GTA 5 Better Aim In First Person Online! GTA 5 Online PS4 Tips & Tricks (GTA V Next Gen PS4) – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman & today I’m gonna show you guys couple things & gonna give you some tips for how to improve your aim in first person mode in gta 5 & gta online on next gen PS4 & Xbox one, so if you do find this video interesting make sure to press the red button down below to subscribe for daily awesome gta 5 & for other gaming videos, so now with that out of the way So just the other day I livestreamed gta online in first person mode here on YouTube and before I livestreamed I went to tweak my setting, I wanted to make sure everything was alright & I found something that caught my attention and I thought this might help you guys out, so that’s why I decided to make this video so first of all headover to your controls settings & you wanna crank your first person look-around & aiming sensitivities crank up your look around sentivity a little bit so you can turn around quicker & your aiming senstivity keep it in the middle or bring it a little bit down just so you can have a better aim at long range or just play around with it and see what works best for you & you wanna bring your first person on foot field of view all the way up this will allow you to see your weapon & your field of view a lot more so bring it all the way up because by default it will be none and also turn on your first person third person cover option & this will allow you to go in third person whenever you get cover which will let you see your enemies much better & will let you go in first person mode back whenver you leave your cover without having to click on any button to switch, so this is pretty usefull, also for your display settings get your camera height to high & your weapon target to complex this way you will have a better aiming crosshairs because if you’re keeping simple it will just going to be a dot, complex can really give you a nice crosshairs so that’s pretty much it for the settings now in terms of tips that I can give you guys is get a scope on your weapon & as you guys can see scope can be pretty usefull in first person mode, you can lock on your targets much better & red dot will help you with that, next up attach a grip, grip is always usefull in order to manage recoil.

And finally play some survrival matches try to practice your aim, don’t go for covers try to keep the high action going , you will enjoy a lot more, and even though there is auto aim, but you can always free aim just try not to aim back all the time, aim once & try to kill your targets or just turn off auto aim in your settings & that will always put you in free aim lobbies so that will help you with your aim & once you got a really good aim just play some first person deathmatches with real players online & I’m sure you will have a lot of fun. & finally you can also roll if you wanna mess with your enemies aim & it will make you hard as a target for them to kill. so if this helps make sure to share this video with a friend or two, it definitely helps me & helps my channel grow so if you did enjoyed today’s video though & want to see more defintely press that red button down below to susbcribe for daily awesome gta 5 & for other gaming videos & also be sure to check out my social media down in the description below, facebook, twitter, instagram & even google plus, I always try to post some cool stuff over there too, so definitely check those out, so yeah guys that’s really about it.


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