A simple solution to ice scraping your car | Life Hacks for the Suburbs – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

– [Spokesperson] One of the worst parts of a cold winter is having to brush off snow, scrape ice, and warm up your car in the morning. Don’t worry, life hacks for the suburbs has a hack that will save you a ton of freezing cold time and effort. But, this one requires a little bit of preparation. – Here’s what you’ll need, a nice a outfit and reservations at a romantic restaurant.

(harp music) ♫ I’ve spent my nights waiting for you – [Spokesperson] Then, simply make some children, wait a few years, and send them out into the cold to brush off the snow, scrape the ice, and warm up the car while you wait inside. – At least we know we weren’t a mistake. (sighs) (cheerful music).

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