hey it’s brianna today’s video i’m sharing with you how to get a lot done, whether your’e a student a mom, working at home or in an office, we all know that procrastination can get in the way sometimes of us being highly productive and efficient and getting stuff done. everything that we need to get done, and being the boss that we can be, so as a wife a mom an entrepreneur a homeowner all of the thigns that i have to take care of, i need to get a lot done every single day to be the best version of myself so i’m going to share how i do all of the things in this video, i’ve got 5 hack for ya.

hack number one, put the phone away, stick it in a drawer, don’t look at it, it’s gonna sit in there until you get done eveyrthing you need to get done, because you should focus solely on the one thing the task at hand that you need to accomplish in that moment, put any kind of technology or distractions to the side. so this is my personal way of keeping track of everything i need to get done, i have sheets of paper that say today tomorrow this week next week this year next year, these 6 pieces of paper, and i have them on the bulletin board behind me in my office so i can always look at them and reference them. but then i will do a brain dump so whether it’s starting off my week or even the middle of the weekif more things get added on to my plate after checking emails or talking to different family members or just thigns that can happen in a home, i brain dump everything i need to do on these little post it notes, and then i can put the post it notes based on priority of when deadlines are or somethign that needs to be taken care of immediately is going to go on my today sheet, and then i prioritize accordingly.

So the things that oculd get done tomorrow or the next week, and i like using the post its because sometimes especially if you havekids, or other family members that you’re taking care of, you moight need to switch some of those post its around..

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