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“Citizens of Hamburg… after heroic struggle, after endless work and sacrifices for the German victory… HAMBURG the end of war 8 MAY 1945 …our country has been defeated honorably by its enemies…” In the end, this was the only thing which counted: Me, Hans-Jürgen Massaquoi and my mother we had survived the horrors of Nazi Germany a few people, our friends, had helped us Destined To Witness: Growing Up Black In Nazi Germany Be careful son. If the Gestapo catches you, you know you shouldn’t be there! – Mother, the war is over it’s over! Hey black man. What are you doing here? Are you a soldier? No! I live here. I’m German! He is German.

That’s unbelievable. Black man, you’re alive. This is for you, some sweets. Take care. Thank you! The beginning of my life was awesome my mom was eagerly looking forward to having me. When the sirens in Hamburg wanted to learn a bit They had the sailors on board on board! bottles broken husbands shocked They had the sailors on board on board! Capa-Capachero Ahoy, Capachero Girls from Hamburg can never be really full… So I was born on Tuesday the 19th January 1926. Good morning! Bertha, where is it? Where’s the little darling? Bertha… you gave birth to a negro baby! – Yes! Look he’s almost black! – Yes. And those little eyes… like little coals! Bertha, Bertha, where ever did you get him from? His name is Hans-Jürgen. Isn’t he a dearie? My grandfather was nobody less than an African king, Momolu Massaquoi, King of the Wai and first General Consul of Liberia in Hamburg. My mother had known his son Al-Haj during a visit in the hospital and she had fallen for him immediately a great romance, of which I was the result.

Congratulations! – Thank you. Since my father was studying in Dublin, he couldn’t welcome me personally. A beautiful child. When will Al-Haj come? – My son Al-Haj will be here in a few days, and he shall marry you miss Baetz. My grandfather wanted me and my mother to live with him until the marriage and so we moved to the Consular Mansion in the Johannisallee. (talking African) This is my wife Rachel. – Hello. Our daughter Fatima. Miss Baetz. And this is our grandchild Hans-Jürgen. My mother had given up her job in the hospital she dreamed of living in Africa one day with me and my dad. Do you have news of Al-Haj? Does he want me to join him, with Hans-Jürgen? Bertha, are you lacking anything here? Oh no, not at all I don’t wanna be ungrateful, Momolu.

I love being here in your house, with your family. Tell me grandpa? – Yes? Why are the clouds so white? I can’t tell you child. That’s nature. Look, how cute, like the negro from the Sarotti chocolates. That brown skin. – Makes you want to bite into him. I grew up with the belief that dark skin and curly hair was a symbol of superiority white people were our servants, white people admired me I was so sure to be the center of the universe and something really special. Good morning. – Good morning. I’m Elsa Duve, I’ve been invited. – Come inside. – Bertha! – Elsa…! You’re looking like a real negro princess! Nice that you came, Elsa. Wow, those people here look so rich. – That’s right Bertha. That’s the family Oh no Bertha I can’t, I don’t dare they’re so fine… Come on they won’t bite you. – But how do I address this man.

.. However you want, either as Mr. General Consul or Mr.Massaquoi. – as you wish. – This is my friend Elsa. Good morning, Excellency. Extremely nice to meet you Miss Elsa. My wife. – Hello, good morning. My daughter. – Hans-Jürgen. Hi good morning, Hans-Jürgen. – Hi good morning, auntie Elsa. Look at the crown. That’s my grandpa the King. – Yes that’s me with my crown. One day I’ll take him with me to Africa and show it to him. Very soon, I promise you. And that is my dad, he’s a king as well. No, he’s not. He’s still studying. Come on Hans-Jürgen, show me my place. Bertha, please These are family affairs. Momolu, a family begins with man and wife. I have no man. Welcome to the table. But my father did not come. His letters grew shorter and fewer. Always he delayed his arrival and the promised marriage. For my mother it was time to say good-bye to a dream. There are problems in Liberia my president asked me to come back as soon as possible. I shall become minister.

-I congratulate you. We will stamp letters all day long. Bertha, I want you to come with me, you and Hans-Jürgen. – To Africa? Yes, to Liberia. No,I… can’t do that, Momolu. You will live at my house and you won’t miss a thing. I will talk to Al-Haj. He must do what I order him. He will marry you. – I will not marry a man who only follows his father’s order, You white women make your lives difficult. – Your wife would feel like I do, Momolu. I’ve been waiting for Al-Haj for years now I’ve waited much too long, because of Hans-Jürgen. But enough is enough, I’ll remain in Hamburg. Then I will send you money. Thank you, no. I will raise my child on my own. Hamburg can be cold. – I know it. This is for Hans-Jürgen it belonged to Al-Haj.

Thank you, Momolu. He still may make up his mind. Goodbye little Hans. My little prince. And that’s how we left the warm house of my grandfather and the rich quarter of Hamburg, my childhood’s paradise and kingdom we moved to the worker’s quarter of Barmbek into the Stückenstrasse. – !Hey, watch where you’re going – Sorry. This is our street. come on, Hans-Jürgen. that’s where we’ll live now. I think ours is the upper level, below the roof. Oh my goodness… I want warm water and not cold water! I want cookies and a tea spoon! A telephone and I want to go back to my grandpa! Hans-Jürgen we have only cold water and no telephone and me too I would prefer to be with your father in Liberia! Hey, mom? – Yes? Can’t I go with you to the hospital? – Oh what the heck… will you be a good child! Mrs.

