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Hello friends! On your screen you can see a clip from the pepper & carrot motion comic And in this video course I’ll teach you how to create such an animation You can download files for this lesson by following relevant links in the description of this video If you purchased the full cause then you can find them included in the archive For the further work we need: GIMP and Blender with the CoaTools add-on installed for both Let’s start with installing the CoaTools add-on in GIMP Open the downloaded CoaTools folder And copy the file located in the GIMP folder Then go to the GIMP’s settings folder and find the plugins folder Paste the files we copies from CoaTools Make sure that the addon is executable Done! The CoaTools add-on allows GIMP to export every layer into separate pictures as a PNG The add-on also exports additional information about the placement of each layer Now let’s open our .

ORA file in GIMP Here is the character you saw in the beginning of this video Notice it’s separated into layers so that we can animate it For some parts you can see several versions exist For example there are different variants of mouth here The grouping tells the export plugin to treat those parts specially and allow to switch them during animation process. For all other cases, however the parts should not be grouped So let’s start exporting Click “File” Then “Export to CoaTools…” Next into the name input the “Scene” Done! Let’s check the result As you can see the add-on create the folder where we can find all our layers separated Also there is a file with the .JSON extension These file stores information about coordinates of each layer We will need it to import our scene into blender But first we need to install CoaTools add-on for Blender Just like in the beginning start by opening the downloaded CoatTools folder Open the Blender folder inside Here we can see another folder — CoaTools We need to make a .

ZIP archive for it Dawn Next let’s run Blender Go to File -> User Preferences… and find the add-ons tab Then click on the “install from File…” button Select the archive you After that find the installed add-on Put a tick before it and click “Save User Settings” Done! If you’ve done everything correct, then in tools menu the one which is opened by “T” key The “Cutout Animation” tab will appear Let’s import our scene Delete the start scene Now you need to snap your cursor to the center To do that you need to press the key combination Shift+S and choose “Cursor to Center” Then go to “Cutout Animation” in “T” menu And click on “Create new Sprite…” A plane axis object is created Our scene will be linked to it Now press the “Import Sprites” button and and choose the .

JSON file which was created earlier Voila! We have successfully imported our scene into Blender Everything is in its place! Subtitles edited by You can help us translating this video into other languages!.

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