How To Add Pictures To Title Editor / Text using Pinnacle Studio – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

I’m just trying to stay ahead of the game. I’m just trying to stay ahead of the game. Boy I’m crazy than a muh… Hey guys how ya’ll doing out there it’s time for another tutorial From I’m gonna teach you guys how to add some images Or pictures to your titles in your text Let’s get into it people 1st thing we wanna do is we wanna place our playhead where we want to Add the title or the text and then we wanna click on Our Create Title button Once we do we can do whatever we want to the text Let’s just say I’m gonna call this one big head So I’m gonna place this text wherever I like it to go Right here to the side And now I wanna bring a picture in now We all know that we can add a background So if I were to go to some photos here I could bring it into the background zone And then I have the picture as a background So that’s one thing you can do But I don’t wanna do that I wanna add a Picture to the title So let’s say I wanna add this same picture to my title I can left click hold my mouse down And drag this down to the layers section And put it either below or above this layer of text So if you see a line with a little dot at the end That means you’re ready to drop it I’m gonna drop it on top And so now here you see this little picture I’m gonna drag this down here well I’ll be I’m gonna hold down the shift key Hold down my left mouse & I’m gonna resize this bad boy So I could put it wherever I want and the beauty of it is I can also add motions to it so let’s say I go to motions And I wanna add a entrance I can click on Enter Dol page from infinity and I’m just gonna Hover over these you can see the different types of This one won’t be letters because It’s just one picture But you can see now that I can actually Add any type of entrance or emphasis or Exit or scroll anything I want to this so if I do Emphasis maybe I’ll have it scroll down maybe I’ll have it scroll Up I can do whatever I want to with this image now Pretty cool now if you got a logo or something like that you could do the same thing Let’s say that let’s get rid of this bad boy Let’s say I have a logo Let’s say it’s this big head I’m gonna left click it drag it down Let it go same thing now I can use my logo Of my big fat head and this is a .

PNG image with a transparent background if you don’t know how to make an image with a transparent background I will be linking a video to my other channel That shows you how to do that And once again you got your entrances your exits All the beautiful things that you can do Now with this picture just like it was text.

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