Möller, that’s him. That’s my son Hans-Jürgen. – Hey… wow! He’s really almost black. – Come. Yes, I know. – Good morning. – Hans-Jürgen will you give Mrs. Möller your hand. Oh come on, no need for that. – Well, come in, come in. – Thank you. – Yes, have a look around. – Thank you, Mrs. Möller. I’ll cook cauliflower today, do you like it? Please… sit down for a moment. – Thank you. A coffee? Oh no, thank you. – Come on just a little bit. It’s great that you found a job. – I got back my former employment in the hospital. Work is the most important for now. – Exactly. I have a cocoa for you. And then, do you have a dad for the little cutie? – No, I haven’t. Well, than… it’ll be OK without as well But… for such a beautiful lady.

.. it would not be too bad to have a protector, right? Mrs. Möller, I don’t wanna be late the first day… – All right, you go to work, don’t worry Mrs. Bertha. I’ll take care of the kid. – Thank you. I’ve raised so many children already That neighbor girl Erika and my own daughter of course and those three boys from that Mr. Harms, whose wife had died My god that was too sad. Hans-Jürgen, promise that you’ll not… be a good child Thanks a lot Mrs. Möller. I’ll come for you in the evening. – We’ll make it! Till then. Do you want a cherry? But then… such a fine suite it’ll not be useful to you here with us in Barmbek. – Are you my new housemaid? Oh yeah yes, I’m your new housemaid, auntie Möller! And you, you’re my little chocolate cookie. – Bertha. Elsa. Oh you are back. She wanted to go to Africa, but now she’ll stay with us in Hamburg. And she has such a lovely son – He’ll come to school already, doesn’t he? Yes, after Easter. He’s clever, he’ll make it. And.

.. and that guy… what was his name? – Al-Haj. Well we’ll talk no longer of him, OK. I think, this could have happened you as well with a German guy. – Oh Bertha, I’m happy to see you. Oh, Elsa. If it wasn’t for love, the baby buggy would stay empty, and the stork would be unemployed… Yes, if it wasn’t for love, the baby buggy would be empty The stork… – Do you want potato pancakes today? – Oh yes! Oh, Hans Albers! – Good morning. Good morning. Come on. Morning. First we’ll bring away the laundry and afterwards we’ll go shopping. – Good morning you two. Good morning Mrs. Möller. – That was my suit! – You’ll not need it anymore. Hi Elsbeth. Good morning. – Is that your grandchild? – No. I thought your daughter had been on a banana steamer. Ah, she married that guy from the Harz mountains. And in the mountains there are no steamers Willem.

. That is Hans-Jürgen, the son of Miss Baetz. He’s my chocolate cookie. Hi Hans-Jürgen. Here that’s my son Klaus and this is Fiete, the tailor’s son they both are your age, they could become your playmates. – Yes, maybe tomorrow, come on. ? Negro, Niggler, Chimney Sweeper ? Don’t, that’s nasty. Hello Mrs.Möller. Hello, Hans-Jürgen. – Please. – Thank you. A real negro kid, here with us in the Stückenstrasse. My husband wouldn’t believe it. – What do you think, will he stain you when you touch him? And the hair he has, looks like wool. – Don’t you touch the child, you… – Sorry, I.. And I don’t grab your window blinds. Just to clarify that he is a real citizen of Hamburg not a provincial duck like you. – Yes… – Where were you from? From Bad Bramstedt. Pah! Down there I wouldn’t want to be thrown over the fence after I died. Come, Hans-Jürgen.

Write it down, ok. “Window blinds”. What dumb people they are. What dumb people they are. Miserable silly ducks. They have nothing to do, all the day. Nothing to do but talking gossip, gossip all the day. They should clean up their own backyard, there’s enough shit. Hans-Jürgen, but let’s not tell that to your mom. Poor Bertha she would just be upset. She doesn’t need to know. It’ll be our secret, deal? Good. I can’t have my own garden, but I can at least have some flowers in the windows. Oh no, a mother doesn’t need to know everything however much one loves her – Are your neighbors nice to you? Yes. – Do you like auntie Möller? Yes. – Heaven, he doesn’t want to talk at all today..

. Have you found some friends? – Yes. Friends, hardly But I was determined to go out and conquer my part of this world. Hey mom? – Yes. Can I go play outside? – Ok, but not too long, it’ll be dark soon and don’t get dirty. – Ok. On the playground, the unemployed were playing cards and we kids were exchanging pictures to collect from the cigarette packs. Fiete and Klaus laughed about my three pictures. Fiete had already three complete collections. His dad, the tailor smoked a lot and Klaus’s father was in the party. – What’s that, the party? I don’t know. Fiete, ship against soldier? No, ship and house against soldier. – Agree… Party or not, Klaus would never have as many as Fiete because Klaus had two big brothers who took away the best pictures before he could Fiete’s mom had already figured out that we three would be in the same class and other news she had too Hans-Jürgen, my mom says that your mom is a negro whore. – What is that, a whore? She does something with men. – Oh I see And what is your dad? He’s the son of a King in Africa, and when I’m big I’ll be the son of a king too.

