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In this video I am going to show you how to download Wistia without the embedded code. So there is no embedded code in the source code of the page. I am going to show you how you can download Wistia video anyway. So this will work for most pages. So what I showed you in my previous video on How To Download Wistia Video In Under A Minute is if you go to a page that has a Wistia video like this page here. You go ahead and view the source and you find this iframe source which is the embed code and you can go ahead and view that. And then by viewing the source of this page you can download the file. But I did get a comment from M who said that this does not work because there is no source link in the codes. So what she means by this is there is no iframe source with the iframe code in there.

So what do we do and how do we download it? That is what I am going to show you. So let us go ahead and go to the page that M is talking about. And here we go. It is a video on something to do with hypnosis training. And if we go ahead and view the source of this, we will just go up into the title bar and type view-source with the colon. We will then see the source code for this. Now, if I go ahead and look for Wistia we can see that there is this JavaScript file. But that is just about it, 1 to 5, they are all in there. That is the entire Wistia thing in there and so it is not giving us the correct video and so that is just not going to work for us. If we go to this JavaScript file then that is not going to help us either because it is just a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo. So now let me show you how to download the video without the embedded code. Again I am using Google Chrome, okay? So what we want to do in this file, we want to go up to search and we want to type in a-sync, okay? And we can see a-sync_ and this mumbo-jumbo under here.

This is your video code. So we want to make a note of that and basically we want to go to this page faster at and then we are going to put our video code in at the end. So if I go ahead and go to that page that is actually the LeadPages video, not the one that I want. But what I am going to do is go back to the hypnosis page and where we have our video ID here, we will go ahead and copy that. Now up in the URL, we are going to replace the video ID of the LeadPages page with our new video ID. Go ahead and click enter. Now this says that this video is not authorized to be embedded here but do not worry the game is not over. What we are going to do now is go to and we are going to go ahead and copy this We are going to go ahead and paste that into ClipConverter and click continue. You can also convert it into different formats; let us say I want to convert it into mp4. That is fine. And we can see here that our video has now come up.

We can download a whole different variety. We can download the original one or we can download smaller versions as well. Let us just download the smallest version so I can go ahead and prove that this works to you. It is now converting that into an mp4. The conversion is done and we can go ahead and download that. The download is now starting.The download is now complete and I can go ahead and play that file. [file playing] And that is how you download Wistia video without the embedded code. Do not forget to give this video a thumbs up so more people can find this video. I really appreciate it. And you can find more tutorials and lessons teaching you how to do a whole bunch of different things. Just go over to my website at

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