BEST EGG HATCHING TRICK FOR POKEMON GO 2018 – Hatch Eggs without Walking – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

What’s up guys?! It’s Fap Guy here! I will reveal you the best ever egg hatching trick for Pokemon Go. This secret trick you can’t find anywhere else. I will show you how to hatch Pokemon Go eggs extremely fast without walking. Let’s put eggs into the incubators. I have nine eggs here. I’ll hatch ’em all. By using this great trick you will be able to hatch dozens of eggs per day even with one incubator. It will take only a minute for 2k egg to hatch, two and half minutes for 5k egg and around five minutes for 10k egg. This trick is amazing.

My life has changed after I found out it. Then fasten your smartphone on your wrist with duct tape. Now the fun part. Take a standing position, put your pants down, grap your weener and start fapping! As you can see the avatar starts walking around on the screen. The longer the stroke and the faster the pace the sooner you will get an egg hatched. Oh! The 2k egg is ready. Let’s see. It is… It is… Igglybuff! Yes! No! Yes! Anyway, the second 2k egg. It is… Magikarp! Yes, that is what I need. Look! I have two pokestops right next to my house and a spawn place as well. I mean, how lucky can you get! When I want to play Pokemon Go, I don’t need to go out at all. I can do everything in the comfort of my own home. Don’t worry if you are a girl. This trick will work even for girls. Just find a boyfriend, fasten your smartphone on your wrist or forehead and you know… Remember, vertical movement or spinning does not count for egg hatching. Finally, the 10k egg.

Let’s see. Holy Mother of God! Aerodactyl! My first ever Aerodactyl! Subscribe to FapGuyTube for more excellent videos and check how I hatched 200 eggs in just a couple of days..

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