Altium Designer Tutorial 4 – Adding Logo to PCB – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hi everyone and welcome to this new tutorial on using Altium Designer in this video you’re going to learn how to add your logo or some icons to your PCB like this example. well this quite simple first of all you need to download the script provided for free from Altium Designer you will find is on the description below. to begin I’m going to delete these two icons and okay and go to DXP. click and then click on run script go to browse and then select PCBLOGOCreature script okay you select it and then OK go and choose the top overlayer or the bottom overlayer it depends on where you want to print go and load and choose your logo I will choose for example for the scaling factor two and then press convert once the script finishes finishes converting your logo you go and then you select everything CTRL+A.

go to edit copy and then go back to your PCB file press Paste and place you logo wherever you want on your PCB let’s do it one more time go to DXP, Run script run converter script and then go to top overlayer. load and then you choose your Icon Pay attention here the logo or the icon you choose should be on thebitmap format. Converte once it finishes you close this window you select everything with CTRL+A copy and you go back to your PCB paste and you place it for the example right here as you can see it was very simple for more videos you can subscribe to our channel: and like our Facebook page see you next time and good bye.

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