How To Make 360° Degree Photo In Photoshop For Facebook (2017) | Panoramic View – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

however yours today I’m going to sharing with you how to create 86 too big 0 to 60 angle picture for your sharing your principal so let’s at first open your potential like that then go to Google are too many Porter you want I start from the world then – then it you want I I like this photo are okay until this photo then there’s this ms then go to open new window on true and then select picture then tell them and write five thousand pictures then they’re right 36 and guilty 16 and then press ok then now this ms then drag and drop your partnership when it come and drop it will look up it then ok race when your images totally mr.

then click go to file and then click file in form then let the temp it is important and i said this file my dexter then open it select this clear existing properties and replace with template properties ok fine it to import and click ok then save it as their that the department everyone okay mmm I ideas – sighs okay grant and when it’s complete this is my mess then go to your facebook account and four and video take care then got a desktop and select this business when this image upload complete then you can see this email is 360 angle mode i’ll show you with just what if you want you can write something here then I put content posted then you can see this photo there you show a short extension exam then you see this m is an angle from any angle totally – up down live right anything you can do so thank you for watching and subscribe please.

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