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Hello everyone, OK, so I’ve had the Galaxy S4 for just under 24 hours and I’ve spotted a bit of a problem. And hopefully a solution. A few people have suffered with this one when they first got their Galaxy S4s. And effectively, it’s battery drain. And specifically battery drain is a Google Maps app checking or grabbing location information constantly. I first noticed it when I turned the device on because when I checked the battery stats it was using up 14% of my battery doing nothing that I could tell. Now what I did, I came into here and basically it was screen was like 50% Google Maps 14% a couple of other apps. I was like that was a bit strange.

Just put it down to, you know, that was how the S4 was going to be operating for me and carried on. Now what I did before I went to bed was I charged the device up fully to 100% and then I left it. It had nothing running in the background that I could tell, no apps running or anything like that it was just in a stand-by state effectively. Came to it in the morning and found that the Google Maps app was using over 50% of the battery. That’s not particularly great. And effectively it drained the battery from 99% down to about 82% just overnight doing absolutely nothing. Now clearly there’s a glitch there, there’s something’s gone wrong so I did a bit of a play around and I couldn’t locate which app was causing this battery drain. Though Google Maps as a service is used by lots of different apps. effectively to grab location information.

So what I did is I did a factory restore. So to do that you can come into your my device, or is it accounts? Come into accounts and you’ve got back-up and reset. And factory data reset. Now what this will do is it will completely wipe the phone of any user data you’ve installed, although all of the default apps, from Samsung will stay installed including any of their bloat where add-ons that they’ve put in as well, like things like daily motion. but interestingly after the factory restore I came back into the battery and the Google Maps was not listed. Not at all. No show. As you can see here. No Google Maps. I then started to reinstall all of my applications slowly but surely I’ve been re-enabling things like Google Plus with its location aware service and so on and lo and behold, the Google Map service has not restarted, even though the location aware stuff is now working properly.

So if you’re suffering with this problem try a factory restore, see if it does the same thing for you as it did for me and clears up this problem. But certainly now since I’ve made this change the battery has dropped about 6% I think. and I’ve been taking some photographs, generally mucking around installing apps and so on. Previously the battery in the same time period of about an hour would have dropped about 20-25% so quite a substantial battery drain with that map service running in the background like that. It’s worth a try guys at the end of the day, if this solves the battery problem for you, great it seems to have done it for me..

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