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How are you going guys? This is Eddie – the Magic Monk. Recently I was trying to convert some JPEGs into PDFs so that I could. I actually converted JPEGs into one single PDF so that I could upload it to some server and I actually had a bit of trouble locating a tool that could do that so I thought I’d share my experiences with you so here is a little test folder that I created so you can see here I have three JPEGs or JPG files and I want to convert them into one single PDF file so where is the tool that will let you do that so what I did was on Google I searched for jpg to PDF Converter space download com make sure you type that in because that’s where you’re going to download it now the one that I’m using is the one with 2.

5 stars and 35 reviews okay it’s not the one with 220 reviews so just download the one called jpg to PDF Converter okay so you’re going to download it from CNET download calm okay once you get the program you should be able to get a desktop icon that looks a little bit like this jpg to PDF converter so this is the icon of the program now double click on that to open it up and you will see that it only has a 15 days trial period so if you like it you would have to buy it but if you’re only going to use it once then obviously you can just try it so click try now and then now we are inside the program and what you’re going to do is to navigate on the left hand side to the folder where all your jpgs are in so I’m going to go to my desktop and the test folder and you can see these three are the pictures that I’m going to convert into one single PDF file so I’m going to click this button here that adds all the files to the list of files that I’m going to convert or otherwise I can just click them individually and make them go to my right hand side like so now this these files here have to be in the order of the pages you want to convert to your PDF so all three files if I want for example page 3 to appear before page 2 then I would click the move up button so then page 3 would become page 2 otherwise I’m going to leave them in that order and then I’m going to go to options and I’m going to select convert all JPEGs to one PDF file and the name of it is output.

PDF and I can also change the output folder to the folder where all of my files are in. Okay so I copy and paste ctrl C to copy the path of my JPEG files and ctrl V to paste them in here and I can also change the quality to a little bit lower so the PDF is not that big okay so go back to the converter and just click on convert okay and it’s actually very quick and it’s finished already and now you can see in my folder I have an output.PDF and you open this up you can see that it’s all being converted into one single PDF file all three pages in one file. Okay, thanks for watching guys see you next time.

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