lot of time here We gotta get some stuff done. And I know that I know you guys pop you’re like, okay Yeah, we want to do this but like come on we gotta get there sometime. We have like a test tomorrow Don’t worry, we’re gonna do it. Okay, so we’re gonna go back to the office And you’ll see is that My desk is a little messy It’s not very organized. It’s a mess and so I don’t know about you But I cannot focus and get productive if my space is not clean So we’re gonna quickly try to this up We’re gonna put on one song one song and we’re gonna get everything tidy and ready to get productive Okay, so I need to speed up.

We’re gonna put on song what song we’re gonna put on Let’s see No Let’s see what music are we cool down you see this thing is cool down This is my playlist down at the bottom is my favorite song right now. I used to hate it. I love it now Do we hear this song so good? Okay. It’s addicting Town Road, I’m gonna Take my Okay, the next one just started we did it so Oh besides my coffees I’m kind of thinking you still might drink it Anyways, so here we go. We are a little bit more clean now, we’re organized if My next step is to write everything down that you need to get done for the day Like for today like you not in the future now things that are stressing you all things get done in two days like you need to get this stuff done today, so You’ll write it all down right now Okay so I’m going to look at my list and figure out what I can get done like tomorrow or the next day and What I like have to get done right now Okay, so then I can like kind of clear my head a little bit so much doesn’t sound good Let me get this so that my armpits off and I’m going to write these things down.

Okay, let’s go Hey, I only vote the things that I need to get done for this exam I will write down my other life to do is over here, but here I have Friday I need to do these things. I have to get these things done today. So I have a lot 1 2 3 4 5 things to get done today and it is 4 o’clock Then for Saturday, which is tomorrow, I have to work all day. So this will be at nay time I have to memorize 1 2 3 4 or 5 things Or work on 5 things and then here this is Sunday the night before I only have like maybe an hour to do this I need to look over all my notes work on my cue cards and then get everything ready. So This is what I wrote down Now that I have a clear head space and I’m starting to get them fuel into my body that isn’t coffee So good I’m going to try to accomplish what one just one That’s all of these things on the checklist Then I’m gonna get outside because your girl is jealous of the people walking down the street right now Because it is so nice out there.

So I’m gonna get outside and do some exercise But first I’m gonna get one of my things accomplished that I don’t feel guilty about leaving my work, you know Okay, so I did my thing Kind of I got I kind of got clear on it, but I really don’t think that it matters, but I did it anyways so I’m gonna take that off my list and now I’m so excited because they haven’t been to this place since I Think since like October and it’s called a 1001 steps. It’s in the town middle of White Rock and It’s like a place where you can just go run and run up the steps and that sounds probably like torture to a lot of people and Normally on a bad day that would sound like harder to me but I really just want to get outside and work outside today and they not go to the gym because it’s so Beautiful like if you guys see this is nice to meet you right now So funny and nice Mind clearing so my next tip is to get outside go get some exercise even if it’s going for a walk down to Starbucks or going down to get your Laundry if your laundry is in a different place in your house or something And go and do it because I promise you when you get that blood flowing your mind is gonna be so much more clear in focus and those serotonin levels are going to go through the roof and you’re gonna be feeling Okay, so I changed There we are Sorry my fans in the way I’m just bringing a crop top probably getting out taking it off cuz it’s so hot outside and then I’m wearing leggings I normally would wear shorts cause it’s so hot, but I need somewhere to put my phone So I just put it there in these it does mean that I’ll sweat a little bit more.

I’m going to take my water That’s over there with me so that I have my nice crispy water with me Wow I’m Throw up I haven’t run those stairs in a year pretty much and I did like Seven up and down is called a thousand. No one steps. Meaning that there’s some in one steps Gonna change is a below one at me here, but So that was fun, I Am really really really sweaty So I’m gonna go home shower make something to eat and then give you my last tip Okay, so I just showered that’s why the new makeup and everything. Um But yeah, I am so exhausted from that I think I’ve pushed myself with a little too hard because I feel like really nauseous. I had it really hurts So if you’re gonna kill workout, like don’t push yourself as hard as I did like I thought I could handle that But apparently I’m not as fit as I used to be but anyways the last Tip that I have for this video is to use the Pomodoro method and I know I’ve talked about this before a couple of times But if you haven’t watched my videos Pomodoro method. Oh my god. My cat is crying this so much Pomodoro method is when you do 25 Minutes on and then you take a five-minute break and then 25 minutes five-minute break if you go down below I have the one that I used it’s called marinara timer I think it’s meant for like if you were making marinara sauce or whatever, but it’s also there’s the Pomodoro method there And so that will just do it for you and you don’t have to worry about it And that’s one that I use all the time.

It’s also linked in my Instagram. You can check that one out as well so those were my tips for getting out of the unproductive funk or getting out of the period of productivity Rut like I was in today. I hope that this helped some of you Feel more productive and get your stuff done And if you did make sure let me know down below also Make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already done that and you click the notification You will be notified because a lot of people are not seeing our videos on YouTube and it really sucks like all the youtubers it really sucks because people aren’t seeing our videos and then I can’t see the videos that I’m subscribing to and its really annoying cuz the algorithm is just so silly right now, so make sure you Click the notification if you want more videos like this Deliver it right to your phone or computer. And yeah, I will talk to you guys in my next video. Bye.


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