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hey what’s up guys this is Doug from Carson Optical and today we’re talking about a new product in our HookUpz Series that connects your iPhone to your favorite pair of binoculars. how cool would it be to be able to take pictures with your binoculars? with the HookUpz binocular adapter you can now take amazing close-up videos and photographs of your favorite wildlife. a standard iphone lens can only zoom in so much before the image will start to look blurry or look low quality. with the HookUpz binocular adapter you’ll get nothing but sharp detailed images that look absolutely amazing through your phone. there’s no doubt you’ll be showing your family and friends.

if you haven’t picked up any of our HookUpz products yet you’ll soon discover just how easy they are to use. with no need for additional attachments the HookUpz binocular adapter includes everything, even a conversion kit in case you have an iphone 4 or iphone 4s. just place the protective silicone case over your iphone then slide the adapter over the phone. now grab your binoculars, attach the adapter to the eyepiece and switch into your camera mode this will give you access to taking beautifully detailed pictures you never thought possible. the HookUpz binocular adapter fits most full-size binoculars. if you want to make sure, you can check out the binocular HookUpz product page on for a full list of binoculars that we personally tested. if your binoculars are not listed just measure the diameter of your eye cups.

if they’re anywhere between 39 and 44 millimeters, they’ll most likely fit. also we’ve designed this product to be flexible which really comes in handy when attaching different-sized binoculars. included with this kit are two rubber adapter rings that are slightly different size. these help guarantee the best possible seal around your binoculars and can really make a difference. it’s important to know that when connecting your binoculars it should take a little bit of force to attach, but that’s normal; it’s only securing the binoculars with your iphone. for people who love the outdoors this item can be a ton of fun. its lightweight and portable design make it a must have for any hunter, bird, watcher or someone looking for a cool new iphone accessory. be sure to take it on your next trip.

I’m Doug from Carson and i’ll see you next time.

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