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Do you want to play heroes early on in Galactic Assault in Star Wars Battlefront 2? Do you ever wonder how people get heroes with in the first 5 minutes of the game when your not even ½ way there? Well Today i’m going to tell you how to get 6k battlepoints before phase 2, regardless of your skill level. There are a few things out can do in the game that will help get you a ton of battle points, and stay tuned till the end and i’ll tell you the best loadout to use in order to get a hero with in the first 3 minutes. but before we get into that, if you learn anything in this video or want more like this, make sure to hit that like, subscribe and notification buttons. I would love your support, and my goal is to help new and struggling players improve their gaming experience. If there’s something your struggling with let me know! Each class has several ways to improve their battlepoint income, and that’s by using the bounty hunter card.

The bounty hunter card will increase the amount of battlepoints you gain by up to 20% when fully upgraded, Even if you don’t have it upgraded at all, it will still get you 5% more battlepoints for everything you do in this game. I would recommend running this card only in galactic assault, since the only thing that costs battlepoints in strike and blast are the trooper reinforcments, jet trooper and enforcer, but they’re really not much different then playing a normal trooper, and honestly easy to get points for during those game modes. Now that we have bounty hunter equipped, we need a way to maximize the amount of extra points we’re getting, so we want to focus on taking actions that will give the most amount of raw battlepoints. The largest point givers in this game are objectives. No matter what, you want to be playing the objective or near the objective in order to maximize your point gain. If your on the defense you want to be in the area of the objective and kill players around it.

If your on the attack, you want to be near it killing defenders or interacting with the object. Interacting gives more points then slaying, so if you have the chance to pick up the launcher or arm the bomb, make sure you do so. If your on the defense and the MTT or ATAT has been hit with the launcher, stop what you’re doing and shoot it, you rack up a ton of points doing this, and for some reason I don’t see a lot of people shooting at them. Not only does this improve your chances of winning phase 1, but it lowers the ticket count on phase 2, since the lower the MTT or ATAT is at the end of phase 1, the less amount of tickets available in phase 2. The Third way to gain a ton of points quickly is to use the armor for the dark side, the ATST or droid tank. The light side AT-RT is not nearly as durable, and you can be killed as the rider easily, so it doesn’t work with the ATRT nearly as much as the other types of armor, this also goes for all versions of the speeder, except on Crait or hoth.

Again you want to play near objective, but with the vehicles you have a ton of health and can slay massive amounts of troops. If you start getting low, like 2 bars left on the health bar, you want to leave the vehicle and you’ll continue your life as the last class you played. This is giving you a buy one get one and you’ll make your points you spent back and then some with ease. Finally, we come to the best loadout to get the most amount of battlepoints, and what I and many others, use in order to get a hero with in the first 3 minutes of the game. The best class to get battlepoints with, and the best class in the game, is the officer class. The cards you want to use, and preferably max out, are officer presence, bounty hunter, and improved battle command. In order for this to work, you will need to be near the largest group of team mates you can find near the objective, since a large amount of points you’ll get will come from officers presense. Officer presences reduces the amount of time before friendly troops start to recover health.

When your near them and they start regenerating health from your presences, you start gaining points. The more your near, the more points you’ll get. You still will want to engage the enemy thought, don’t just sit back behind cover and not engage, since you’ll get a ton of points from kills as well. When you start getting the points from the presense card and your own eliminations, you’ll get the extra points from bounty hunter like we discussed earlier. You’ll also get points by giving everyone else more health in your area with battlecommand, and since they’ll have more health, you’ll get more points as they regen those extra hit points as well. I would not recommend this build for blast or strike, but if your in GA and all you want is a hero, this is what you can run to get it quickly. I hope this helps some of you who have been struggleing to get heroes in GA.

If you learned anything from this, please give the video a like, and then hit the subscribe and notification button so you know when the new videos are out on Monday, Wenseday, friday and the streams on tuesday and thurseday at 8pm central. In the comments, let me know who is your favorite hero you’ll be playing more with what you just learned? I personally love Rey and Boba. Even with bobas nerf, i still love using the jet pack and rocket barrage is still extremely leathal. Rey is just straight up wall hacks, and should really get nerfed. Also if you’re on playstation, come join my community, RedWolf72ps4 where we can talk and party up for a few matches. You can also find me on twitter @RedWolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and as always, I’ll see you in game..

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