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I’m going to show you how to install a wireless home alarm system. I need a drill, some drill bits, pencil, screwdriver, scissors, double sided tape, and a tape measure. I will also need my ladder, my wireless home alarm system, and a strobe siren. So what we’re going to do, we’ve determined that we’re going to put our keypad here. So we’ll just get the brackets, install it into the wall, and then we’ll mount our keypad on there. So to mount it we use a mounting bracket, the screws that are provided in the package, and always revert back to your instruction manual. All right, so we’ll pre-drill our holes, put our wall plugs in, and then screw the bracket into the wall. The next step before you mount the keypad onto the wall is just to remove the tabs at the back here.

So our next step is to figure out where we’re going to put our sensors. In this instance, we’ll probably go down the hallway because then it’ll pick up all the bedrooms. And then the next one we’ll put into the family room, next to the back door, and that will pick up all the kitchen area, living room. So when you do choose a position for your sensors, just make sure it covers the most area possible. So obviously first things, the bracket is down at the bottom, so make sure you leave enough room when you’re mounting it so you’ve got room to mount it onto the wall. That slides into the back of the sensor. That goes into the wall. And then you just push together. And that’s how it attaches to the wall. So we’re screwing straight into the stud, but if you’re not pre-drill use your wall plugs as provided. So just remember before you mount it, just to take out the tag. Just repeat that process for your second sensor.

So our next step is to install our tamper sensors. And what these do is if someone breaks into the back door, it’ll trigger the alarm off. This piece goes onto your door jamb. This one goes onto your door. And just make sure when you install it that the two arrows align up like this. And then when they get broken, it’ll trigger off the alarm. So in your packaging, you’ll find a charger to charge your keypad batteries, And when it comes to personalizing your alarm system, you can revert back to your instruction manual. This system will send a message to your phone once the alarm goes off and to personalize that follow back to your instruction manual. So this is an optional strobe siren. This gets put on the outside of your house. This is to deter intruders coming in and also alerts people if you have been broken into. So that’s how we install a wireless home alarm system and obviously how to keep your house nice and safe..

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