What kind of king? King of shoe polish?. Be careful you … Yes, show us if you can fight. Let’s go. First, take six feet distance. One, two, three! Friends are to be made only by risking one’s life. Hey boys, stay away from the laundry. It was worth the fight. – Do you wanna be neighbors in class? My new friends Fiete and Klaus introduced me to the most important places on the street like the pub Zanoleti, until 1933 the meeting point of the communists Daddy… Daddy, the house key? – Don’t do any nonsense. -…Lenz and [someone] were farmers together. – Don’t forget farmers. Farmers? Here in Hamburg? They presented me to their friend, the locksmiths assistant Ernst Kröger. – Hey… you wanna some slaps? Ernst Kröger, he knows everything. He knows everything about the world. – And to the friendly local policeman constable Reesen.

– Hum… what have I seen? Sorry. – I’ve seen nothing… but you, I see for the first time. This is Hans-Jürgen, he’s the grandchild of the King of Africa, but he doesn’t live in Liberia, but in the Stückenstrasse 3 with his mom. – Oh I see. Ok Hans-Jürgen you don’t have to be afraid I’ll keep an eye on you. And now, off! Happy first day in school. – He can talk. You know what my brothers told about school? When someone gives a wrong reply the teachers whips him until blood splashes and if you break a chalk, he’ll beat your hand until all the bones split Couldn’t you be careful? Someone call the police! – Another accident. – You drove too fast. – Nope! I was looking for you everywhere and I had told you, not to get dirty. But you’re so quiet today.

Did someone pick on you? That stupid chimney sweeper song? – Who sings that gets a good beating from me. Don’t you, my dear. Tell me mom, what is a negro whore? Tell your friends, that I don’t want to hear that word ever again or they’ll have big trouble with me. And l don’t want you to talk of Negroes. – All the others do that. You father is African, and you are half African. Grandpa Momolu would tell you something if he could hear you talking. Look, so many children come to school today. – I didn’t want at all make the school experience after all Klaus had told us about it. – Looks like someone is waiting for us. Will there still be some room in that bag? Yes. – But first you’ll eat the sandwich, then the sweets. – Hans-Jürgen. – Thank you Mr. Reesen. – Albert Heinz? Here. – Sit down. Ansorge, Ludwig? Here.

– Sit down. Bade, Emil? Here. – Sit down. Hans-Jürgen? Here. – How nice to have Hans-Jürgen in our class. You may sit down Hans-Jürgen. Bosselmann Heino? – Here. – Doderer, Franz? Here. – Sit down. Mother’s job at the hospital was miserably paid and not only physically hard – You see sir that little prick was not painful at all, right? No. Nurse Bertha, are you still single? No. And it’s not your business either. If you ever put your hands on my breast again, you’ll be kicked out of here. Have you understood me! That’s unbelievable. Such insolence. Damn it. Hey what happened? Oh I see The patients can really get on one’s nerves. they should all receive a patch on their mouth right at admittance. But you could go out sometimes, hmm. It doesn’t need to be a patient, what about a nice man? Well Elsa, I don’t need that.

I have my job, I have my son. You’re a burnt child, aren’t you. That’s not good Bertha. Every woman needs a man. That’s always so. But you don’t have one either? I’ve still not made a decision. That one in room 17, that with the angina. That one… that one is charming. – That one with the patch on his mouth? Look there, the negro. – What’s on him? Beat it. Tell me why do Negroes have wool on their head? – Let him alone. Negro, niggler, chimney sweeper – Stop that! Shut up! Coward, coward… Negro, negro, chimney sweeper We’ll show him what’s right. We’ll ship him back to Africa. What’s wrong here? – The negro kicked me. And why did he do that? – I don’t know. He made fun of me and grabbled my hair. – And they taunted him. Is that right?.

Is that right?. – He lies. You have no right to mock others and their appearance. Next time you harass this boy I’ll report it to your class teacher. Get off here. Walter? – Yes Miss Eilert. Walter I think you’re a serious schoolboy this boy needs someone to protect him. Do you want to do that? – Don’t worry Miss Eilert, nobody will do him wrong. I’ll take care of him. I was as little as you once too. – But not a chimney sweeper. Hey my schoolboy. – Hey. How was the first day? – Good. Miss Eilert is very nice. Yes? – Yes? I even have a real protector. That one. Walter. A protector? – Lehmann,Walter. – Baetz Bertha. You can count on me, I’ll take care of him. Thank you, that you care for my boy… Tha… – Has everybody here a protector? Only those with funny hair. – Has something happened at school? Someone grabbed my hair and mocked me. – And something else .

..?. And the song Negro, niggler, chimney sweeper …of all professions and all cities such an organization, which causes an uprising 414 Adolf Hitler had come to power two years ago and things were building: the Nazi flags everywhere, my mothers flowers and myself. I was nine years old and wore a size 38 shoe. Stückenstrasse 3 had become our home and auntie Möller our family. – Put your hands up. Do you know your song? ? Hamburg ? at the Elbe river meadows ? You are so beautiful to watch ? with your towers so high ? and your ships so broad Glory to you My mother loved Hamburg, her flowers and me. Well the other way around. But in her life, something had happened I wasn’t yet aware what it was about. – Tell me Bertha… Yes? That new Human resources manager…

