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Welcome to a video tutorial of NFN in this tutorial i will teach you how you can copy and past a table from a pdf book into a word file. what we normaly do is , (I will open a word file here) and this PDF in which we have tables I will open both of them for you (Running Nose) Now both files are open What people do is they select PEF table and copy the text you can press ctrl + c and they past it here they get something like this but we want to have table with borders, rows and columns what we will do for this is right click it and open with choose default program and you have to open it only once in what software do we have to open it? open it in word document Microsoft word if installed if not found in list so you can brows to that folder where Microsoft office is installed now click ok (computer annoying sound) and it will say that.

.. yes, exactly that is what we want now you can see this is in form of a table now (mouse wheel sound) the whole data now you can edit like a word file by going in table view I can bring any change that I want now it is a complete table of word and underneath different designe because it opened the entire book and made it an editable file and if I want only this table from it If you have a thick book but you want only one ore two tables form it copy this table with Ctrl+C and ctrl+N to open new document and past it with ctrl+v now you can see that I copied only a table from a book from pdf to word file this is how you can copy from any PDF to word with its borders rows and columns you can past. Hope you have understood this video you can ask queries in comment see you in another video.

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