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Hey guys how ya’ll doing out there It’s time for another tutorial From video editing software guide I had somebody asked me how do I add A copyright symbol to my videos so I figured I’ll show ’em how to add that copyright symbol but I’ll also show you guys how to add A bunch of different symbols To your video titles whenever you want to Lets get into it You see I got PowerDirector 13 in front of me So I’m going to left click Hold down this default title and drag it down into the time line At this point I can double-click or the title Or I can click on modify I’m going to click on modify Now the first thing I want to do is get this copyright symbol Handled alright so there are key codes or key strokes that you can use In Windows to create different symbols So all you really gotta do is know how to do it So if you go to the Internet And you search or you Google Windows Alt key numeric codes you can find several sites that Show you what those key codes are now if I scrolled down on here I’ll just go to where the copyright code is You see here I have the copyright symbol It says 0169 in Order to get this code onto your computer you need to use The keypad which is to the right of All of the letters on your keyboard so you have to use the keypad and you have To hold down the Alt key While you type in this code so let’s say the code Together people 0169 So let’s go into PowerDirector And we’re going to Highlight this says here and I’m gonna hold down my Alt key and on my keypad I’m gonna type 0169 I’m gonna let go of the Alt key And that looks like a little symbol let me go ahead and change the color one that And yes copyright symbol I can change it size it up Make it how I want it So there are several Symbol that you can create using keystrokes I’m not gonna go through all of them But there’s the copyright symbol for you Alright so I’m gonna go back here andI’m gonna show you how to add Some more alright so if you want to Add even more simple outside of the Windows alt key codes that you can use You can use Wingdings so windings Are just a bunch of different symbols pictures All kinda stuff so I will show you how to use Wingdings In your titles so depending on what computer you got Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows whatever It is at the time that this video is being played in your face you gotta fly your accessories So I’m gonna go to start all programs Accessories System tools And Character map So now what wanna to do is scroll all the way down Till we get to these little crazy symbols And I’m just gonna keep going And I’m here so the crazy symbols I was talking to are called Wingdings so you got Windings Windings 2 and Wingdings 3 Remember what the last font before Wingdings one is it’s gonna to be important Because when you go back to CyberLink PowerDirector 13 ultimate It just gonna be symbols so you gotta remember what was the Last font before the symbols & the last font before that is going to be WindsorD on my computer it might be Wide Latin on yours So I’m gonna click on Wingdings and now I get all these beautiful symbols I got a Telephone I got a book Oh I got the I guess the Ying and the Yang or whatever so I’m gonna use that So I’m gonna click on it I’m gonna Double click it & it brings it down to the characters to copy section I could of also just clicked on it and clicked select And it would of done the same thing but now that it’s in this section I going to click on copy so now it is Copied and now I need to get it into PowerDirector 13 Ultimate so I need to go here to the font type click on this drop down arrow And then I need to select the same corresponding wing dings that I had before So I know that it was after Windsor Dee so here’s wins Rd and here’s the first set assembles after winds Rd I’m gonna click on net and now it’s up here in my font face And you can see it selected here but I want it to be The ying and the yang that picked 7 so I’m gonna do control V and there it is lets change the color here Change the size I can do this with Any one of those symbols from wingdings choose Wingdings 1, 2, or 3 and get any symbol from there Into my computer and as I showed you with the copyright I could also do it With the Windows Alt Key Codes I know you loved it, I know you did Now if you like this video you like what I showed you Hit the thumb alright if you love PowerDirector 13 and wanna see more Make sure you sub it up people alright.

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