HOW TO CHANGE WALLPAPER ON MOUSEOVER !? – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Greetings and Salutations! Open My Documents and go to Folder Options Click on the View tab Untick Hide extensions for know file types Apply and Ok Create new folder called Wallpapers Create a folder inside Wallpapers called @Resources and another folder called Honeycombwallpapers Create a folder called Images inside of @Resources folder Place images inside here Go into Honeycombwallpapers folder Create folder(s), and name them (in this case steam) Create a text document inside the folder you just made Rename it whatever you named your folder prior to this and change file ext.

to ini Click yes when prompted Open .ini file with notepad Copy and paste the code in the description from step 7 Change name of your image to whatever you called your image and file type (In this case steam.jpg) Remember to save! Go back into Rainmeter/Skins folder Then into Honeycomb folder Scroll to find the icon’s folder you wish to use Open the .ini file contained in that folder Copy and paste the code in the description from step 9 Change folder name and .ini file name appropriately (In this case \steam and steam.ini) Remember to save! Now open Rainmeter and click Refresh all Hover over honeycomb icon You will notice it flashes, no problem Open Rainmeter again Navigate through Wallpapers’ directory to find the .ini file Now double click it or right click and select load ALT+TAB back into Rainmeter and select On desktop within the Postion: dropdown menu Now unload skin by double clicking again or right clicking and selecting unload Now when you hover over an icon it should change background and when not hovering background should revert back 🙂 Thanks for watching!.

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