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Hey guys this is JAMIL and I will show you how we can convert a Drawing file into a PDF file. Right now I have just an empty drawing there is nothing in this drawing. Let us draw something in this drawing I will say “PL” Enter and I will draw one PolyLine and one Rectangle “REC” Enter here is Rectangle and I will draw a circle also we will say “C” Enter circle okay This is our drawing and this is what we want to convert to a PDF Now what we will do. We will go to file “Menue” and “Plot” Otherwise you can go to print only plot here or you can Say “Ctrl+P” also Now from printer or plotter names we will select if you have Adobe Acrobat PDF installed in your system this option will be available.

Otherwise you can select DWG to PDF. Paper size I will select to A3. You can select whatever you want. In what to plot I will draw a window around object this is what will be printed okay and I will Center the plot fit to paper you’ll see the preview this is how the output file will look like. ESC escape will Say okay to Print I will name it test Fine this is my Output PDF drawing. and we close it. another thing we can do in another drawing this is just empty drawing another empty drawing okay if I want to attach that PDF file into this DWG file and draw the same objects in this file so one thing we can just do we can make a reference. Because maybe we did not find any drawing file we got a PDF file only okay we have only PDF file from PDF file we have to convert to draw in drawing file what we can do we can say XR Enter from here to attach PDF I will browse to that file test PDF open specify on screen okay I will click it and we will say scale will be 1 enter scale factor 1 enter that’s it this is the file this is the PDF file attached in this drawing.

On this PDF file Osnap is also available if you can see I can just I will draw the same objects here by PLine and I draw a rectangle or REC enter and I can draw a circle also this is it so I will now delete is drawing this is it in this drawing and it this is same I have in PDF file of the same thing I draw and I converted. First I converted Drawing file to PDF and then from PDF I converted to Drawing. This is how we can do this Please like and share this video if you like Thank You Very Much.

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