– how is his name… Walf – Franz Wahl. He’s only the secretary of the Human resources manager. – But I tell you… he likes you. – Where did you get that idea? Elsa you’re fantasizing. Yes, yes, yes… He wanted only to talk to nurse Miss Bertha. And he knows that your sign is Virgo. – Your zodiac sign, do they know it?. – But he is not interested in mine. No, come on, Bertha. That guy’s from the class you are. Does he know you have a son? After all, it’s written in my file. He asked me if my son is like me. And what did you answer? Shouldn’t my son resemble his mother? He’s coming – Good Morning, ladies. – Good morning, Mr Wahl Ach… Elsa weren’t you going to take some blood pressures? Take blood pressure? – Yes, I ought to. Yes. – Yes. – Thank you. – I noticed that you like small greenery. That’s why I wanted to ask, if you would like to go sometime with me…

– …into a green place – go on? On Sunday perhaps you could find some time. – We could go to the city park. – Very gladly, Mr. Wahl, but… – My son… – Franz, sister Bertha, please. Your son, yes… we can go with him, of course. But as to that I wanted to add, Herr Wahl, I mean Franz… My son Hans-Jürgen… oh… How can I just say? He probably does not want his pretty mom to meet with a secretary. My son is not like the others. How it he not like the others? His father is an African. Yes, then… then I will hope, that he is still in Africa. I mean the Father, of course. Yes, and I agree. Nevertheless it was a while before mom and I invited him home. Franz had to wait a while. Thanks to you, it becomes a more and more beautiful world so beautiful since every day that you forgive me is a Sunday..

. “For Bertha.” You, Hans-Jürgen? I got to know someone in the hospital. His name is Franz Wahl. And I should… May I speak to him, Franz? He is very dear. He’s now coming to visit us. Come. – Good evening, Franz. – Good evening. Sorry… This is my son, Hans-Jürgen. This is Mr. Wahl. – Good evening, Mr. Wahl. – Franz. Your mom has also had to unlearn calling me Wahl. But, Do come in. Please. Thank you. So, take a seat. No … You already know your numbers? Hans-Jürgen is the best in his class. – This is not to say had to be. – But I am so proud of you. His teacher says he has a very “bright” head. I don’t at all have a “bright” head. He goes to the academic school, studies to become an engineer. I’ll tell you right now that I have not a single cavity in my teeth. He actually does not have a single cavity in his teeth. What? I don’t believe you. Show me.

Ooh… Those are absolutely perfect teeth. Do you want to see my soldiers? But of course. I also have almost as many as Fiete and Klaus – Who are Fiete and Klaus? – My friends. Come here, Franz? I’m coming. Now, show me more. Franz is cool. I’m happy. But he’s going home. I have night duty. My sweetie calls himself Winnetou. Shall we read now? But not Winnetou. 17 and 4 [card game]. I’ll ruin you, Aunt Möller. Good. Shuffle the cards now. Please come. – A little drop for you? – I’m nervous enough. – Here’s a blanket. – Go now upstairs. – I think I must be mad. – No, you’re just in love. – He calls me “a thousand beauties”! – How lovely – Will you come, Aunt Möller? – I’m coming. Good night, Mommy. – They’ve all bloomed. – Also the one from you. And? What do you think about him? He is a splendid boy. No surprise! Shall we..

. Germany re-arms. Our favorite game is war. Grenade! I’m dead. – No, my fighter guy is still fighting. – You’re dead! Stretch back. We need to have a Hitler here. He could even move his right hand. Goebbels and Göring too. – Adolf Hitler is a good man. – He even started the Hitler Youth. Uwe, Ludwig, and Karl-Heinz are already in the Hitler Youth. – Do we want in, too? – You can’t get in the Hitler Youth. – Why not? – Because you’re not yet ten. Real simple. Fiete and I could. We’re 10 Well … I don’t know for sure. My father says that the Hitler Youth is better than roaming the streets. – Are your brothers are already there. – What do you think. They are already Hitlerjugend. My father says that I must join up without fail. He asks me about it every night. And what will you do? What my dad says is so much crap.

He could demand it a hundred times. I believe that it’s no good to be part of the Hitler Youth. nice uniform… But then every afternoon marching? A bad deal… And what does your mom say about this? She is opposed. But what she says, is also crap. – I’ll do what you guys want. – Exactly – just like you. All together, or not at all. Because we’re friends. Bertha! Hold on. I have something for you. – Good morning, Mr. Wahl. – Good morning. Winter lettuce, carrots, beans. How very nice. But where can I plant it all? I have one more surprise for you. Imagine – from today I’m the boss’s personnel deputy. Oh, Franz! I congratulate you. – It went pretty smoothly. – I worked on it. My personnel boss … Heil Hitler, my thousand beauties. Have you heard Ms. Möller, Bertha, Franz is now head of personnel.

– But does he need to work on Sundays. – The head of personnel? This is a very good match! You could perhaps get engaged. Prussians don’t move to the point this quickly. Aunt Möller, where are the Indians? Hold your mouth. I’ll ask right now. Excuse me, I read in the paper, that there will be a circus show of Indians. Where’s that? There are no Indians here. – We now have Africans. – Africans? Just like the young man. Genuine live Africans. The genuine Negro village of Tschaka-Tschaka. The weekly show is just beginning. This way. Thank you. Let’s get going. Come on now, Bertha. There they are! – They cook outside. – Without a kitchen. Where did they get them from? Elsa, what do you think? They play the drums really well They are nearly naked. They have it in their blood.

