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Hi, you wanted to know how to crop And take the background off And put it into Inkscape You’ll see all the various things On the tutorials that you’ve got A quick one now To show you how to do it I have brought the wings into Gimp This is the best place to crop I am going to the crop tool And click And then crop That has got rid of one of the wings I’m going to make it a bit bigger Now we are going to Take this white background out First, we need to add an Alpha Channel To get the transparency Click on the background layer Go to Layer and down to transparency And add an Alpha Channel You will see what happens in a minute I am going to take the background out By using the Fuzzy Select Tool We talk about this tool in the tutorials Click on there And click on the image You will see a selection All the way round It has selected the background We then press delete There it is It has removed the background And you have got your transparency I noticed when I did it before There are bits still left It is not very tidy If we go up to 400 You can see So while it is selected I am going to go to Select > Grow the selection By 2 pixels It is going to move in Which is quite nice All this in the middle is protected Now I am going to take the Eraser Tool And go and clean up All the way round If it is too small Press the right bracket key A couple of times To make it bigger Because it is protected The selections will come back This is a nice quick and easy way I am going over it all But only rubbing out the background I also noticed is These black lines here And when I put it through Inkscape It did not look very nice What I would suggest is You go to Select and press on None So you lose all your selections Blow it up a bit bigger To do that use the Zoom Tool A couple of times That should do it And taking the Eraser Tool You can see the brush is too bit So use the left hand bracket key To reduce it and Gently go and take Some of these black lines out It will make quite a difference When you put it through Inkscape To get it back to the ordinary Lets click on 100 We can’t see it very well, 200 As you can see This looks a lot neater I am not going to do that now As I want to show you what happens When we put it into Inkscape You have your wing there And what you need to do now Is save it Save as and call it Wings But I want it as a png To preserve the transparency There it is and I am going to save I am now going to take you over to Inkscape And we will have a look at the next procedure We are now in Inscape And I have uploaded it, imported it into Inkscape It is a small image So I am going to make it a bit bigger All I am doing is Holding the Control key down And dragging the handle And you can see this black line is better What we want to do now is To make this into vector Because it is a raster at the moment We do this by going up to Path > Trace Bitmap Your options here We haven’t done a tutorial on this But very quickly There is only 2 colours black and white We are going to do it in grey As there is no colour Click the stacks one and remove background Just in case there is any We only want 2 scans anyway If you click update It will bring it in there And press OK When we get rid on that That is the traced one If you compare the two Lets just go in a bit A much neater line here Than that one Because that one is pixilated And this isn’t Do you see what I mean about the black here It is entirely up to you if you want that Get rid of this one That is your image To work with as per the various tutorials I hope that has helped Bye bye for now.

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