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Click on the Red Button To Subscribe Our Channel and Hit the bell Icon for Latest videos. Hey Guys this is Sachin and You are watching me on FlizzIndia. Welcome back to our Youtube Channel I’m gonna tell you how to get featured on tik tok in my last videos I’ve already told you how to get more likes on tick tock and how to get followers on Tick tock and I have already told you how to go live on tick tock so there are lots of videos available in My channel and you can watch from there. Ok, so guys in this video I will give you two most important Tricks through which you can easily get featured on tick tock So let’s keep Watch this video till the end don’t miss for a single second.

Here we go Okay guys, so let’s have a look so let me open tick tock application so this is the home screen And you will find there lots of videos over here When you will scroll down then we will find each and every time a new video So let’s talk about the featured section So just click on the search button, then you will find there are lots of videos with trending hashtags So well, this is the featured section of tick tock, okay? So Now i m clicking on this video. This is the featured video So get featured So let’s talk about the tips to get on the featured section ok So my first tip is this So guys whenever you find a trending hashtag or any trending hashtag released by tik-tok So what you have to do just use that trending hashtag and make at least five videos on that Hashtag, okay and use this Hashtag also that is feature me You will use feature me Hashtag, okay. So use this hashtag To get on the featured section and Make at least Five videos on each and every trending hashtag.

Yep So what you have to do just follow trending hashtags You will find trending hashtags each and every week at least past videos of my best videos 5 videos banana hand turning hashtag space or kosis, karaoke most creative hashtag on IG – vodka easily a Trending hashtag or featured section may include kirlia jaga And second which is one of the most important tip is this that is make do it on The video which is trending right now. Ok. So a puka can I do be trending videos top could do it one Anna – Jesse up would do it when I get to or trending section May you sketch on again chances and positive attend because this is the optic ray most of the featured videos are Dredd videos So much don’t forget to use the trending hashtags in your videos Ok, so which is one of the most important trick? with your video May include in the featured videos ok And gods always try to watch your notifications on regular basis because each and every time you will find new trending hashtag through your notifications That is you can find mission impossible. This is notification Through which you can get the latest Trending hashtag.

So that is you can watch Panda crunch. So this is the latest trending hashtags. You will find from your notification So guys what you have to do just make at least 5 videos on these trending hashtags with your creativity with your intelligence and with best quality videos So it’s most more chances to get on the featured section To your up cookie Sorry trending hashtags huge curcumin pills at least five videos banana half which are Show up your best videos around equality a to nurture a creativity a produce connieyc of most creative videos Vanna has Sookie subsea alikom To up here featured videos me Annika chances both the other thing Yet. Mainly Apple Johansson notification say up. We have trending hashtags Mill taranga So traveler visas pay up up me notifications secretaries Jessica take my panda crunch Mission Impossible. These are the training has text in coop. Huge Kirk a up let these five videos when ia or must make Most of the videos creative on each I it means tote is hot key on HR you chose if you copy the Neo hie Taught us a different on each I okay So these are the basic tips and tricks to which you can easily get featured on the tick-tock So that’s a graphical query a to up comment box make comment section me a comment card K.

But as okay Oracle a video a chill Alito likely or subscribe Korean each a red button Coppola Kirk a channel CO or deck tray of lasagna Thank you so much.

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