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If you have an email in Gmail, which is what we’re using right now, you can add it to your Google Calendar. There’s just a couple steps on how to do it. Let’s act like we just got this first email in our inbox. It’s asking us if we want to go to lunch tomorrow and we want to get that into our calendar. You can see the calendar’s pulled up on the right-hand side and I want to put it in here. The first thing that you want to do is you want to open up the email. So I left clicked on it and now you’re only seeing the email that we’re going to work with. Go up to the three dots, which means more, and left click on it. Come down to Create event. This is the option.

It’s a little bit buried, and hard to find, but here it is. That’s going to put it in your calendar and it does it first by bringing up a new window with So this is the Calendar app and a couple of things are going on here. The first thing that you notice is, it took the subject line of the email and made it the title of the event. That might work fine. I’ll just take the question mark off and then it gives it a time that’s close to the time it is right now. So pay attention to that and, if you just save this, it’s going to be at the wrong time because this lunch is going to be tomorrow. So let’s change that and let’s just type 12 p.m. We’ll just change a few other things here to make this email work for you as an event.

It took the body of the email and put it down in the description of the event here. That’s fine, so we’ll leave that. What it also did was added the sender as a meeting participant. You can leave this on here, or you can take it off. But, if you leave it here, it’s going to send an email to this person as an invite. So, they’re going to get an email back that’s an invite to a Google Calendar event. One more thing that’s happening here is, I’m using G-Suite instead of just a regular Google account. So I have the paid version and it gives me the option to find a time. If this person that emailed me was in my organization so if we had the same type of email address, I could see their calendar here and we could pick a mutual time. They don’t happen to be, so that option doesn’t really do anything right now.

But, I wanted to show that to you in case you’re doing this inside of a company that’s using G-Suite. I do have some more information and an affiliate link to G-Suite in the description of this video. If you’re interested in it, and not using it yet, there’s a 20% discount for your first year. You can check that out if you want. One more thing, let’s add a notification right? Because, you might forget that he invited you. So, ten minutes before, because you’re close to the restaurant, your calendar, probably on your phone, is going to remind you. But, at this point, we’re done with this email. So, what we can do is, come up here and save it. It’s saying, do you really want me to email those people? Let’s do it. Go ahead. G-Suite is saying those people are external to your organization are you sure? I said yes. Let’s go to tomorrow and see that this is in our calendar. Google Calendar was being kind of cute and it colored it red because it came from Gmail. Just leave it that way that way, you’ll remember where it came from.

and if I come back to Gmail here, I’m back at the email. I see in the right-hand pane that the event has been added. So now I’m just going to archive this email. I don’t need to have it in my inbox. There is one more thing to keep in mind here that might make this easier. If you want to keep things as simple as possible, you could just snooze this until the time that you want to address it. If you were putting in your calendar because you don’t want to look at it till tomorrow, you can just snooze it until then. Let’s act like we’re doing that right now. It goes out of your email inbox, but it stays in your archive. It’s in here. It’s going to pop back up tomorrow morning so that way you kept your calendar clean. Let’s say that particular email was not an event, it was just a reminder to yourself. Snoozing it is keeping one less app involved, right? So you don’t have to deal with your calendar that way. So, we went over how to take an email, add it to your calendar, and maybe an option that’s even cleaner than adding it to your calendar which is snoozing it until later. If it makes more sense to add that as a task, I have another video on that. A link to it should be up on your screen right now. You can also add it to Google Keep.

So there’s all these options, right? These apps are shown here on the right and there’s different ways to get emails into each one of them and each one of them will treat it a little bit differently. I hope that was helpful. If you liked that, you can subscribe and see a lot more like it. Thanks!.

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