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(upbeat music) – Don’t google boudoir because then a whole bunch of interesting things will pop up. The style of boudoir that I do is more around genuine intimacy. My clients are people who want that authentic version of themselves, that more photo-journalistic but real to who they are. It’s always very vulnerable having a camera in your face so if you can break down those walls and connect with people quickly, make them feel comfortable. Having a genuine interest in people is a big thing, I think people can tell if you’re genuinely interested in who they are. I show up and before I even open up my gear or anything, I just kinda take a walk through the house, chat with them, get them kinda comfortable and I try to start off with really easy stuff like making coffee together and then as they kinda start to forget that I’m there, they can be more comfortable doing more intimate portraits.

In order for a shoot to make sense, I have to tell it like a story, that’s why I’ll do it in stages and I think breaking it up makes them feel more comfortable too and all the while, I’m shooting different pieces of their house so that when they see it as a final piece, it makes sense. And then you get to create something and they walk away from it and you’re connected to these people and then you get to give them images of something that’s so much more meaningful to them. So obviously I’m shooting raw, I do all the retouching with Lightroom and then I’m exporting the files with JPEGmini that compresses these files and you don’t lose any of the quality. I was skeptical of JPEGmini at first so I kind of ignored it for awhile and then it just kept coming up and I kept seeing photographers being like, “You need to have this,” and then using it once, I was like, “Yeah, I need to have this.” It’s really amazing when you get to see all the files kind of loading and then it’s like, “You’ve saved so much space,” you’re like, “yes.

” Before I was using this plugin, I would be really overwhelmed with several hard-drives. With using JPEGmini, it cuts down that volume tenfold, it’s crazy. Everyone is just used to letting a photograph live and die on a screen. The power of printing is something that is really important to me and to my business, and sure using JPEGmini, the quality was still there when I could see it on a screen and I was checking that but it was really really important to make sure that the quality was still there with printing. It was incredible to do a session, see what we created on screen and then have it printed the next day and see no difference in quality, I’m completely sold. I think people need to make an effort so that they do exist in photos and boudoir photography is a really honest way to do that..

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