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Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual indies and today we gonna to talk about “Kan Ban” Basically it can help improvement in your production process. this is the third part in this series here you can apply kaan bun in your life too any work may be in services,production so apply this in your production and increase it as fast as bee So how Kanban works lets try to understand this concept was invented by Japanese company Introduced by toyota in 1950s KanBan means a simple notice board like in our school here we gonna to make four list,firstly “backlog” means the work not done previously comes under this next one is “todo list” means we have to distribute tasks among team next one is “process” means the work in progress comes under process well this is process list and the last one is completed lets take an example to understand better suppose I have a digital marketing company and if a client comes to me for SEO so for example I would say I will be writing 5 blogs today.

So what I do is I listed 5 blogging tropics in todo list and that 5 blog I assigned to my 5 team member. So here their work is to change the process means if A is writing a blog on a topic then he took the work form todo list to process list means he is working on that project well that is Process and if he completes than it comes to complete list. so as a bird eye view I would go and ask the teams how the working going on? so in this asking process we will to time as also their productivity may decline.But here in Kaan Bun listing way my work will run in a organise way and I had a full control in my team mates suppose in writing a blog takes 3 hours and I assigned 5 team for that but only 3 of them did it and the next 2 are still in process means they are facing some problem,So I can ask them what problem are you facing suppose the next day same 5 todo list ads up and the same 5 team member has got it and the 2 member hasn’t completed the previous one so the 2 member work will also have to complete backlogs means you have to complete previous work and current one too.

ideally I can check every 1 month or 1 week or 15 days and lastly I will review who is working properly and not that’s it this is the easiest way to optimize our work and increase our production process. most of the time I got comment how I manage my 3 business and optimize it which process and all that so I use this KanBan process in my process. I had already prepared my all the listing and has assigned the work among my team I just had to monitor them and if someone finds difficulty then I just had to guide them If you distribute all your work and use Kaan Bum principal than it become easier way to monitor your team mates. suppose if you had a very big company and you don’t use Kaan Bun principal,then it would be vary difficult to manage each and every micro detail suppose you have an hirarcy,you are at the top under you have three,below three are hundered and below that 100 more 100 people are there so what they are doing is the 100 employee reporting to one and that above one-one 100 employee reporting to above one,so basically its a loot going on and by this I will get a final report and I could identify where is the problem going on. so that I can work on that problem as simple is that here we have to apply more and understand less means I have nothing to explain you.

You just need to apply it. now I had a just simple request from you if you are interested search on google Lapaas and you see my business listed so basically you need to comment and give rating about my video if you are watching my videos on youtube or you like my teaching way,whatever then please give reviews there on my google business area do comment and rate and please give me some input for that hope you will rate me 5,if not then do tell me problems regarding that. so with that our video ends here.Hope you liked the video for any query do ask in the comment section below also do like and subscribe my channel. bye and good night.

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