Blind Firing Airsoft CHEATER! | Sniper Scopecam gameplay | Canadian Sniper – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Distant Speaking Wo guys I’m on your team I think that’s it Hello everybody and welcome to a brand new Airsoft scopecam gameplay video In this video we are playing at Mr.Paintball USA in southern california And we are playing a regular Team death match game I took the right flank to stop people from getting behind us But it looked like the other team had the same idea I see that two targets have moved to the right side of the field, i move to a position where i can fire on them I have two targets on my side here Slippery Eh Fortunately for me these two targets took turns firing on me instead of firing at the same time I’ve got two guys in front of me Can i get one of you up here We have this kid in the corner right here So this is what Canada is like Yup this is exactly like canada One of the guys on the right side is down Keep fire off of him for one sec.

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