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OK, this time we talk about how to make a rlief from vector like this. First we create a new model. make it a new size Then we import vector ArtCAM supports vertors of these formats export as dxf or ai format dxf should be version r14 ai should be version 8.0 so I just import the vector give it a new size first we create the border add then the content select them both double click add a start height add OK. I think it’s quite easy for the flowers There are somthing’s wrong with the vectors here.

You see I drag you can see They’re duplicated during the importing so first I need to remove the duplicated vectors delete I crreate relief You see here (error occurs) go to [vectors] – [close vector] [ with a line] then I try to do it again Here’s another error with the vector the selected vectors self-insect so we need to know where the problem is we use the vector doctor And identify you can see here’s the problem keep the markers use the node tool to edit the vector delete this node use this method to fix all nodes with problem create relief.

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