FORT ASG | Sniper Scope Cam Killstreaks – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

[player] – How much to the end of the game? [player2] – 2 min [Org] – 2minutes This is the end of the game But come back to the begining The game was in FORT ASG – Jaszczurowa near Wadowice / Malopolska / Poland And today we have free tickets The scenario is very simple We have 2h time to attack cassino, and take the flag But from 2 years nothing win at the attack side First we take out the snipers & dmr enemies Watch your six guys When we have no targets in long ranger We must close the distance, unfornutelly with casualties cost Fuck, enemy 12oClock Watch this flank Fort conquered, first time since years Little bit far away with this wind During defend i must support teambuddy friend at right flank in the tower Next i run to the left flank And i moving from flank to flank and supporting teambuddies with my range Shooting through the grass is not good idea I have lucky, enemy didnt localise me -Abram, give me this place [player] – HPA , HPA, im come back to home At the end my friend make a good deed If You like this please leave like & sub Next movie arrived soon .

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