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I’m a good son. Hello Cybersaltines and Visitors! A Cybersalt client has stopped using Microsoft Live Mail – which is a good thing because Microsoft is no longer supporting it – and has opted to use Gmail online in a browser. They asked if I would do a tutorial on how to send pictures that way. So, mom, this one’s for You. [Music] So, to clarify, this tutorial is if you’re using Gmail online. If you have your Gmail address set up an email program like Outlook or Thunderbird or one of the others you would use that program’s method for attaching photos for sending to other people. But, this is when you’re using Gmail online in a browser. So as you see, I’ve already logged into my Gmail program here and the first step, of course, is to start a new mail. Click on compose and then this window opens where I can type the email to whomever it is that I’m sending the picture too.

You’ll notice down here at the bottom there’s a number of buttons and you’ll see one that has mountains and the Sun on it and when you mouse over it says “Insert Photo.” So, click on that and then you have a number of options [SCREECHING STOP] Hey everybody, sorry to interrupt myself but when I was doing this recording I forgot to tell you about two important buttons. The first one is this “Inline” button and if you have this clicked when you’re inserting images in the photos or the upload option it will include your pictures in with the text of your email. If you want to send the pictures as an attachment then use this button the “As Attachment” button and using photos or the upload method it will not put the pictures in with your text but rather attached them to your email and then when the person receives your email they can click on the icons and download the pictures directly to their computer. [SQUEALING START] Then you have a number of options.

First of all, there’s this “Photos” tab here. If you’re using Google images or Google albums or you have your pictures on a on a Google product many of your pictures will most likely show up when you’re using this tab. And if you already have pictures in that folder – say they automatically uploaded from your cell phone – then you can just click on them and then you can insert them using this button and it will be sent in your email. the same thing goes if you have albums on Google pictures. This next option is for uploading a picture. Now, this is when the picture is already on your computer and you want to attach it to the email that you are sending. You can click upload. And there’s two methods to put the pictures in here. First, you can choose the photos to upload by clicking this button and then you would navigate on your computer to the folder where your pictures are, the pictures you want to send, so, I’m going to scroll down here and here’s the picture I want to send I click on it and I could click “Open.” Now, before I do that maybe there’s some other pictures I want to send. Maybe I want to send this one as well so I could hold the ctrl button on my keyboard and left click and select that.

Maybe I want to send this picture as well. So, once I’ve selected the pictures I want to send I can then click open and it will upload this those pictures. Now, this might take a little while depending on how fast your internet connection is, but those pictures will be uploaded and once they are you can go ahead and continue to type your message down below or maybe you’ve already typed your message and of course you need a recipient subject and then you would just click send. Now, I’m going to select that picture because I don’t want to send it and hit the delete button – that’s not taking it out. Oh, here we go click it and use remove at the bottom, remove and remove because I want to show you, now if I go down to the picture button again and we go back to upload you can also drag photos onto this square.

So, let me bring in a folder that shows some pictures and I can leave this overlapping right now – I actually had this on a second screen – and you can go to where the pictures you want to drag over are and you can left-click, drag it into the box and when it highlights then it will upload and be inserted in your email. Now, the final method for inserting is to put a web address or a URL of where the pictures are that you want to send and I’ll give you an example of that right now. When you click on web address, you need to find the address of a picture that’s online. Now, you don’t like it says here you don’t want to be using copyrighted pictures and send them to people but suppose there’s a picture on a Facebook page that you want to send to someone who’s not on Facebook.

So, for instance we go to my Facebook page here and here’s a picture of my wife and I on our last cruise this past summer. Now, if I right click on that picture you’ll see here it says “Copy Link Address” but there’s nothing that shows really show the address of the photo. So, you what you really want to look for in the photo that you’re trying to send the URL to is this I’m going to click on that photo which will show it larger. Now, when I right click I get this option “Copy Image Address” and that’s the address that you want in order to paste it into that spot in the Gmail. Now, so what I’ve done is I right clicked on the picture, I go copy image and now that’s ready to be pasted. Another option that I could do is I could right click and open image in a new tab. Now, these are options in Google Chrome so maybe you’re using a different browser, they may be worded differently, maybe not even available, but if I go open image in a new tab – there’s the new tab that opened right up here – I click on it and now here’s the address of that picture. But, we don’t need this anything after the “?”. So, in that case I would just select and copy and then I paste that, but of course as we’ve seen it’s much easier just to go right click, copy image address.

When we go back to the email that you’re composing now you can right-click and paste in there. If you have the correct code the picture that you want to send will then be previewed in this image and it is showing so then you just go insert and there you go it’s in your picture. Now, it’s not necessarily going to be the size that you would want to send to someone if you are saving a picture off of Facebook to send to someone like that. You could resize a little bit in this preview here. In fact, I’m going to use the arrows here to go full screen and I want people to see that picture bigger. In fact, when I click and select it I can say send it the original size and then it’s huge. But, at least on the other end the person who is going to get that email is going to be able to save it and add it to their computer in a nice big version.

But, maybe you don’t want to send that big so you could go best fit and it kind of guesses or you can just resize. There’s just some ways to send pictures by email by Gmail online using the web address. If that’s too fiddly for you – just as a little extra here – if that’s too fiddly for you you could always just do this. On the Facebook page once the image is open right click and “Save Image As.” Now, don’t make the mistake of right clicking on an image and saving “link as” that’s very different. Open the picture, look for “Save Image As” and once you see “Save Image As” you click that and you will now save that image onto your computer and then you can upload it as a photo in the previous method that we showed. And here you could actually – instead of having all these numbers and gobbledygook – just name this Tim and Susan, save and it’s there to attach.

So, there are the methods that you can use to send a picture using Gmail online. So, if this tutorial helped you that’s great! I hope that you would sub and there’s a little bell button next to the subscribe button. If you would ring that bell that will give you notifications of new tutorials that come up so thanks very much for watching and God bless you..

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