How to Convert a High Quality PDF in 30 Seconds using Microsoft Word 2013 | – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hi! It’s Maggie from Mimeo. Creating the document is a lot like baking – your cake is only going to come out as good as the ingredients that you put into it. For your document, the ingredients are the files. High-Quality PDFs ensure that your fonts are embedded so they translate over, that your graphics are flattened so they don’t appear fuzzy, and that all your content expands correctly.

Let’s show you how to turn your files into high-quality PDFs. From the native document, go to file > save as > save as type PDF and the PDF will default to high quality but it’s always a good idea to check. If you have a PC and want to change your settings so every time you create a PDF its high quality, close all applications that you use to create PDF files like Word or Excel, select “Devices and Printers” – which could also be “Printers and Faxes” – right click on the Adobe PDF printer and select “Printing Preferences”. Click on the adobe PDF settings tab. In the default settings pull down menu, select “high quality print” and click OK. Now all your documents will look great with your high quality PDFs. Happy Building!.

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