They have a lot of chains on their necks. Feel it up here. Blacks apparently are not too clean. Where do they wash up? They might hear you. His people were shining example. But wasn’t that just an exception? They had a couple of bathrooms with running water! – Do you have that in you house? – Enough already! Look at him, This young guy! He’s one of them. What do you think? This is my son. He also shows the Lord’s handiwork. Come, Hans-Jürgen. We’re going. I’m not one of them. I live on Stückenstrasse. – I live on the Stückenstrasse. – Idiots! If Franz had only been with us! He could have told them something. Putting people behind fences and We treat them like animals. If anyone ever hurts you..

. … tell me about it. I will tell it to Franz. Good morning, dear class 3a. Good morning, Miss Eilert. Sit. – What’s up, Friedrich? – My father says no more “good morning”” Now I give the German greeting. And it goes this way: Heil Hitler! As far as I have been informed, it is a requirement only for officials wearing a uniform. I do not have a uniform. In my conviction, the word Heil is only for our lord in heaven. Now get to work. There is a lot to be done In a week there’ll be a school show. And we’re going to show together all that we can. We’ll sing “Thoughts are Free” and then dance. After that, Hans-Jürgen will recite a poem. Have you practiced it already? – Only the first verse. – Please. How you rest so still in your white cocoon you motherly land. Where are the songs of spring? the bright coat of feathers? and your flower-showy dress? Outstanding! Sit down.

How you rest so still in your white cocoon What does this mean? Who knows? Kurt? Snow. But how can Hans-Jürgen know? Snow doesn’t fall on blacks Ow! Miss Eilert! He hit me. Now, sing this all together, “Thoughts are free”. OK? On three. 1, 2, 3. Thoughts they are free Who can ever guess them? They fly on by Like nocturnal shadows – Want to hear my poem? – Sure. Recite. How you rest so still in your white cocoon. you motherly land. Where are the songs of Spring? the bright coat of feathers? And your flower-showy dress? You slumber now undressed no lamb or sheep a-grazing on thy meadows and hills. the songs of bird silenced, no bee left behind buzzing yet beautiful you are in winter. Bravo. Very nicely well done. I can do more, but that would take a while. I think so. Can I come too – Would you? That would be great! – Do you know .

.. What we need is a proper boat. A proper boat ship which we both can float? Yes, the sea. The two of us we would be a good team. – You’re the captain. – And you’re the helmsman. Look, niggler. Negro, niggler, chimney sweeper. There, that’s better. So that with the cap they don’t immediately spot you. Come here. Bring us up some ice cream. He really likes you. And you? My one thousand beauty? You like me, just a little bit? Tell me, Bertha. – Would you like to have a garden plot? – And how. But I’d spend 10 years on the very long waiting list. – I could think of something. – That would be … – Here you go. – Thank you. – Hans-Jürgen. – Thank you. – Please. – Thank you. Have you already mentioned, I have a shift tonight? So I have to sleep at Aunt Möller’s? You could play in 17 and 4 again. She doesn’t want to any more, because she always loses to me. Could not I sleep at Franz’s? Franz also has a night shift today. There’s cholera. I learned not only poems, but also ever new jibes on my skin color. I’ve been Sarotti-Negro, boy chimney sweep and ink.

I found that my cap did not help in the long run. Holladiche, holladiho… Fiete and Klaus helped me. They had long forgotten about my skin color. I just focused more on the important things in life. Can I also ride it around? Maybe next week, because it’s too new now. Look. It has painted tubes. Yes, I know. And three gears. It’s going very well for my father. But he has to spend days and nights sewing uniforms. No, and you’re an only child so you get more. I have to ride this bike. He was new, and my brother got it. Being younger can be a real drag. What’s wrong with him? He’s an only child, and he has no bike at all. Hans-Jürgen, Want a ride? No, thank you … Franz, another beer?. No, thank you. Children’s room is ready. Now what? Now we do the bedroom. Wash your hands. We eat soon. – Hey, great one.

– Hey, Franz. Heil Hitler! – Ach, Bertha? – Yes. This trip on Sunday won’t work out. I have a party meeting. But you can take Elsa along. Since when are we in the party? – I didn’t tell you about it? – Uh-uh. And what do you think, a thousand beauty? As head of personnel I must be in the party. – Oh, yeah? You must? – Yes, he must. You see? – How’s it going in school, engineer? – Good. – I have a top grade in the class. – What? Top grade! Already gone into the Nazi youth? He is not yet ten years old. Next January, I will be 10 I’ll go in with Klaus and Fiete. And January is already near. Hitlerjugend that is friendship. Friends, stick together. Hans-Jürgen. I’ll give this to you. – Wear it in good health.

– For me? Look, Mommy. Thank you. Hans-Jürgen. Wallpaper’s nearly dry. Tomorrow we will be able to sleep at home again. Can you sew it on for me? No. But I got it from Franz. And in this case I can’t sew it on. Don’t you like the party? I do not know. I don’t think they will do us any good. Does Franz want to marry you? He hasn’t asked me. Why? Do you want that? I don’t know. Will my dad will ever come again? I don’t believe so. And besides, I have now Franz. But if your father could see you, he would probably be bursting with pride! Such a boy. Maybe one day I will be able to visit your father in Liberia. They’ll be surprised. When I’m grown I’ll go to Liberia and show them how to build bridges. But when you become an adult … … will you go so far from me? – Watch me. – You… – Ach.

