How to Import SVG (Illustrator and Sketch) in Adobe XD (Preview) | Adobe Creative Cloud – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

hi there in this video I will show you how to import SVG from different tools to your project in Adobe XD you can bring SVG not only from finder but from other tools let’s start with finder here in finder I have an SVG for my status bar I can then click and drag position in the middle because it’s an SVG changed it text to let’s say pm and it’s 9:40 p.m i can edit those things I can also bring SVG from Illustrator here I have this SVG I can copy and paste into Adobe XD because it’s SVG I can change the color to whatever I want paths I can add a new path year like we saw in the pen tool this is very powerful stuff I can even bring SVG from different tools for example here I have this UI kit Let’s say I want to export this bottom row here I can selected make it exportable I will select SVG then I just drag that to a Adobe XD and everything just works and I can edit everything So this is how you bring SVG from finder and different tools into Adobe XD on behalf of the whole Adobe XD team thanks for watching.

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