AIMBOT Glitch! Fortnite Xbox One PS4 Fortnite Aiming Tips – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

your what’s up guys it’s your boy imrobertz1 coming at you with another fortnite glitches fortnite Battle Royale video in today’s video I will show you how players hit their target all the time in Battle Royale if you haven’t been shot multiple times from super far most likely the other players using this aimbot glitch ok let’s get right into the video the first thing you need to do is go to settings and set your aim to assist in aim turn on assist to aim doesn’t help much but using this easy method it would change your accuracy substantially once you have assistant aim on all you have to do is shoot and spam the left trigger in the direction of the other player the crosshair drags to the player making every shot count this works really great with scars and ARS don’t be caught at a disadvantage I hope this was helpful to you if you enjoyed video like this click on my gaming playlist for more videos and again like I subscribe follow me on Twitter @imrobertz1 I upload all the awesome showcase glitches tips and tricks that’s all I have for you today I’ll see you guys in my next video.

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