GUMMY FOOD VS REAL FOOD! Challenge with LaurDIY & Alex Wassabi! Eating Gross Giant Frogs, Alligators – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

gummy food prank Hey guys, it’s Wengie. I’m with laurdiy Yeah, you guys have been requesting this collab like for ever ever yeah This isn’t like something that makes you guys happy echoes like seriously everybody can win Oh, yeah I forgot something guys So today with me be gummy. Vs.. Real food challenge. Haven’t done. This before. Yeah, neither have I Sigh, oh and like I got some real interesting food do you eat frogs? and a Alligator I have now you two before alright, so we have Alex here al friendly waiter with me Many open films a cotton candy challenge on large channels, and I’ve just check it out at least down below Yeah, let’s bring in the food three two one.

.. BAM OHHHHHH!! Well at least five times and you get the easy job of eating the actual watermelon. hmM It honestly weighs like 5 pounds Is it good tho? You like it? I love gummy anything I’m going to I’m like trying to get all the gummies in this challenge doesn`t really taste like watermelon. Really?? Well, it’s like you know artificial watermelon tastes really good. Yeah, it was an easy start I feel like both those were good like nothing scary stuff and yet mmm, wait are Thanks Waiter I dont even know which ones in each hand .. Soooooooo three two one That is like a loaded hot dog, it smells really good. MhM that smells good. Its like theres onion rings on it. Yeah like fried onion Like this is really sticky Honestly I was a little nervous. They’re gonnna try and make it taste just like hot dog flavored tastes like umm, and I don’t like any like gummy worm? you know that gummy worm movie? wanna mix it in wih your real hotdog? I`m nervous three..

two.. one! Okay, this is like really heavy the bottom is like so hard whoa That’s rock-solid. Yeah, I hope its not like super old yeah XD cheers! Oh my gosh I haven’t had a regular coke in so long Really? Oh my gosh im so scared for your teeth!! Literally I`m a little nervous Mmm, tasstes like coke (Rubish Australian Impersonation) I I like it? Tastes like coke right? Oh my God that really hurts, give me your arm Oh my God that hard really hard. I was like a little greasy like it’s a little sheen on my hand Everything been really tame so far so like its going to get a little crazier 3 2 1 oh Honestly Alex did a challenge with these and I dont think either of these situations are ideal so yeah it gets hotter Yeah it gets hotter as the colors go up Well, I didn’t even know if I feel lucky or not right now. I don’t know either. I don’t do spicy You should work your way to like the spicy part. I think well let me see how spicy greeen is oh my gosh its spicyyy is it really?? i feel like yours is spicier than mine – oh Well, this is really good. I Iike don’t do spice, youre like over here chomping it I’m enjoying this that’s a yummy. Okay. I’m really curious.

I want to try the red one. Yeah like, how can a gummy be spicy? How can you even put that in a gummy? thats like.. 10 times spicier than this, maybe that really is just the level of this because its supposed to be Jalapeno Habanero and Carolina reaper? Its a ghost pepper i think..Oh a ghost pepper! It literally just takes like a bell pepper actually youre right, it does smell like a bell pepper Oh really, theres no heat al all??? Yeah Oh Hot O HOTTT three two one! Okay, the time I did eat alligator it was an accident. I thought it was chicken, it does just smell like chicken Isnt alligator more like a fish than a chicken? Really good. Yeah, I don’t know which way to eat it first. Oh just like the mouth. I feel a bit rude like.. we just met im sorry Oh his tail is really hard Green Flavor Are you sure about this cause we got green apple or artificial apple that’s it apple, do you wanna try actual alligator? Yeah It honestly tastes like really seasoned fried chicken little chicken Mmm.

Tastes like a little chicken tender. It really does taste like a chicken tender, honestly, thats like the best chicken tender ive had in a while That’s very good. Yeah, I think its tastes better than this guy. Yeah, I agree. One of these is a real pizza and one of them is fake oh Oh pizza. Yeah, I honestly don’t know Honestly like better advertising on this one. three two one whoa Does pizza look the same like that in australia? Yours is not even cut -_- This isnt happening This tastes like those gummy hamburgers.. like you know them mini ones? This is pretty good guys, i cant say no to pizza Maybe you should like eat all the toppings and see if they taste different..The pepperoni It honestlt all tastes the same, the cheese, the crust, the green one, the yellow one! Three Two One.. Wow, that looks like a straight frog leg It’s like the little feet oh Well, I can’t again. Okay, you enjoy that. Here ill eat his leg just to help He’s insane. Oh You know it’s kind of like the alligator.

Okay. Nope Do you have a frog in your throat? BA DUM PSHT Hahahahaha dry fish you know like fish in the oven for too long, and it goes dry. I dont eat fish but it sounds terrible whoa I just dont like it. Oh will you wouldnt like this then, it tastes like fish That was a real challenge, omg that was exhausting! it was so stressfull All right So weve gotten to the end of the video! it was a fun challenge i hope you guys enjoyed it! dont forget to check out the video we made on Laurens channel We make some cotton candy, lets see what happens on react to .. this week Are you really? Ha ha ha ha and until next week im gonna miss you guys so much! So ill see you guys then! BYYYYYYE!.

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