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Welcome to Maastricht, a city in the south eastern corner of the Netherlands. Filled with international influence, Maastricht closely borders both Belgium and Germany. Zeyu and I had a lovely day trip here. A few blocks away from the train station we strolled past one of the oldest bridges in The Netherlands, the Sint Servaas bridge. The view from the bridge is beautiful and one can overlook the famous Meuse River. Closer towards the city center we found our way through the Our Beloved Lady Square or (Onze Lieve Vrouweplein) and The Vrijthof. One can find many surrounding shops and cafes nearby both squares. One of the most interesting shops we encountered while walking around was the Bishop’s Mill.

The oldest watermill in The Netherlands with its own bakery. After a quick lunch we set out towards the Jeker River and stumbled upon Maastricht’s Old City Wall. Next to the wall is the city park where children were feeding animals in a miniature zoo. Finally, another 10 minutes South took us to Fort Sint Pieter. Built in the early 1700s the view from atop the fortress gave us an overview of Maastricht. Also nearby are historical limestone caves. Unfortunately, we missed our tour time and did not have a chance to enter neither the cave nor the fort. Overall we loved Maastricht, there is so much international influence here and it was a shame we only had one day to enjoy this beautiful city..

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