Hotkey Tip: Instant Ally Shielding – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Alright guys, so this one’s for the supports that gets flamed a lot by the ADCs. Now.. have you ever shielded a minion by mistake? missed a shield in a teamfight? Worry no more! cuz this will make you shield anybody without even having to aim at them. The way you should do this is by disabling the quick cast on your ability, if your shield on E. Then you should disable quick cast on E. After that, we’re going to need a second button. And this button will actually shield your ally.

From “Camera Controls” you’ll find ally number 1 which is usually the ADC. If you wanna find the number of your ally, just tab. And you can rearrange them and change the numbers. You can have your ADC at number 1 Your jungle at number 2, etc. And… after you do that; all you have to do is just click the number. You can change the number, change the hotkey. I choose to change it from F2 to number 2, cuz it’s closer to my E. 2, 3, 4, 5. whatever you want. After that, you just hit the number. Hit E you’ll see the range of your ability, you don’t even have to aim at your ADC. All you have to do is just click your E, it’s kinda similar to attack move click, you don’t even have to aim at your enemy.

You just hit A and then, it’ll target the closest. And after that you just hit the ally hotkey and you’ll just shield him. Now, the problem with this thing is when you hit E, you’ll see the range of your ability but you wont be able to right click and move. Say you want to dodge a skillshot, you wanna escape them, they’re attacking you. Well, the way you’d this is by right click first. And then hold the right click. Don’t let go. and then hit E, you can let go of E. and then you can just move around, your champion will follow your mouse, you don’t even have to click all the time. And whenever you feel there’s a spell coming you just hit the ally hotkey, and it’ll shield them..

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