– Good morning. Wait a minute. – Here. – That’s impressive. Thank you, Aunt Möller. No, my little rogue. I did not do this willingly. Where did you get it from? From Franz. He will be my stepdad. Aunt Möller sewed it on. Good morning, Mr. Director. sit down! Well, well, well… Have we not learned the German greeting in this class? We know it. Well then. I’ll exit through the door and come in again. And then you salute me the right way. Heil Hitler! Thanks indeed. Entering the Hitler Youth. That’s not a tricky step. – Good morning. – Good morning, Mrs. Eilert. Sit down. Heil Hitler, Mrs. Eilert. Good morning, Mr. Wriede. I’ll tell you something else: If all the boys will be join up in the Hitler Youth, then you get a day off from school. We need to talk over this proposal. This is a very beautiful bridge. Skillful work. Adolf Hitler loves bridges..

. – Want to get a slap on the wrist? – Look, Ernst, grenades. Such childishness. Does any of you want a smoke? Friends, we have a new task. Mussolini’s group lost in Abyssinia. The League of Nations is opposed. But what’s it doing to help Abyssinia? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. Arms embargo. One should go over to Africa. To show Abyssinians how can they defend against Mussolini’s tanks. Blockage! Yes, blockage. Between the wheels and the tank track. Then grenades. Peng … No more tank. – Bum! – We’ll see. I enlisted in the war to help the compatriots. – Can we come along? – Why not? One day. You boys will be passable soldiers. – Can you tell us for sure you’re going? – Sure, I say. My mother would never allow it. – Yes. First you need to graduate from high school .

.. – School … you learn nothing there. Have your teachers, for example, explained where babies come from? I thought so. Come over here. – Do you believe that? – He made it up himself. It’s impossible. But Ernst invented something like that. He knows it. He comes from Hammerbrook. Perhaps in Hammerbrook the kids do that. – We certainly don’t. – Here they do differently. – Yes, So how do kids do it here? – Otherwise, certainly. By mixing different meats, maybe. I need to tell you something. I enrolled in the Hitler Youth. – After all, we swore that we’d do it together. – I know. But my father does everything for the party. I had to join up. – But we swore. – It’s not so bad, listen. My father promised me a train set for Christmas. – And you can both play, too.

– You can play with it alone .. Look, it’s Walter Lehmann. He belongs in the first class with me. Hello, Walter! You see, Petersen: Germans are waking up. – He’s right in front. – Yes. Flag high! My Fiete will be passing by soon. – Oh, there’s Fiete. – Can you see? Always march, march. Beautiful, such a delightful tune. There’s a proper entry dance. – Why are you wearing such a dress? – How’s that, is it too serious? Franz likes it very much. – Where’d the beans all come from? – From Franz. He give you seeds? – Can you make him woolen condoms? – Knee socks for Hans-Jürgen. – Ah, yes. Before you go you two the … Where is Hans-Jürgen? Hans-Jürgen? Come here, please. Run over to Zanoletti’s. – And bring us a beer. – The air here is so dry. Go on now. This air is really dry.

Small beer for health. Hans-Jürgen will grow into a handsome guy. – The girls will flock behind him . – Naturally. With the mother. I know, Elsbeth. Today Germany belongs to us Tomorrow the whole world Here! Here, please, can you take a look! That is the racial shame! – Franz, help me. – So it seems! Franz, help me! Something will come of this … Franz! German woman … … with a Negro … He comes from the seed of the Negro. – Negro … – Stop it. Leave him alone! Stop it! Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! Is good behavior, out of fashion now? Please. What came from this. Exactly that. Bertha, will you come now with us to dance? no, I’m not going to dance now. Elsbeth! Elsbeth! – Mr. Wahl! – Good that you’re here. Bertha is worried.

Bertha? What happened? Bertha, what’s wrong then? Earlier … They are the … These men, Hans-Jürgen … Down at Zanoletti’s. They go … They treated him like a dog! Why do they do it, Franz? He’s just a kid – a kid! – I’ll speak with him, okay? – Good. Hans-Jürgen? Oh, great. I’m really sorry. So actually these men are usually quite proper, but … A few of them sometimes drink too much and then … they don’t really think so. Why didn’t you help me? I had to think how I felt about the situation. It was so loud. Besides … I also belong to the party. I know there … I need to stick with them. I’m the head of the personnel office. But… You know when you join the Nazi youth, the change will be easier for you. For you and your mom. We’ll belong with the future. Hitler Youth means friendship. And friends help each other. And what’s with the boat? We’ll build it soon. I promised you that.

I lost my cap. I’ll buy you a new one. And a much prettier one. Listen … The fact that I was in the pub, don’t tell your mom. Bertha won’t understand that. – Women do not understand such things. – Nope. Can I count on you, big guy? – Your word, man? – My word. Generations will come. Generations will pass away … “I don’t have access- non-aryans on the playground prohibited. ” Well, I’m not a non-aryan. That’s firm, I think. And I’m not either, I think. And I do not know who I am. I’ll have to ask my mom. But it is after all our district. Right. We have something to say. The sign’s coming off. – Exactly. – Come on, Fiete, a thieves’ ladder. And, to the top … knife! Hopefully the police won’t come right away. Don’t crap in your pants, Fiete.

