Black Ops 2 DIAMOND CAMO Specials – How to unlock Diamond Camo on Black Ops 2 – Diamond Specials – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

hey, What is going on guys it’s me vikkstar123 and I am in a state of shock right now, I believe I am the first person on youtube if not in the world to discover how to unlock the diamond secret camo on black ops 2. So here we go, I have it unlocked on these weapons, I’m just gonna show you in a private match, as you can see, diamond on the assault shield ballistic knife, crossbow and if we go into these classes I even have it on the combat knife. So there we go, you can see it, complete all camo unlocks for all of the specials. There we go, I got them all for the combat knife, got them all for the crossbow, and I’ve got them all for the assault shield, and I’ve got them all for the ballistic knife.

So that is it guys, that is how you get the secret camo, so many people have been talking about getting this but I don’t believe anyone has got it, so that is it, and where would this video be without me showing you what they look like, so let’s go into this private match and take a lok at what they all look like, guys, if you could leave a like rating for this video it would be fantastic, if you could share it with your friends, let people know that the diamond camo has been discovered, you know, I was almost sceptical that there even was a diamond camo in this game, a lot of people saying there was, and then without even realising I unlocked it by going for gold on all of the special weapons, which I have already done. SO lets jump right in with this class here it is, the assault shield, diamond, see all of the jewels there? Let’s deploy it and take a look at what that looks like, ooh, the crossbow’s come out, diamond, look at that guys, and here’s the combat knife, look at that craziness. Diamond weaponry guys, the camo, this is it, let’s see what it shoots, the bolts seem to look fairly normal erm, hitting with the shields fairly normal, let’s just see going with the knife, can;t really see when you do that, and er, let’s check out the ballistic knife while we’re at it, so these are all of the diamond weapons guys this is what they look like this is them, they’re unreal, can you imagine going online with one of these and people are like oh my gosh, how on earth, look at the jewels, they actually sparkle, especially on this map, little bit of gold, little bit of platinum, and then, got this, I love that animation when you pull out the combat knife, anyway, let’s switch to the ballistic knife class, jump off, and respawn, put down the shielf, look at the handle, is the blade any different? It glows like normal.

But, er, yeah that is it guys, the diamond camo, it almost looks platinum, on black ops 2, i hope you’ve enjoyed looking at this guys, if you could like this video and share it then that’d be awesome, also, I’m going to move onto an outro just now. So guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the diamond camo for the first time ever, if you wanna see more gameplays with these weapons, then subscribe to my channel, also you can click these links onscreen which will take you to videos of weapons with gold camo..

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