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today I’m going to share with you a 8 adobe illustrator graphic design hacks that you probably will not fully know or utilize see how many of these illustrator hacks you do in fact learn today and learn how to use adobe illustrator like a boss come here graphics and welcome back everyone i’m willing to bet that you either do not use all of these hacks or are you simply cannot know only that’s why I’m sharing them today and a bit help you use illustrator look a boss if you do in fact I’m this video helpful and smash that like button and subscribe for future uploads it gives you the ability to edit the techniques of online at different stages when you click and drag you analyze the thickness of the line both ways but if you hold on hold and then drag it only goes in one direction this is a fairly new addition to the tools in Illustrator and many people never even used it before it only saves time allows you to do some very cool things with lines and past especially when you’re designing fact our tour cartoon illustrations this is great for saving time when you want to have your typography looks super clean and 0 in the type when the menu so you’re going to optical place to hold their however things are just like designing i would suggest to turn that mainly it’s not usually that much of a time-consuming task cleaner logo and the turning of the legos probably more crucial and say the body text of the pressure this adobe illustrator graphic design packages want to receive me countless minutes and hours my design process when you’re editing shape text you have to use the direct selection tool a key the white arrow tool and also the standard selection to lake in the black arrow tool which is used for moving natural shape around you can both be annoying and time-consuming to drag superstar tool menu and swap them over and over there so here’s a cool nifty shorter simply press a on your keyword until you see the area change and it will click Edit points elevators actually wanted to move the ship around things like a much lower easier i find this tip super helpful to editing low design especially when they’re busy with lots of different elements involved if you want to change the specific color design you want to change every single part that has that color it can take a lot of time to let each individual parts anymore simply select one area with the color you want to change then go to select same and fill color if you want to rub part of the event design out along a straight line simply hold down shift and then click-and-drag will you raise it shifty can also be used with the pen tool and brush it as well just located in Photoshop lastly you can use the shift key to make diagonal 45 degree line the color swatch many maybe one that you’re very familiar with that you everything up the pre-made swatch libraries here you will find policy which is dedicated to specific things suggestions and nature and food products this will prove valuable for designing cards in carriages for that saying helps product something like that if you’re like me then you’re spending is not amazing you may wish that illustrates would have a structured section but it does i did not know this myself for several years helps edit and then check something they do not have to feel the Sheamus sending a design your client with a typo staring you right in the face trust me I’ve been there effects maybe you’re designing a leaf Lorne infographic and illustrate that you’re strapped for time check out these signs for free downloadable vectors and then quickly make a few changes such as color and path directions to make more customized link in the description below so did you find my yard illustrator graphic design hex helpful let me know in the comment section below and subscribe for future blitz I upload every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday tutorials speed ideas and bonus videos so until next time design feature today peace.

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