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Hi, everybody. It is April here again with another tutorial in cricut design space software and today, we’re going to go over bringing in a printable image and How you can use the design space software? To cut out directly around your image It’s almost like having a die cut for your digital image So I’m going to click new project. I’m in design space You can click new project here, or you can click new project here So I’m going to click new project in the upper right hand corner My image is for a design team project, and it is not in design space yet So I want to bring it into the design space software So I’m going to click upload which is along the left-hand menu bar and Here it says upload you can do upload image or upload pattern today.

I’m going to upload an image and It tells you here which image types you can upload Png jpEg gif Svg DxF and Bmp So I am going to upload this Ballerina and I’m going to choose the JpEg Now you also have the opportunity here for design space will try and help you Get the image cut where you want and you have the opposite option to choose simple Moderately complex and complex. My image is just a black and white image So I’m going to go with simple and I’m going to click continue and then I get a really big image and I don’t know how to resize it which Is fine, I think I may see how to resize it. I’m gonna learn during this video, too and Here we have select and erase click on the areas of the image you want to remove use advanced option below for additional controls Now I am not sure what these will do for me and I’ll have to do some research and Go over that in a future video But what I want to do now is I want to click Where my image is and you can see? that it has put a Checkerboard behind my image and what’s going to happen is my cut line? Will run along that checkerboard now if you notice Here where I think it should be cut out Because I think the sky or the background would be open and that’s not really part of the image so I can click here and You see the checker pull checkerboard up here there, so then I should get a cut out there Now when I go here and try and get a cut out here that works fine But if you notice this image, isn’t quite connected Here the lines don’t totally enclose So when I click here it Fills all that in and I don’t want that so I’m going to go to the upper right hand corner and I’m going to click undo and I could probably print this image out fill those spaces in get it to cut out but I’m not gonna go to all that trouble right now So there I can click because it’s totally enclosed I’m gonna get the checkerboard behind it and I can click there and get the checkerboard if I come up Here if I want this little curlicue to be cut out I can click there and there and there and I will have those images with the cutout where her hair will be free and I’m looking because sometimes I’ll miss spots and if I go here this Minus sign see I learned something every time Well zoom out so I can get a better picture of what’s going to be cut out and what’s not going to be cut out now I do like zooming in because then you get a close-up of what your image looks like and You might find spots That you wouldn’t necessarily see like this little cutout if you had the image smaller so I am happy with Nope, I’m not happy with this Here I’ve got because see how that’s open right there And if we zoom in you can see that more clearly This image has a line that doesn’t quite connect.

So when we filled in the background that Caused this to be filled in as well, so what I can do I’m going to kill Me a cat, not really just kidding but my cat is messing with me so Sorry about that what I can do is I can go to my erase tool and this is a determination of how big my eraser is going to be and I think this is a good size and I was hoping that I could erase that from being cut out It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Let’s see if I use the crop Huh, nope that’s not what I want to do Okay, so it looks like I’m just going to have to live with that until I get a better idea Of how I can fix that All right, so I need to go back to my select any race and I’m going to get those little spots that I chose earlier before my cat And I’m blaming her.

I don’t know if she really did it or not Okay All right So here I can zoom out and get a better idea of Where it’s going to cut? so the more That your images Has connected lines the better this tool will work? so when you have hand drawn images It’s going to be a little less reliable simply because it assumes that when you have an image Where lines don’t meet that that’s open space? So I have clicked all the spaces that I want to be cut around so I’m going to click continue and What it does is? it creates this cutout and Then this is the image that will be printed So you can save as print then cut or you can just save the cut image and I’m going to leave the name of the image and I’m going to Click save now there are a couple little spots here where there must have been pen marks, but I’m not going to worry about this And it’s thinking it’s thinking and sometimes this takes a little while to Work and what I have found is When I go into the saved image, and it’s on my mat Here we go okay. So now what I want to do.

Here’s my my saved image I Am going to click new and I am going to click images which would be on the left hand Toolbar of design space and It’s uploading images now I want to filter on the images that I’ve uploaded now I’ve uploaded quite a few so it brings up a Lot and I’m thinking that my scroll there. We go isn’t working so well, so I’m gonna scroll to the bottom Okay, so I should have put a filter name on here. Let’s see I just happened to remember the part of the name was BFD So I Filtered on what I had uploaded and then on the name of the image yeah, it was damn dancing leap by BFD so here’s my image, so I’m going to Click and I always double click and that doesn’t give me What I need, I’m going to click until the green boxes around it, and I’m going to click insert images And it is bringing my image to my mat very My internet Connection is not the best But what I’ll do is once I bring the image in I will size it to the size that I want for my card and I can go ahead and click make it and Cut I’m sorry in print my image and it will print registration marks all the way around my image and Then I will take that image.

I will decorate the image The way that I want to decorate it, and then I will bring it back place it on my mat and It will cut out the image that I want now my card is going to be five and a quarter actually five and a half by four and a quarter, so I need my image to be Rather small so it fits within that space So I’ve resized it to approximately five by four –Is– Now I’m going to click make it and if you Notice and I’m also going to cut out too and the reason that I do that is I want to layer and I’m going to have to do some fussy cutting in order to Layer, but that’s okay It’s I think it’ll be a pretty simple fussy cut and I think when I do that fussy cutting I? can recover from the fact that this will be cut out so Here is here are the registration marks that go all the way around the image And that’s how it’s going to print so I’m going to click continue and Sorry, those are my dogs going crazy I’m a dog here barking laughs It’s wild okay and here.

I’m going to click send to printer Thanks for watching. You can see the final card on my blog. Thumbs up if you like the video. Subscribe for more content like this..

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