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Hi, welcome to techyv channel, your solution provider. I am Sophia and today I am going to give you a tutorial on how to use a Photoscape. Well like Photoshop,Photoscape is a free program. It is simple and very easy to use and that’s why this is a very popular among the younger generation First you should know that type of editor you wanted to do. So from this screen,as you can see, this icon here are called photoscape screens or just screens. We have here the editor which enables you to edit a single photo. The Batchscreen or the batch editor from the word itself it allows to edit the batches. Then here is the page screen that allows you to make one photo by merging photos at the page. This one is the combine screen.It is where you can put together multiple photos horizontally, vertically or in a tracked pattern to create one photo.

And this one is the animated GIF screen. So this enables you to create one animation using multiple photos. By the way, GIF stands for graphic interchange format. So lets tackle the editor screen first. I just tackle the rest of the screens and my next tutorial. So what we have to do is to click editor We are going to do here is to choose our photo from the left portion of the screen. screen. Okay, I am going to choose this one. This baby picture. So, by the way this whole area here is called the page frame. Okay, I am going to explain one by one, the functions all here. So,this four boxes here, are the color editor. You can change the photo to CPR. Okay, just like that. To grayscale okay. to black and white. Or you can change it in to invert or negative. Just like this. So by the way, if you want to render pictures or your edits, use the control v command. Press in your keyboard control and then v.

It will undo the edits. You can use these tools here as you can see and don’t think that I still need to explain it, since it is very self explanatory. For example, the resize. bright color, auto contrast, sharpen, the filter is up to you. You have to explore for this one. Okay the next thing we are going to do is to put a frame on this photo. So I am just going to click over here and choose frame from these varieties. Try this. So lets say,I am going to use the pattern 16. Okay that’s perfect. I am going to adjust frame to 200%. So it would appear bigger. Okay. Another picture from this photoscape editor is the object. So I can put in my text in here. So just click on the text icon and other window would pop out. So I type in, let’s say my beautiful baby. I am going to change my font to french script. Now I am going to change to other font, which is the freestyle script.

So I am going to apply an outline to my photo. Change the outline with dark blue. I am going to apply shadow here and change that to blue. Okay that’s perfect. And then I’m going to press ok. So I can replace the text anywhere I want in the picture. I can scale the size of the font by just dragging it here. and then that’ perfect. The next thing is that the another feature, I mean you can add another photo in the picture. so just click on this icon and it’s called the photo icon. Okay. Click on photo. And then you can choose from your files. The perfect photo wherein you wanted it to put in your Photoscape editor. This is it. You can drag it anywhere you want, you can resize it and you can relocate it wherever you want. Okay.

So it’s like, the baby is looking at the butterfly. Perfect. Then if you are done editing, you can save your picture. Let’s save just by clicking on this one. Click on save. And you can choose the quality of your picture. I wanted my quality to be very high. Lets select 100%. I’m going to press ok. And that’s it, very easy. By the way, please watch out my video for my video for Photoscape basic tutorial part 2. For more tips and tutorials, please visit Thank you..

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