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We’ve got them all they’re celebrating holding down dead with the worm How’s it going guys? It’s me Simon and in this video? I’m going to show you how to connect your Xbox one controller to your Mac? There’s two ways you can do this you can do it a wide way or Wireless way We’re gonna test these out on emulators and also on Steam if you have a old Xbox one controller That can’t connect wirelessly You can get an adapter, or you can just play the wired way, so let’s begin so guys the first thing we need to do is to get a driver for the Xbox one controller and I have this page ready It’s a github page, and this driver was released by frantic rain It’s actually named the Xbox 360 controller Driver, but he’s made it support the Xbox one controller I’ll put a link in the descriptions that would take you straight to this page The one that we want is the one released on 18th of April and it’s not point 16.

5 But this does require you to have Mac OS 10.9 or later So first thing you have to do is to download the dmg file from here And then install it to your computer So once you’ve installed the driver you want to go to the Apple System preferences and down here. You’ll see a new icon set Xbox 360 controllers Open that up. You can see that It says no devices found currently, so let’s do a wired connection first because it’s the easiest one so We take our Xbox one controller plug in the microUSB the right way And then the USB cable into the side oh It vibrated, and if you look on the screen you can see that it’s already picked it up It’s found that the Xbox one wired controller so Here we can test out a little bit, we can move the stick down a log stick press the buttons Oh vibration Y Whatever you want test out all the buttons to make sure it’s working So if this did it happen for you you Can go to advanced and then enable driver sometimes This is turned off for some reason and the AXYZ looks like crazy eyes Okay, so let’s test this out on a game NIC’s I should mention if you’re using an emulator with your controller that you should bind the controls I’m just going to show you example on open EMU for open EMU you would go to open EMU preferences and then controls here They have like different controls or whichever emulator you use We use it m60 full set You would set the keys like this Like up on d-pad up and then down on d-pad left, right And a lot of stick.

I’m gonna use this one so We want up left then elbow our button a be Start and Zed trigger. I’m gonna use this one see I’m gonna use this analog stick see ya left and It’s set the rest so it’s ready to go We’ve got them all their salary holding down Zedd with the worm I Don’t know if this is this how to stuff it I? Think this is stuff move Snow across the bridge I Don’t know I’m do this, but there’s an egg person with a present oh Those of enemies suddenly appeared oh whoa they shoot things Take that and It laughing a bit just now How do you look up I know The dogs got me So time for the wireless connection guys wireless connection we want to turn on the Bluetooth If you have an old Xbox controller you may need a wireless adapter So turn on the Bluetooth up here And then open blue to preferences so we can see what’s going on so it’s searching the devices We can turn on our Xbox controller by pressing the X button My laptop it’s actually recognizes that There’s an Xbox wireless controller looking to be paired, but I’m gonna close this because it won’t work for everyone like that Keeps saying it. Okay, so if this doesn’t have if this doesn’t come up for you you want to press the sync button And do it this different way if you press the sync button It will show up on here That’s what’s wireless controller, and you want to press pair so once it pairs the light will go solid when it’s ready yep so it’s solid and It’s paired now It says connected and at the top you’ll notice that the Bluetooth now has extra free dots in its icon So let’s test it out on steam For steam you don’t actually need the driver because there is xbox support for steam Xbox controller support, I’m going to show you how my steam needs updating so We have come back in a few seconds So once your steam has loaded up and your wireless controller is connected We want to go to big picture mode if you want to use this on Steam so in big picture mode You got to go to this controller icon at the top if you can’t see it.

Let’s try and zoom in a bit There so press that and it should open up this new screen Did I even press it right that’s clicking Come on big picture mode here we go You’ll be greeted with this screen We’re just moving the camera a bit yeah, so once you’re in big picture mode go to settings and then on the side here controller on the controller controller settings and in controller settings make sure you have Xbox controller support turned on because this is what’s gonna make it work and Down here you see detected controllers and there’s our Xbox one controller that was detected click on that and Then here you can set the preferences you can name it what you want You can turn off the rumble or on the rumble of course you want it on so if you want to identify it oh so there’s a signal that we’ve changed preferences, and they’re using the Configurations that we just used for this controller here So you can press identify? And Sometimes the rumbles for this occasion it did not for some reason So let’s test it out on a game Wait there’s more at this wall How many more are there well those tonight those tonight Let’s keep firing things How that look about Babel How do you demo I’m searching back.

Oh, ah yeah There he goes How many more is that all of them, I got really low health How did a health pack is that help that well just why I need it So there you go guys that is how you connect your Xbox one? Controller to your Mac if you have any questions leave it in the comments below And I’ll try and answer them for you if you enjoyed this video leave me a like Consider becoming a subscriber for more content like this. I also do let’s play videos as well Thank you for watching and peace With you I really need When the light shining through All I see is you So I really need.

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