Abyssinian arsebomber! And could they find out, that we stole this sign? – None of us will speak out. – Shall we go to Ernst? Perhaps he has his defense ready for Abissynians. – I have the Hitler Youth. – Me too. I don’t have to go back. My mom has late duty. She’s back at 9:30. – You don’t have to go to Aunt Möller? I am now a latchkey kid. I can do what I want Would you like to come and eat with us? We have rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon. Yes, with Aunt Möller we always had something like that. I’ll open it. 01:07:00,000 –> 01:07:02,200 – Dad, I’m … – Ah, Hans-Jürgen. Good evening, youngster. – What’s new there? – Mom’s working. – Capable woman. Will you eat with us? – If I can …? Sure. Hands off!. – Would you like strawberry compote? – He loves strawberry compote, like a girl.

He is a coward, like a girl, He’s afraid to join the Hitler Youth. He’s afraid of the exams – of passing them. Of course I’ll pass! I run 60 meters in 9 seconds, and throw 37 meters. It’s true. Who believes is blessed. Idiot! Mom, I need another plate. Hans-Jürgen is here for supper. Is he allowed to be here? By … Well, yes, Aryan he is not, but he’s a fine boy. Hitler has not decided on blacks. He considers mainly Jews. There are many more. True. I have never seen any blacks except for their friend from the district. – I went to the zoo once … – Wash hands and to the table! And why do they even think the Germans were inferior in the war? Hitler said that in everything the Jews are guilty. The Jews alone. Don’t allow any more for the Jews. They are like rats. – Horrible race.

– Excuse me. Yes, they are hideous, so says my uncle Franz, too. I got this here from him. He’s in the party. – Oh. – Why don’t the police take the Jews and throw them in prison? – Patience, dear. I am sure that our leader … … in time will deal with this situation. Give Hans-Jürgen more whipped cream on that. Boy, I saw you vandalize our beer garden. – Run! – Hands off. Let the boy loose. Hans-Jürgen? Oh, Hans-Jürgen! I’m so glad. I thought there … Where have you been? We looked all over. also at Aunt Möller’s, and Franz was looking too. It’s 10 PM now. – Oh, good evening, Mr Mahnke. – Good evening. Do not worry, Miss Baetz. He was with us. I also have brought something, I noticed something was missing in the window. Thank you very much, Mr. Mahnke. Hans-Jürgen said, you do not have much money for such a flag.

It thought to myself… I am also happy to help mount it. May I? – Yes, please. – You must have it hang out. Like this. – I’ll do it. – It’s part of my duty. I’ll do it myself soon. Yes, it’ not easy a for a lady as a single parent. But this boy has been well raised. You can be proud of him. Yeah, so … Oh that’s right and something else. Hitler should now be in every home. Thank you, Mr. Mahnke. It’s very friendly of you. – I even have the frame for it. – Gorgeous. So … So I’ll go back on my rounds. – Good night, Miss Baetz. – Good night. Hans-Jürgen. Always leave me a note please so I know where you are. I was almost dying of fear, you understand? What happened at Zanoletti’s can also happen elsewhere. – Don’t you want to hang the Hitler. – Here at home I want to have no politics. – He said we should hang it. – Shut your trap. – Mr. Mahnke does not know his colors. – Why? Because he said that Negroes are not a German race, but me, I’m one.

Well, now let’s go to bed. Look. “For non-Aryans it is strictly prohibited to enter the playground.” – How do you get it? – From the playground. On the wall. – We unscrewed it, Klaus, Fiete and I. – Have you totally lost your senses? Take it with you? You know what that is? That’s theft. You’re thieves. – It is, but it’s our playground. – You’ll take it back first thing tomorrow. No. You’ll take it back tomorrow morning. My son doesn’t steal. And now disappear! To bed. I’m sorry, but … Well, the cap off finally. Are we not Aryans? I am Aryan, but you’re probably not. Because your father is not Ariyan. Just the same I don’t know my father at all. This is unfair. Why can’t I still have fun on the playground? – I am after all a German.

– Of course you’re German. Perhaps Mr Mahnke can make an exception for you, like other foreigners. I do not want to be the exception. I want to be like everyone else. You are not any exception. You’re e very special boy. Yet you have to be more cautious than Fiete and Klaus. Have you understood that? I am extremely happy. Franz, my own garden! – It only took a signature. – I also have money for the rent. And look … This is my plan for planting it. No more. Here, potatoes, vegetables and flowers. At the front the short plants and at the rear bushes. It’s here … – This is my currant bush. – You can start right in today. And now we’re here. – Oh, and one more thing, Bertha. – Yes? – Do not talk about it to Hans-Jürgen. – Why? All the owners of the gardens belong to the party. That is why I had to go around the waiting list. So if I can’t tell him that means that he must not come here? Maybe not in the first year.

Or, when it’s dark. But we can plant a high hedge. Have you completely lost your mind? I can not bring him here? So why do I even have a garden? Dr.. Schreber said that these gardens must be used for growing of healthy food. Bertha! Bertha, please wait! I only thought well of it. I like your boy, you know that. – But this party … – This party, this party … Was this party your darling? Franz, you become a stranger to me, when you say something like that. Thoughts are free Who can guess them? they fly on past Like nocturnal shadows Heil Hitler! I just wanted to check if I can still give you a vacation day. I can still see some empty spaces. Well, yes … Everything follows its course, even if slowly. And now I have one more question: Do hamsters can fly? Miss Eilert? She doesn’t know either. But hamsters can fly. If they buy a ticket on the Zeppelin. You there! Stop this niggler smiling.

