Capture a Still Frame from a Video Using VLC – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

In this video we’re going to create a still frame from a video file. We’re gonna be using the VLC program, that’s down here in the dock but we’re going to open up VLC in a much easier way. We’re actually gonna take the file that we want to get the still image from and open VLC from there. So we’re gonna right click or control-click on the file and choose “Open with” and then go to the VLC program and the video file should start playing right away. I’m gonna pause it and just kind of drag it into the center here.

I want to find the frame or a frame that I want to save to use in a later project, so maybe this one where he’s got the high kick of the bread something like that. So now that we have that frame chosen in VLC, we’re going to go up to the video menu and we’ll choose snapshot. Now there is a keyboard shortcut that goes along with this as well if you hold down the option, command and S keys you’ll also take this snapshot, so you won’t have to go to the video menu to do this but if you go to video and then snapshot, that will actually take a picture of where you are in your video and it will save it to the pictures folder. So let me close the VLC window here and go to our pictures folder and here is the file that was saved it starts with VLC snap and has the date and the time that you saved it so it’s got like a timestamp in the file name; so this file can now be used in your future digital media projects. Let me just double click on this to show you here’s the still frame that we used.

Now one final caution with this is that the file is going to be in a certain aspect ratio and in a certain size so some have your maybe high definition video projects this will not call look quite as good as a high-definition still. I want to show you another still image snapshot that will take from this video here it happens to be in 4k and I’m going to find a still frame, and you might recognize the fellow who’s in this, but this is a 4k video and I’m gonna do the same thing: I go to video and choose snapshot and again, that photo will be saved in the pictures folder as our second snapshot. So what I will do is show you what this one looks like and it’s quite large, if we go to the Tools menu and go to the adjust size you’ll see, lets choose pixels here, you’ll see that it’s 3840 by 2160.

That is 4k video resolution. So you can get very large still images from 4k videos to use in your projects. So we’ll cancel that and close the preview window. That’s how you grab still images from video files using the VLC program..

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