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hey guys welcome back to a brand new episode of tech warriors today in this episode I’m going to show you guys how to add the payment method on your Google Adsense account okay guys let’s not talk too much before getting started let me get you a shirred about one thing that you will be able to add the payment method only if you have verified your address by the pin letter that essence have sent to you and the Adsense will learn send a pin letter to you only if you have crossed your first $10 on your adsense dashboard okay guys let’s suppose that you have crossed your first $10 on your rationale dashboard as sensors send you the pin code by a letter you have got that and verified your adsense account and now actions will allow you to add the payment method to receive payments from essence and after that click on settings and then scroll down and then click on payments just remember that this option will be only available only if you verify your adsense with the pin letter the adsense have sent to you are else you will not be able to see this option in here and before getting started are clicking in be able to see this option in here and before getting started are clicking in same name you are adding the bank accounts I mean the bank account name and Adsense account name should be same and the address will be same true if there is not same click on manage settings and then change the name and address according to your bank account once you have done with all of this click on payments again and then click on add payment method now there’s two payment method in here the first one is add new wire transfer details and the second one is add new check details let me start getting started with the second one click in here this one means absence will send a check to your post office it’s a critical method I as far as I know but for the showing purposes I’m showing you guys how to do it at first click in here select your address properly and then the name in here name doesn’t matter click on the address and most important the postal code if you do not know the postal code or the zip code of your current of your area just go to Google and then search what is my postal code remember the postal code and zip code are same click in here and then starts for Wikipedia Wikipedia has a result according to my country Bangladesh when you will search we will show the search result of your country if doesn’t show if it doesn’t show results according to your country just copy that and paste that in here in let’s give you an example as Germany just click on search and it will show now all the postal codes are the zip codes of your country you can search by any country then copy the postal code if this is your country this is your area copy that one and paste that in here be careful about this postal code Google will send the check in that address address line 2 is optional so we’re not giving it to anything and then this first method add new wire transfer details it means Adsense will send the money or the cash on your bank account the beneficiary ID is optional so we’re leaving it in here and name on the bank account as you have seen on earlier in my account and then the bank name my bank’s name is dot Bangla now Swift B I see now how you will find the Swift bi C of your bank account at first go to bank or comm I have given the link on the description box you can also find it out from there or write bank codes have come from here and then after going to bank codes come search by your country name first and after searching by the country name of you can read it will show the list of all banks of your country if you do not find out your bank from here just go to the search box again now it has start relating to your country just search on the name of your bank event the starts by the name full name of your bank it will show all the results related to your bank account our bank name now as you can see that all the Swift codes of das Bangla Bank Limited and now another thing to be careful about the branch name be sure about it one mistake can lead you to a lot of pains as you can see the branch name from here here is it my one doc I visit branch you might have seen this thing on the address box on my bank I found my bank soupy I see my Swift bi C code is DB b lb Rene’s Quan – – and when we’re posting getting here copied and pasted it in here and then the account number I shall give it as an example and I have to write the right account number and retype it on the second box and then click on safe you wanna have to fill up this boxes just click on safe and the money will be sent to your bank account so guys this was it if this video helps you please subscribe to my channel and give a like to this video thanks for watching.

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