This is Hans-Jürgen. He is the best at German poetry. At the show we will be reciting a poem. – The boy? – A poem about snow? I need to talk to you. In the corridor. Grin. I can’t see anything. Grin again. Normal. He smiles just like we do. You are dancing like a goddess. Your pain will go away and meeting again will be beautiful. – Where is your cavalier? – We had a fight. Not bad, the reconciliation will be so much better. Ah! That’s why I check Who bonds forever. Do you know Miss Elsa, What is La Paloma? – Oh no. – A little white dove. – Ah! – Coo-coo. You guessed what I mean. Chickie, get the door La Paloma Ohe Sometime it must be over. Only the memory of the hours of love still are left behind in the land Franz, it is you finally. – I thought you would never come again to us. – The later the evening … .

.. the prettier the guests, your mother would say. Thank you. Elsbeth needs a break. And then again from the beginning! Good evening, everybody. – Congratulations, Mrs. Möller. – Yes … – Cheers! – Yes, it’s … thank you … I’ll tell you, Mr. Wahl. At our greengrocer’s that would look more like a carrot. Pineapple, pineapple, the one makes the other wet. – Please. – Thank you. Franz can arrange everything. Bertha, get coffee and cake for Mr. Wahl I have already, Elsbeth. We have now a herb liqueur. Home made. Well, my one thousand-beauty. Was he till angry? How are you doing? Who’s coming now? I invited one else. – How are you doing. – La Paloma. Surprise guest. Coffee, cakes? No, thank you. – Miss Baetz, can we talk? – Miss Eilert. What’s wrong then? – Who was that? – My teacher. – Do you know anything you did wrong? – Nope. You’re in luck.

The Director of the school fired me. Why? I’m in a Bible study meeting. – From 1933 it has been prohibited. – I have never heard of such a thing. Someone had to get rid of me because I did not want to salute with the right hand. How stupid of me. Stupid of me. Hans-Jürgen is banned from the performance. The school super intendant ordered it. Because my son is not Aryan. – Kläuschen, we two? – We and the pilot Bismark. Miss Eilert was let go, Because she didn’t want to say Heil Hitler. – What? – And I’m fired from the show. – Mr. Wriede forbade it. – That can’t be! Especially since you had practiced so much! Hans-Jürgen, if you will not be allowed to take part do not go to this show. And this Mr. Wriede can shove this whole show up his Nazi arse. That I shouldn’t have heard. This here, William, this is my kitchen, and here I will say what I think, Mr. Blockmeister. Hans-Jürgen take that off and never wear it again. Oh, here, you need to learn to sew. – Hey! – Just now! – Elsbeth, I’m leaving. – Please, go away.

– Mr. Wahl, you’ll come with me? – Yes. – Are you coming, or? – I think you will be? Bertha wanted to … Miss Baetz needs some help. Ah. So … Come on, Hans-Jürgen. Say goodbye to Miss Eilert now. No no! Such a birthday I will never forget! Thank you for everything, that you’ve done for my boy. You’re a good boy, Hans-Jürgen. Watch out for each other. Goodbye. My beloved teacher left into the night. We’ve never seen her again. Hans-Jürgen, come! – You looked! – No. Cordial greetings, my big guy. All the best. This cake is from Aunt Möller. And this here … This is from mommy. A compass! Thank you, Mommy. And this is from Franz. Ah, my Goodness! Hitler! Goebbels! And Goering! These even Fiete doesn’t have. He has practically everything.

I have one more surprise. Eyes closed. Eyes open and turn around. A bike! A real new bike! This costs a fortune. – Where did you get it? – I Could have stolen it. – No. – So I probably bought it. Come on. I hop on the saddle. And off! Yahoo! Even if it were done out of love, A German boy does not wear long knee socks. A German boy is hardened. Even in winter. Ernst! Listen, I’m 10 years old! Heartfelt wishes. So now you can be with me in the war. I need to go to high school and become an engineer. – Finally, and you are 10 years old. – It was time. – Pretty bike. Did you get for your birthday? – Yes. Report right now to the Hitler Youth. Tough as leather! – As hard as Krupp was. – And agile as a hunting dog. Come in! Heil Hitler! Our Hans-Jürgen is 10 years old. Now, he can also come to the Hitler Youth He wants to apply, too, Mr. Wriede.

Mahnke and Petersen, nice that you came along with him, but hurry up to catch the lessons. Heil Hitler! You want to sign up in the Hitler youth ? I thought you knew it, that as a non-Aryan you’re not suitable. For non-Aryans it’s forbidden to join the Hitler Youth. But I’m German. My mom said that I’m a German. Like everyone else. Like everyone else? Just take a good look. I am a German boy! I am a German boy! Mommy? Mommy? I am a German boy, right? I want to join the Hitler Youth! 1, 2! 1, 2! 1, 2! 1, 2! In the future, join the army men for men – Who has the most to say here? – Chairman of the house. Where can I find him? Thank you. For freedom and prosperity Our flag waving in front of us If you want to look at these issues more, it must be recognized that… Hello, Walter. You know me still? Hans-Jürgen. The one from 1A. You were my protector. I want to enroll my son in the list of members Hans-Jürgen would, too.

If you haven’t noticed, Mrs. Baetz I’ll point out to you that there is no place for your son. Walter, what do you mean? We do not recognize this boy. But he was born in Germany. You know him quite well. This creature we cannot abide Not in our organization and not in Germany. Which means that we first of all want our country free from non-Aryañs. free from blacks and similar riff-raff. Hans-Jürgen! Hans-Jürgen! come home..

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