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hi my name is Elizabeth and today I wanted to show you how I cut my own hair so to start off you’re going to first need a few things you’re going to need a wide toothed comb or a hairbrush design to use on wet hair which I’ll be using the wet brush you’re also going to need a pair of scissors designed to cut hair I’ll be using these tweezerman scissors and I’ll link them below but I would definitely recommend using scissors designed for cutting hair it makes a huge difference and I would not cut my hair if I wasn’t using ones specifically to cut hair and you’re also going to need just a regular hair tie so to go ahead and get started you want to take your freshly washed hair I just washed mine with shampoo and conditioner and I put just a little bit of some argan oil in the end just to make sure they were smooth because I do have split ends which is why I’m getting my going to cut my hair today so you’re just going to brush through your hair making sure you’re getting all the tangles or knots out and then you’re just going to start making sure you’re brushing it straight back on the top of your head you’re going to brush straight back and move along the side of your head on both sides then you’re going to flip your head over and continue brushing your hair straight forward then you’re going to begin gathering your hair to form a ponytail at the front of your forehead or at the top of your forehead I’m going to make sure that this hair stays straight it’s going straight forward and the sides are going to the sides like so if you have any bumps make sure to brush them out okay and now I’m going to take your elastic and secure your hair right at the top of your forehead so my band is very close to my forehead and then just brush through the ponytail making sure it’s nice and straight and this is why it’s called the ponytail and I called the unicorn method so then I make sure that the hair from the back of my head is .

.. on top of the ponytail and I kind of make it into like flat like so it’s straight like this okay once I have it straightened out I take it pretty parallel to my forehead where coming out and I place my fingers to about where I want to cut it off I keep my fingers there and since I’m going for a deep V cut in the back I want my longer hair to be in the back of my head and I want it to kind of frame around my face for the shorter end right here so I’m going to cut my hair on an angle, the more severe of the angle the shorter the front pieces will be so make sure you keep that in mind with the total length that you’re cutting off so I keep my fingers parallel to my head and then I just very carefully cut and I just start cutting very slowly okay so I have cut only a small amount this is usually the longest that I’ll actually cut off at one time I definitely recommend cutting a very little bit when you’re starting off and checking the links and checking the cut to see if you cut it correctly and if you like it then again I’m just checking making sure it looks pretty straight then I just go in and point cut a very little amount just to clean it up and I’m going to remove my ponytail and we’ll fluff it out and you can see how it’s shorter in the front and longer in the back all right so I’m going to go and dry and straighten my hair so you can actually see what it looks like when it’s dry okay so now I have dried and straighten this is kind of what it looks like if you can see how it’s shorter in the front with some layers around my face and then it’s longer in the back and I still got to keep all my length and there is a little bit of layering in the front so thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you all next time bye.

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