Adobe After Effects Tutorial : Replacing Footage With After Effects – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Alright, welcome back to the basics of after effects training on Expert Village. I’m Ryan and now I’m going to be talking to you about replacing a file in the time line. In this project I’ve got a texture that we’re using as our background here. It is a gray scale texture and we can move that around and decide where we want it. But, we may decide that we want a new texture all together. That is something that is really easy to do. So, what you want to do is in the time line window select the texture and this case it’s our layer number 24, texture number 8 gray scale.

What I’m going to do is select a different texture and you can see that there is a small preview here in the project window of that texture. What I’m going to do is I’m going to hold down option and I’m going to drag that file on top of the texture file in my time line and when I let go now I have a new texture background for my project. I can try out a couple different textures and see which one I like best. As, you can see it’s fairly easy to do and instead of taking a texture and throwing in here and deleting the background and the maybe having to apply all the effects that you had already applied to that layer in the time line you can simply replace that layer by holding down options and dragging to the selected layer. I hope that is a useful tool for your after effects bag of tricks..

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